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What's New: February 1996

Thursday, 1 February 1996

1996 World Cup Cricket
IndiaWorld, Carlsbad, CA, US
Live coverage of the 1996 Cricket World Cup being played in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Includes match details, news, player profiles and more. Coverage begins 14 February.

8th Annual National Dropout Prevention Conference
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, US
Major national dropout prevention conference in beautiful Tampa, Florida, 24-26 March 1996.

Absolutely Fabulous
West Hollywood, CA, US
A site dedicated to the popular British sitcom, complete with a sounds archive.

Acme Pet's Guide to Pets
Acme Pet Company, US
The definitive Internet Pet Resource, with chat rooms, games, a library, a marketplace, and more.

Washington, DC, US
The Asian Economic and Governmental Information Service organizes activities that provide students and other individuals with timely and accurate information on issues regarding the economic and political climates in specific Asian nations.

Alaska Travel & Tour, Fishing, and Hunting Adventures
Alaska Internet Marketing, Anchorage, AK, US
Provides links to the best places in Alaska to travel, tour, fish, and hunt.

Alchemy Digital Photography
Image Alchemy, Preston, Victoria, Australia
A digitally created art gallery that uses Netscape 2.0's Frames feature to excellent effect.

Always Something Groovy
Fashion Icon, New York, NY, US
A storefront run by an undercover fashion reporter in cyberspace, developed to showcase new-found design talent.

American Heart Association
Dallas, TX, US
Find over 500 pages dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke -- America's number one killer.

American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association
Wausau, WI, US
Offers up-to-date information about the U.S. vintage motorcycle racing scene, including schedule of events, race results, featured machines, and classifieds.

ASI OnLine
Agency Services, Inc., Linthicum, MD, US
The largest independently owned, premium finance company in the country. In addition, they provide auto insurance and hard-to-place insurance.

Atlas of Mouse Development and Gene Expression Database
Edinburgh, Scotland
Catch up on the development of a full, 3D anatomical atlas of mouse development and an associated database of gene-expression patterns, cell-lineage, and other spatially organized data.

Australian Music Teacher Magazine
Boss Publishing Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An ongoing connection to the world of music education.

Balinese & Javanese Cats
Kris Willison, Houston, TX, US
Information and photos of Balinese, Javanese, and Oriental long-hair cats with links to related sites.

Baltimore Horse Country
Jarrettsville, MD, US
A free resource for horse people, includes sections on horse rescue, therapeutic riding, calendar of events, and free classifieds.

Baton Twirling
E.C. Martin, Hanover, NH, US
Information on baton twirling organizations, publications, competitions, equipment suppliers, camps, seminars, and related Web sites.

Bethune Unit
Colorado Springs, CO, US
A role-playing game for fans of the X-Files.

Birds Birds Birds!
Up At Six Aviaries, Bosque, NM, US
The source for bird information, and home of the rec.pets.birds FAQ. The place for people who dig parrots and aviculture. Includes a breeders' forum.

Black Power Is Not Dead
National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, Oakland, CA, US
Join the National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (NPDUM), freeing framed Fred Hampton Jr., son of slain Black Panther leader, and exposing and defeating the genocidal conditions that U.S. black people face. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal.

BMI's Free Internet Classifieds
Ruben Bybee, Walla Walla, WA, US
Classified ad listings include automotive, computer, agriculture, guns, animals, and personals.

BYU Continuing Education
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, US
Information on one of the largest continuing education programs in America, with more than 450,000 enrollments annually.

Canadian Bar Association
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The CBA is dedicated to improving law and the administration of justice, and to promoting equality in the profession and the justice system. In French and English.

Canadian Modern Pentathlon
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Information about Canadian Pentathlon, with links to the Olympics, Canadian and U.S. results, and the List of International Competitions.

Caregivers' Information and Support
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Caregivers and those with panic attacks must work hand in hand. Therefore, this section is for everyone.

Caribbean Tourism Organization
Destination information including destination overview, weather update, passport and visa requirements, attractions, currency conversion, cuisine, festivals, shopping, and sports.

Alexandria, Australia
A site that describes the manufacturing process involved with compact discs.

Chicago Bulls
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, US
Information on Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, as well as all sorts of other Bulls stuff.

Church of the Bunny Archives
Church of the Bunny, Bunnyvale, CA, US
The grooviest religion in cyberspace just got funnier.

The Coalition Against Dictatorship in Nigeria
Jude Uzonwanne, Swarthmore, PA, US
A site with inspiring revolutionary literature and links to other pages that offer the latest news and analysis about Nigeria under tyrannical military rule.

Coffee Talk Magazine
Seattle, WA, US
Promoting the growth of the specialty coffee industry world wide. Coffee, tea, espresso, java, and more in each issue.

