Activity: Possible thesis activities can be focused on some aspects of the development
of the SBF polarimetric instrument mainly from a hardware and experimental
point of view. Involvement in the scientific aspects of the project is also
expected. In the next months thesis activities can cover the following areas:
– study of the design of the cryostat with the cooling system, optical
windows and filters
– analysis of the telescope and feed-horn antennas design
– study of a polarized calibrator
– study and preparatory activities for the system level test of the whole instrument
– scientific simulations and analysis on component separation and scanning strategy issues
In a one year time scale these activities could also evolve into hardware realization and testing.
The project has been officially started on April 2011 and its development will cover the next three years (the flight is expected for winter of 2014).



Project web page:TBD

IASF BO tutor: Gianluca Morgante