“INAF is the national public research institution with the mission to perform, promote and exploit scientific and technological research in the field of astrophysics, disseminate the results, foster and encourage technological transfer towards industries and SME, pursuing the objective of excellence at international level” (from Statute of INAF).

Universo 2000.

INAF is articulated into 17 research centers distributed all over the country, plus a number of observing facilities and infrastructures in Italy and aborad.

IASF-Bologna (INAF Bologna Institute for Space Astrophysics and cosmic Physics) is one of INAF research centers, and it is located in Bologna (Italy).

IASF-Bologna‘s main research mission is the study of the Universe, mainly by means of space technologies. In this general context, IASF-Bologna played a key role, in instrument development, operations and scientific data exploitation, in several national and international space missions, such as BeppoSAX, XMM-Newton, Planck, INTEGRAL, Fermi, AGILE, and it is currently contributing to the Euclid ESA Cosmic Vision M2 scientific mission.

IASF-Bologna is also involved in the EChO and LOFT ESA missions, which will participate to the selection for the M3 ESA Cosmic Vision mission.

IASF-Bologna is also involved, with significant responsibility roles, in the CTA experiment, and in the developing of the MAORY instrument for the E-ELT.

IASF-Bologna has a long term experience in outreach events, from ‘Universo 2000’ exhibition (4000 visitors), Exhibition for the International Year of Physics 2005, activities for the Internation Year of Astronomy 2009, Arte e Scienza in Piazza 2012 (in collaboration with Fondazione Golinelli). IASF-Bologna has organized the astrophysics section of Bologna events for European Research Night for the years 2010 and 2011 (both funded by EU) and for the Internation Year of Chemistry 2011.

IASF-Bologna communication and outreach activities are supervised by the Director, supported by a local team, and address several fields, e.g.:

– the web site

– contribution to the Media-INAF site

– organization of science outreach events for the public

– Direct links with:

— educators in local schools (ages 6-10, 11-13, 14-18),

— Bologna university

— Bologna municipality.