Columbia Games
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Publishes military board games, Civil War and Napoleonic card games, HarnWorld FRP, and the EastFront Computer Game. The site hosts a game discussion group.

The Committee to Restore the Constitution
Ft. Collins, CO, US
Addresses hidden facts behind national crises, and offers procedures to help citizens defend freedoms of person and property guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution.

Community Services Information Center
Capistrano Beach, CA, US
Offers information about alcohol and drug recovery services.

Computer Events Directory
KnowledgeWeb, Inc., San Rafael, CA, US
The leading source of information technology events. Over 1,000 conferences, trade shows, seminars, and exhibitions are listed world wide.

Shamsul Khan, Tampere, Finland
Gives the possible diagnostic picture of diseases based on symptoms, signs, and physical findings.

Computerphobia Magazine
Fresh Meadows, NY, US
The ultimate computer/humor magazine (get it??).

ConNotation - The Magician's UK SF Convention Listing
Ashford, Middlesex, England
A listing of United Kingdom and major international science fiction/fantasy/horror/TV/film/comics/gaming conventions.

Cyberville Radio
Ashford, Kent, England
Listen to radical Internet news while surfing the Net.

Cyborg Hot Files
Seattle, WA, US
The latest games, demos, and shareware for the PC platform, including a lengthy archive of older stuff.

Dyer, IN, US
An aggressive inline skating zine.

DemBoyz On The Web!
Indianapolis, IN, US
Information on Indianapolis' best Reggae band, complete with pictures, sound bytes, and more.

Dental Icon
Irvine, CA, US
A site for dental professionals. Includes sections for products, classifieds, professional development, and services.

Department of Horticulture
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US
Provides information about the Department's faculty, research programs, courses, educational facilities, and admissions.

Department of Theatre
State University of New York, Oswego, NY, US
Includes information on academic programs, faculty, staff, students, and facilities.

Developing Champion Goaltenders Around the Globe
Ian Clark's Goaltender Training Centre Ltd., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The purpose of this site is to highlight different programs and services as well as to offer free goaltending information to interested parties.

Don Meredith's Disc Golf Page
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Check out disc golf-related information including links, course and their ratings, tournament results, and more.

eAuto: everything automotive
Dallas, TX, US
Everything automotive, for everyone from auto enthusiasts to auto engineers. One of the most comprehensive automotive-related resource on the Internet.

Falk Institute for Economic Research in Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
An independent, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to encourage research, with an emphasis on the Israeli economy. This site offers a description of the institute and a list of publications.

Famke Janssen Page
Keller Technologies, Dallas, TX, US
General information on this up-and-coming Dutch actress of GoldenEye fame.

Fashionmall.com, The Internet Fashion Mall
New York, NY, US
See runway shows and fashion footage with the Shockwave browser. Links to the Shockwave plug-in and Macromedia Director are provided.

Find A Grave
Denver, CO, US
Lists several hundred final resting places of noteworthy individuals, arranged alphabetically by name and also by location.

Fish Hair Salon
London, England
London's premier celebrity hair salon.

Zone Interactive, Boulder, CO, US
Follow the adventures of the directionless Tom Fisher, his girlfriend Alison, his roommates, and his cat, Newcombe, in this daily Web comic strip.

Flight-Line Classifieds
Dave Jagger, Grand Rapids, MI, US
Specializes in general aviation aircraft for sale. Visit this Web page for free downloads of FirstClass Client software.

Florida e-Mail Directory
Matt Smith, Coral Springs, FL, US
A free community service intended to make locating the email address of Florida residents easy.

Friends Of Libraries USA
Philadelphia, PA, US
Provides programs and publications to 2,800 member groups, which in turn teach citizens nationwide to develop local library Friends to raise funds, be advocates, and promote libraries.

The Ft Duffield Page
Louis Roederer, West Point, KY, US
A page dedicated to the recently restored Civil War Ft. Duffield.

German Information Technology Manufacturers' Association
Frankfurt, Germany
Represents the office machinery and information technology industry as a whole. The site gives complete information on the association's activities, member companies, political positions, working parties, and structural organization.

German Swimming Association (DSV) - Waterpolo
Deutscher Schwimmverband, Berlin, Germany
Offers the latest reports from the German national waterpolo team including insider stories and match results. Also information about the German waterpolo league and links to other waterpolo sites. In German only.

Gibson Consulting
Richard I. Gibson, Golden, CO, US
Professional geophysical interpretation services as well as a gold mine of popular geology for laymen.

The god*dog Home Page
Houston, TX, US
The ever-expanding site for the new Houston band god*dog.

