Activity: The proposed activity foresee both experimental and simulation work.
The experimental work will concern the testing and the performance evaluation of a CZT 3D
prototype operating between 10 keV to ~1 MeV that is currently under construction by our
group. The candidate will be responsible to realize the laboratory measurements to
calibrate the prototype using radioactive sources and to perform polarimetric performance tests and subsequent data analysis using a high energy polarised beam facility (ESRF,Grenoble, France).
The simulation work will be based on MonteCarlo code developed by the candidate using the GEANT 4 simulation package. In particular the candidate will be required both to develop a numerical model of the 3D prototype used for the experimental tests which results will be used to calibrate the GEANT 4 numerical model. The developed MC model can be then used to optimize the design and to perform the evaluation of the polarimetric achievable performance of a detector based on the prototype scheme suitable as focal plane in a Laue lens space telescope for different observational conditions.
The student activity and the exact target of the thesis can be agreed together taking into account specific interests of the candidate because our group is also involved in some international collaborations on this topic that can offer some interesting correlated working themes.



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IASF BO tutor: Ezio Caroli/Natalia Auricchio