Speaker:Romana Grossova (Masaryk University and University of Turin)
When: venerdì 18 maggio 2018 @ 14:00
Where:IRA Bologna via Gobetti 101, Bologna, 40129

In this talk, I will explain the main aim of my Ph.D. thesis project. It is a statistical study of the sample of the 23 nearest (<100 Mpc) giant elliptical galaxies, which are the brightest in optical and X-ray band, observed with JVLA in 2015 by Werner et al. Further comparison with X-ray data of these sources offers an opportunity to answer outstanding questions about the heating and cooling of the X-ray emitting atmospheres in these galaxies and about the physics of the jets and lobes of their AGN. According to many studies it is the AGN, which is responsible for balancing of the cooling flow.