The Gonzo Spectroscopy Group
Bryan E. Kohler, Riverside, CA, US
Information about research projects, publications, people and life in the Kohler Group at UC Riverside. Features include interactive steering of a 15-watt argon ion laser through the laboratory.

The Graduate Hospital Imaging Center
Philadelphia, PA, US
Explore the center and learn about this organization. Includes information about MRI, meetings, staff, and education

Gregory J. Cowley Stock Image Library
San Francisco, CA, US
Contains a few images of the wonders of Asia, available for publication purposes.

Enkyo Tachikawa, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Dedicated to Haiku lovers.

Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, US
The place to start in looking for health information. Provides easy, time-saving subject access to the most comprehensive lists.

The Harmonium
Diarmuid Pigott, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
More than 60 pages devoted to the harmonium positive pressure reed organ, with a tutor, histories, taxonomies, and repertoire.

Her House: A Project of DC Habitat for Humanity
Results Direct Internet Marketing, Washington, DC, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to building homes for women in the Washington, D.C., area. Training and education are also provided.

Heritage High School
Littleton, CO, US
Information about this high school written by students. Includes sports, club information, a newsletter, schedules, and even a live camera.

Highlander Web Magazine
Catalyst Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland
The only electronic magazine from the highlands of Scotland. A weekly report on music, culture, up-to-date news, exclusive products and more.

HomeSafe's Fireside
Baltimore, MD, US
Stop by, take a seat by the hearth, be warmed awhile at the largest online resource for wood burning information.

The Horseman's Advisor
Robert N Oglesby DVM, Stokesdale, NC, US
Articles written by veterinarians and horse professionals on horse health, care, breeding, and training. Also a forum, consultations, products/medications guide, and links.

Hunter Tourism
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
A collection of pages containing tourist information on the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia.

Hydrologic Sciences
The University of Nevada, Reno, NV, US
Contains information regarding the program, degrees offered and their requirements, faculty, and current research programs. Users can also send for application materials.

inmedia, inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Showcases interactive multimedia services, while providing information about what multimedia can offer. Also included are a portfolio, press archives, tools, and contact information.

The Inner Circle of Investors
New Hope Financial Corporation, Galt, CA, US
Offers everything from real estate to recipes. Learn how to make money, keep it, and have fun finding things to do with it.

Global Online Travel, Schaumburg, IL, US
The Internet connection to convenient airline, car, and hotel reservations. Get flight information instantly.

International Assn of Public Participation Practitioners
Portland, OR, US
A nonprofit organization serving practitioners throughout the world seeking practical experience designing and conducting public involvement programs.

The Internet Diver's Guide
Netposition, Tel Aviv, Israel
The most informative and attractive diving site on the net, with exciting 3D maps, wild illustrations, and key information.

Internet Journalism Resources
Shelton Gunaratne, Moorhead, MN, US
An index page linking journalism researchers to resources on journalism, international communication, writing, and editing.

Internet Server Cookbook for Windows95 on Web66
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, US
New Windows95 Internet Server Cookbook on Web66 provides step-by-step instructions for setting up a World Wide Web, FTP, and email server.

IslamiCity in Cyberspace
HADI, Inc., Culver City, CA, US
Questions about God or faith: Visit IslamiCity, a site to discover and that helps understand Islam.

JDF Montserrat Relay For Life
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Washington, DC, US
A site established to recruit runners and walkers for a 22 mile relay, to be held on the Island of Montserrat on 9 April, 1996.

Jeff Pulver Defense Group
Essex Junction,, VT, US
Jeff Pulver, Publisher of Netwatch, is being sued by Camelot Corp. (NASDAQ: CAML), makers of Digiphone, for alleged infringment of copyright and misappropriation of trade secrets. Get the real information here.

Kaplan's Muskrat Love
Kaplan Educational Centers, New York, NY, US
Ah, February, the magic of Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, and Presidents' Day -- all in one. Free Cupid Attack game, wacky links, survey, holidazed test prep, and more.

KeepTalking Chat
UNET, New York, NY, US
A sophisticated Web-based live chat service, available to demo online.

Joe Blakey, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
A meeting-place for all kids under 16 to exchange their artwork and writing, funded by Tandem House.

Kleins Taxidermy
Perry Klein, Ridgway, PA, US
The leading taxidermy shop in Northwest Pennsylvania, complete with prices and demonstrations.

Legal & Attorneys Reference Service NETwork
KISSWARE Works!, Rolla, MO, US
U.S., state, county, and city government legal and attorney listings.

LINKS Magazine
GolfData Corporation, Arlington, VA, US
The online version of the premier golf travel magazine.

The Cunningham Group, Cincinnati, OH, US
Lightning fast USA Lottery and Lotto results. The fastest numbers on the Net. No waiting for extensive graphics, no complicated menus -- just results -- all in one place.

