Speaker:Aldo Rampioni (Springer)
When: giovedì 17 maggio 2018 @ 11:30
Where:Dipartimento di Fisica via Irnerio 46, Bologna, 40126

Since the first science journal appeared in 1665, scientific articles are one of the main ways science is communicated among peers together with seminars at conferences. A good track record in publishing can determine the career of a scientist and the access to funds. Mastering this process is fundamental to succeed as a scientist. During this presentation students will be guided all the way through the publication process, from writing a logically organized paper, to the peer review process. The article’s structure is going to be reviewed and the criteria how to choose the most appropriate journal discussed. The preparation of the cover letter for journal submission and the peer review process are going to be described. A few words will be said also on the post publication process, namely to promote the visibility of your work.