[ Image ] 32nd Ferrara Buskers Festival
Street Musician International Festival
August 22-September 1 2019
Shows begin at 18:00 and 21:30

This year the Festival is dedicated to Copenhagen

Buskers On Tour: On Thursday 22 shows will be held in Mantua (21:30-23:00);
On Friday 23 shows will be held in Comacchio; (21:30-24:00)
On Monday 26 shows will be held in Cesenatico (21:30-24:00).

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All the photos in this page are from the 1995 edition of the Festival and are © by Luciano Orlandini (click on them for an enlarged version).

From the official broshure:

"220,000 square meters of a wonderful medieval and Renaissance stage" available for dozen of street musicians coming from any part of the world. This is the Ferrara Buskers Festival.

And so everybody by bike or on foot is ready to follow, in the wide spaces surrounding the Este Castle or close to the Cathedral, the involving rhythms of the African drums, the cheerful atmosphere of a dixie band or the crazy gags of some English bands; or advancing forward the medieval narrow streets you can be guided by the sound of a Celtic harp, or sit on the pavement to appreciate the emotionful notes of an Argentine tango or, as the little mice of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, to follow the distant echo of a flute.

Any kind of music at the Ferrara Buskers Festival has freedom of a city, and there are also some "virtuosos" playing very original instruments: saws, washboards, cowbells, teachests, crystal glasses made the public discover unexpected melodious potentialities.

[ Image ] In 2018, more than 300 different attractions (for a total of more of 2,000 hours) were performed here by over 1,100 artists from 50 nations before an audience of 800,000. This was a fantastic result: Ferrara during the week of the festival is transformed into a music town, a city to play, which at any corner unveals new atmospheres, between the old and new tunes, to the discovery of familiar or unknown sonorities.

For this 32nd edition the organizing committee invited twenty groups/artists from all around the world. In total about one hundred shows will be performed by more than 1,000 artists from 56 different nations.

The busker's music becomes in this way the soundtrack of an ideal journey through the thousand world cultures and the occasion to many people to discover a beautiful town that was able in the past centuries to fascinate the travellers with its silence and it can now win over the polychromy of notes, dancers, faces and clothes.

The Festival

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How to reach the Festival

Participation to the Festival

To participate to the next 33rd Ferrara Buskers Festival to be held August 2020, please complete the electronic form available at the official internet site. The deadline is April 30, 2020.

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Artists Present at the Past Editions

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