The Malayan Realms: A Journey into the Filipino Mystical Psyche
Quezon City, Philippines
Beneath the facade of the rising Asian tiger is the cultural psychohistory of the bizarre and the magical. Learn of the magical manifestation of the Filipino, from ancient rites to modern manifestations of the imagination.

Marines' Memorial Club
San Francisco, CA, US
A nonprofit Club for former and retired members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Mazda Cars & Trucks Online
Northeast Auto Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Mazda home page with new vehicles, parts, service, and leasing information.

MediaZones, Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
An Internet design and development company specializing in creating interactive multimedia content for companies world wide.

Houston, TX, US
Designed by pharmacists to assist the public in acquiring additional information about the latest findings in both conventional and and alternative medicine.

MODSpeak Live!
Rich La Bonte, Los Angeles, CA, US
Resource and library for MOD, S3M, and other digital music files.

Studio City, CA, US
An organization dedicated to making independent movies with the help of interested parties.

NCSTRL-Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library
NCSTRL Working Group, Ithaca, NY, US
An international collection of computer science technical reports from over 30 leading CS departments and industrial and government research laboratories.

New Farm Carriage Supplies
Lile Nygaeed, Englewood, FL, US
Specializes in equine and carriage supplies. Join the fastest growing equine sport.

The New Stoa Generic Theory Project
Douglas Moore, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An alternative approach to the Aristotelian divorce of theory from object, on which the sciences and mathematics of today are based. Read core papers and related science news.

Northstar's Guide to Ontario, Canada
Northstar Software, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
A gateway to information on Niagara Falls, Welland, St. Catharines, and other Ontario locations.

The Northwest Christian Music Calendar
Lee Gregory Music Ministries, Tacoma, WA, US
Provides information on Northwest Christian music events featuring local artists. Submissions are welcome.

The Number Crunching Page
MATH387 Software, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Summary of the amazing progress in floating point calculations over the last 20 years. Access to software to dramatically speed up Borland Pascal code.

One Day At A Time Relationship Survival Guide
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Daily readings on relationship issues, for those wanting to improve their relationship or marriage, or having difficulties and turmoil over theirs.

Ones and Zeros
Palo Alto, CA, US
A collection of digitally generated art on a Macintosh, by artist Lode Coen.

Oregon and Washington Musicians and Bands
Boyd Martin, Portland, OR, US
A listing of over 700 Oregon and Washington musicians and bands, primarily from the Portland area.

Orlando Luna's Home Page
Luna Studio, Miami, FL, US
Peruse the photography of Orlando Luna, separated into four categories: Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, and Sports.

Paul J. Nelson, Oswego, NY, US
Complete regional information site for the City and County of Oswego, New York.

Ozone Patrol
Holley Irvine, Boulder, CO, US
Updated every weekday, the comic strip Ozone Patrol brings you cynical, edgy characters and a megalomaniac pet chinchilla.

Texas Tech Univ. Health Science Center, School of Medicine, Lubbock, TX, US
Includes information about faculty, staff, and research associates, programs, fellowships, and the imaging center.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America
New York, NY, US
The world's largest, voluntary, family planning organization offers information on birth control, abortion, sex education, sexual health, and reproductive rights advocacy.

Polish Yellow Pages - World Wide
Master Printing, Inc., Toronto, Canada
A business directory of Polish companies, and foreign businesses interested in serving the Polish community. Includes free listings.

PrivNet, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC, US
Makers of Internet Fast Forward, a utility designed to block ads from Web pages.

Coastal Additional Design Services, Pleasant Hill, CA, US
A compilation of dental, medical, and over-all health care information.

Psy/Ops Type Foundry
Rodrigo Xavier Cavazos, San Francisco, CA, US
A new type foundry specializing in bold, original type work.

PSYTEP Competitive Intelligence
Corpus Christi, TX, US
Provides consulting, training, and analytical services to businesses and government entities. Site includes industry awareness reports and competitive spot reports.

Quinnipiac College
Hamden, CT, US
General information on this liberal arts college in New England.

JCI Technologies, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Canada'’s first national real estate online service, covering both residential and commercial real estate.

Redzone Antique Firecracker Labels on the Internet
Richard Fedder, Kansas City, MO, US
The world's largest antique firecracker label collection in full, glorious color.

Republic of Udmurtia
Communication Company MARK-ITT, Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia
Basic information on the Republic of Udmurtia.

Roots Campsite
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Come visit this campsite in Canada's Algonquin Park. Send in a favorite ghost story, and sit around the virtual campfire and watch the flames flicker. Or go for a dip in Smokey Lake, listen to the loons, and hear a canoeist paddle by.

SATCO DX Satellite Chart
TELE-satellit, Engelholm, Sweden
An interactive satellite TV chart, based on contributions by DXers.

Sax Motorized Bicycles
West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Information on a motor kit that fits onto any style mountain bike, providing instant power on demand.

Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism
North Wales, PA, US
An online book that presents a world view, based on the insights of the mystics, compatible with science.

Sculpture by ERG
Erich R. Griebling, Newbury, MA, US
Peruse sculpture photographs of The Underwood Series, consisting of assemblies of old typewriter parts into unique forms.

Ships & Service
Maritime Association of the Port of New York/New Jersey, New York, NY, US
An international maritime network for the commercial shipping industry. Provides lists of port authorities online, businesses, conferences, forums, and more.

Zoetek, Decorah, IA, US
Introduces a new clock for Shockwave that includes an alarm, timer, stopwatch, and international time zone map, all in 21K.

Smidgin of the Truth
Tall Timbers, US
A satirical bat's eye view of the social/political landscape.

Softball B.C. Online
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
A complete site for members of Softball B.C., featuring tournament schedules, results, rules, member listings, and more.

SoftSearch Online
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Search the Internet for elusive software, by developer and title.

Galaxy Net Telecommunications, Campbell, CA, US
Features news and box scores for all major sports, along with links, online betting, and more.

State of Kuwait
Gulfnet International, Kuwait City, Kuwait
The only official home page of the state of Kuwait. Provides daily and hourly updated news in RealAudio. The first site to provide sound in Arabic.

Steve Pettengill's Solo Adventures
The Lush Group, Newport, RI, US
Read about America's top solo ocean racer and his adventures in the 1994-95 BOC Challenge.

The Study Hall
Dallas, TX, US
Has successfully worked with students to prepare them for tests and school subjects since June 1992. Find free test tips, a serial mystery novella with vocabulary words, and product information.

Sunset Net
Chico, CA, US
Provides local dial-up Internet access to Northern California through an affiliation with Sierra-Net.

Noologic, Denver, CO, US
An evolution-acceleration network, created as a new vehicle for all those who have demonstrated the will to help themselves and others to gracefully take a step forward in the human evolution drama.

The Tele-M@rket
Sheri Greenhaus, Teaneck, NJ, US
Showcase of products and services as well as an interactive discussion forum on telemarketing and call center issues.

Temp Access
Glencoe, IL, US
Unites temporary agencies, companies, and America's workforce. Users can find job listings, hints for temp workers, news, and more.

TEXTE: Revue de critique et de théorie littéraire
Department of French, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeks to provide a forum for dialogue between the different approaches to the literary text by bringing together innovative and authoritative work on a given textual topic.

Titanic Entertainment
Austin, TX, US
Dedicated to bringing hundreds together in giant strategy games online.

The Toledo Picture Gallery
Chris Maher, Lambertville, MI, US
Scan the work of an artist who has been photographing Toledo for 10 years.

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, US
Read the technical and user's manuals for this small track-driven mobile robot controlled with a Motorola 68HC11.

Guildford, Surrey, England
A United Kingdom and European marketing environment thoughtfully designed to provide visitors with access to company information, contact details, price lists, and brochures.

Transgendered Magazine
D B Associates, Natick, MA, US
Written for anyone who deals with issues of gender confusion, transvestism, or transsexuality. It is intended for everyone: family, friends, as well as professionals.

Travel and Entertainment
Future Factory, Munich, Germany
A list of travel and entertainment worldwide. In German.

Applied Information Services, Whitefish, MT, US
A series of searchable directories containing over 100,000 files of information on travel suppliers, tourism offices, attractions, and events for destinations world wide.

Village of Howards Grove, Wisconsin
Pigeon River Services - BudJit Graphics, Howards Grove, WI, US
Includes community news and facts, history, village information, business directory, and map.

Voice PAC
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A non-partisan political action committee, formed in December 1995, to support and defend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The primary objective is to inform the Pennsylvania electorate on the state legislative pay raise of 1995.

Warlord, Inc.
Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, Ireland
A page for Atari ST and PC users containing game reviews, tips and hints, and links to other related sites.

Waterloo Warriors Basketball
Martin Timmerman, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Contains information about the current season, and an historical look at the players, records, and awards of past teams.

Welcome to the New Game
Image Point, Inc., Kansas City, MO, US
Image Point is a Web and interactive design house, coupled with a full service, traditional photographic lab.

Winona Ryder
Ted Yee, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An extensive site containing magazine articles, pictures, and video and audio clips of the most "very" actress of the '90s.

The Word Processing Page
Goliad Software, Houston, TX, US
Home of the JumpTo hypertext macro suite for Microsoft Word 6.0 and Windows 95 (7.0). Also, links to other word processing-related pages.

Genesis Interactive, Los Angeles, CA, US
A health care information resource providing a variety of links, profiles, and research services.

Wow! Web Wonders
Jason Kraft, Hackensack, NJ, US
A forum for the best of the Web, divided among several categories, including graphic quality, design excellence, and fun sites.

The Writings of Randolph T. Holhut
M. David Lewis Enterprises, Santa Monica, CA, US
Progressive political and economic commentary from a veteran Vermont freelance writer and author unashamed to be a liberal. Fresh every week.

Tom Mahieu & Scott Stieglitz, Champaign, IL, US
Contains tons of U2 stuff including pictures, .wav files, .mov files, icons, lyrics, and links.

Friday, 2 February 1996

Acute Systems
Algonquin, IL, US
Offers unique Windows software utilities for sharing data between Mac and PC platforms. Downloaded software from the Web page.

Alaska Hunting, Fishing, and Travel Links
Alaska Internet Marketing, Inc., Anchorage, AK, US
Features information about registered guides, travel agents, cruises, camping, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, and more in Alaska.

Allergy Society of South Africa
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
A society dedicated to advancing the knowledge of allergy and the practice of immunology through publications, meetings, and conferences.

ALS Advocacy
Andover, MN, US
Identifies issues and opportunities to prolong survival of of victims of this horrific disease.

American Law Sources On-line
LawSource, Inc., Oaland, CA, US
A freely-accessible, comprehensive compilation of links to all online sources of American law that are available without charge.

Ancient Futures Cool Sites & Hot Links
Summerfield, OH, US
Pointers to sites including astrology, psychic, divining, Tarot, cards, fortune telling, readings, Native, medicine wheel, forecasting, numerology, seer's, spirit, ghosts, ancestors, and esoteric and spiritual interpretation.

AOL Banned Poetry Dispute Archive
Motley Focus Locus, New York, NY, US
Documents America Online's attempts to censor poets. Includes an archive of banned poems, correspondence with poets, AOL representatives, zine editors, and other interested parties.

The Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa
Tulsa, OK, US
This council focuses on arts education, life-long learning, and creating meaningful community arts partnerships in the Tulsa area.

Ides Communications Group, Libertyville, IL, US
A dynamic resource for artists and art lovers. Includes an online gallery, technique demonstrations, and exceptional arts discovery resources.

Astronomy Acknowledgement Index
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US
Provides references to all personal acknowledgements from papers published in the leading journals in astronomy. Search by name is available.

Yorba Linda, CA, US
A nonprofit corporation with school-district superintendents, principals, PTA, and business leaders that offers assistance to schools as they face the reality of education today.

Behavior OnLine
Greenwich, CT, US
A gathering place for mental health and behavioral science professionals. Content includes interactive interviews with renowned practitioners, forums, and calendars of events.

Black Rock
Shimmer Productions, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Information on Steve Harris, Britain's leading horror novelist.

Bryan MacDonald's Windows 95 Page
Pullman, WA, US
A great collection of Windows 95 shareware and freeware that every Windows 95 user should have.

Bulldog Internet Search Guide
Internet Advertising, Grafton, MA, US
This guide to searching the Internet includes search engines, directories, FTP, Usenet newsgroups, email addresses, and metasearches.

A Child Molester's Prison Release
Mark J. Welch, Pleasanton, CA, US
Newspaper articles, an essay, and press releases regarding efforts to publicize prison release of child molester. No graphics, but lots of information useful to anyone interested in putting a stop to sexual abuse.

Children With AIDS Project of America
Phoenix, AZ, US
Provides adoption, HIV support, and educational information regarding children and their families that are infected or affected by this disease we call AIDS.

Chris's Ultimate Hexen Pages
Chris Thornton, Sydney, Australia
Absolutely everything one could ever want to know about the game Hexen. There are over 60 downloadables, many links, and a huge playing guide.

Christ to the Nations Missions
Vilnius, Lithuania
This mission's goal is to the nations with Christ's redeeming love and grace. Includes many Lithuanian bible resources, information about missions, and newsletters.

The Christian Focus
Teresa Foster, Orange Park, FL, US
Local, national, and world news on topics of interest to Christians. Includes, education, health, sports, editorials, and travel.

C++/Object-oriented Consulting
Glen McCluskey & Associates, Fort Collins, CO, US
Offers extensive technical information, a glossary, and free technical newsletters pertaining to the C++ programming language.

Codex Privacy Page
New York, NY, US
Everything you ever wanted to know about surveillance and privacy.

Roger Zago, Littleton, CO, US
Lots of information for collectors of coins and other numismatic items.

Community Networks: an on-line guide to resources
The Institute of Public Policy/GMU, Fairfax, VA, US
Compiled list of community network resources.

St. Louis, MO, US
A free, weekly computer publication featuring news, reviews, interviews, and more.

Contemporary Art Access
Carolyn Ellingson, San Francisco, CA, US
Offers dynamic art images in an ongoing exhibit format. Also includes links to related materials.

Cyber Wheels
Orchid Isle Systems, Vero Beach, FL, US
A searchable database of new and used automobiles, Florida automotive dealers, car industry news, car and truck specifications, contests, surveys, and more.

The Daily Muse
Avie Schneider, McLean, VA, US
An irreverent, offbeat look at today's (and tomorrow's) headlines. Called "Mad magazine for the Web" or "Letterman with hypertext" by HotWired.

De Meditatione On Meditation
Phillip Weaver, Honolulu, HI, US
Excerpts from De Meditatione, of Meditation, in Latin and English, by Phillip David Weaver, with links to other classical studies sites and other features.

DigiBook Web Page
Bill Lo, Belle Mead, NJ, US
Provides the most up-to-date federal jobs on an easy-to-navigate database.

Download Homepage
Bite Down Hard Productions, Madison, WI, US
The home page for this up-and-coming ambient, industrial, experimental band.

Dr. Arthur Janov's International Primal Center
Venice, CA, US
Find out the first science of psychotherapy and discover the unique cause of adult unhappiness which lies in the unmet needs of childhood.

Eagle Bay Trading Company
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Indian art & craft designers and manufacturers. Contains a gallery and information on Native American heritage.

East Coast Trail Association
Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, Canada
A volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of traditional footpaths and hiking trails on the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland.

Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY, US
Provides information for prospective students as well as current students, faculty, and staff. Sections include admissions, academic programs, events, and university services.

Elijah Joins the Web
Chicago, IL, US
An unofficial Web site dedicated to this popular, young actor.

E-mail Discussion Groups and Lists Resources
Bob and Varda Novick, Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides all the tools necessary to learn about, find, and subscribe to listserver e-mail discussion groups and lists.

FAQ for soc.religion.vaishnava
Rice University, Houston, TX, US
All questions about Vaishnavism answered.

Fashion Internet (FI)
New York, NY, US
A new online-only fashion magazine.

Fava's World View
Portland, OR, US
Information about Israel, India, and Portland, Oregon, as well as how to transmit email with Hebrew letters.

The First Online Church of "Bob"
Cambridge, MA, US
An online source of slack for those who need their eyes opened. Offers links to the good, the weird, and the truly evil denizens of the Internet.

The FisherNet
San Antonio, TX, US
An Internet magazine, database, and commercial directory for folks who take their fishing seriously.

Footbag World Magazine
World Footbag Association, Golden, CO, US
An online edition of this magazine, published for footbag (Hacky Sack) enthusiasts world wide.

T.H.E. Fox by Joe Ekaitis
Columbus, OH, US
A clever comic strip and panel by Joe Ekaitis looking for syndication.

McLean, VA, US
Provides instantaneous on-demand radio programs from France in audio, along with several text services of interest to the French expatriate community and to all the francophiles world wide for both Internet and telephone access.

Gay & Lesbian Web Alliance
Woodland Hills, CA, US
Updated daily, a one-stop resource for news, alerts, organizations, fun, games, and other resources for gays, lesbians, and their friends.

New York, NY, US
The complete Web site about the game of golf, brought to you by the editors of GOLF Magazine.

The Greater Yellowstone Observer
Don Sutkus, Bozeman, MT, US
A Web zine dedicated to Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas. Includes wolf reintroduction, geysers, trivia, back country travel, and more.

Greenland Guide
Pegasus Press, Nuuk, Greenland
An Arctic index to travel, tourism, and society in Greenland. Information about tours, hotels, conference centers, airlines, travel agencies, and more.

The Heliocentric NetPage
Three-Stones Publications, Ltd., Seattle, WA, US
For writers, poets, artists, editors, publishers, book sellers, and agents of the independent and pro press. Contains links, newsletters, market information, writer resources, tips, and more.

Annette M. D'Agostino, Bethpage, NY, US
Honors silent film comedian Harold Lloyd. Long overlooked in cinematic circles, Lloyd is worthy of a renaissance, and HelloHarold is the perfect place to get to know him.

Help The Children
Stockton, CA, US
A licensed nonprofit adoption agency including program information, costs, policies, cultural information, and links to related sites.

Holocaust-Understanding, Prevention
Alexander Kimel, Teaneck, NJ, US
A site to stimulate an understanding of the Holocaust and hopefully help contain the senseless violence that plagues our society.

Anaheim, CA, US
Helps home finders, home seekers, and home buyers find cities, features, homes, and top real-estate agents with high standards and qualities at no cost to the user.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Chevy Chase, MD, US
The nation's largest private nonprofit source of support for biomedical research. Its grants program is the largest private science education program in U.S. history.

Hulaman's Running Costume Page
Chris Davis, San Francisco, CA, US
Features photos of costumed runners, and a list of costume runs, such as Bay to Breakers in San Francisco.

Human Ecology Department - Eenheid Menselijke Ecologie
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
Contains information about the Department, which has research groups working on environmental impact assessment (EIA), product life cycle assessment (LCA), and environmental management systems. Also contains interesting ecological links.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Provides site development and design. In Spanish.

M.F.Service, Vancouver, WA, US
An Internet advertising space with impressive U.S. government links.

Jackie's Bookshelf
Jackie French Koller, Westfield, MA, US
A place to get to know children's book author, Jackie French Koller, browse through her books, read selections, and view illustrations.

James Madison University ROTC
Harrisonburg, VA, US
Provides valuable information about ROTC at JMU.

Jeff's SimCity2000 Page!
Tustin, CA, US
Resources for the popular video game, Sim City.

Karjaluoto - Contamination
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Focuses on the works of contemporary Canadian artist, Eric Allan Karjaluoto.

Kulture Shock Media
New York, NY, US
Digital marketing with an edge. For eight years they have developed demo disks, interactive press kits, and, more recently, Web sites. Download some of the best demos.

Led Zeppelin
Clint Oteri, Potsdam, NY, US
Contains lyrics, pictures, FAQ, discography, and other essentials of one of the great rock 'n roll legends.

Les Journees de Linguistique
Marc A. Belanger, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Annual conference for graduate students in linguistics, translation, and language teaching. Held at the Universite Laval, in Quebec City, 2-4 April 1996. In French

Vienna, Austria
Information on lomography, a photographic mass movement involving use of the Russian LOMO compact automat. Learn about the LOMO and see pictures taken with it.

Macintosh Evangelist
Matthew McRae, Philadelphia, PA, US
A site created by and for users who love the Macintosh platform, containing information, resources, and fresh ideas.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The first Net-only current affairs/variety Malaysian magazine. It's an interactive cyber coffee shop.

Tower Publishing, Chula, GA, US
Physician cartoonist believes laughter is definitely good medicine.

The Men Who Knew Too Much
Saint Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Acclaimed and ridiculous performance comedy from Australia.

Jose Luis Marques, Ciutadella de Menorca, Balearics, Spain
A online brochure to the Island of Menorca, one of the beautiful resources of the Mediterranean.

Merrill Lynch
Plainsboro, NJ, US
A complete investment Web site. Information on personal finance, business planning, financial news and research, investor tools, financial management tools, stock quotes, and key market indicators; with RealAudio.

Sunnyvale, CA, US
Produces Milktruck Delivery, a Web browser enhancement for fast offline browsing and Web site subscriptions.

Miss Parton's Rock N' Roll Neighborhood
Kerri Parton, Jacksonville, AR, US
Contains links to rock 'n' roll stars from the 1970s to the present.

Montana's Official Travel & Recreation Site
Montana Travel Promotion Office, Helena, MT, US
Contains comprehensive lodging, camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, transportation, Indian, historical information, and more.

Mutual Fund Investors Resource Center
Douglas Poirier, San Diego, CA, US
A site for requesting free information and applications on any of over 2,500 funds in over 75 fund families.

Nicholas Roerich Museum
New York, NY, US
A major center for the exhibition of paintings by Nicholas Roerich, and makes available many reproductions of his art and numerous books about his life and work.

OverDrive Systems, Inc., Cleveland, OH, US
Features demonstrations of the latest Web-based electronic book publishing tools from OverDrive Systems, Inc.

One Woman - One Ocean
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Find out about Australian Ann Lise Guy's fantastic journeys through the world's seas.

open circle design
David Houghton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Design for music, on press and online.

The Original Print Gallery
Dublin, Ireland
Features Irish-born and foreign artists working in Ireland, the gallery depicts samples of the work of nine of Europe's best print artists.

Lawrence Halff, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A Web space devoted to community and a do-it-yourself approach to culture. Many projects relate to electronic music.

Panasonic Interactive Media
Santa Clara, CA, US
Home page of the publisher of 3DO, PC, and Macintosh software. Contains information on the latest titles, 3DO hardware, and hot entertainment links.

The Parisienne
Brick and Maggie, Chicago, IL, US
The road and cultural journal that travels with the 1986 Pontiac. Recline in the six-way power seat and travel with the Parisienne. Come see Elvis.

Pavement Terror
Enrapture Limited, London, England
Terror rides on the pavements of London, England.

Jason Williams, Seattle, WA, US
A private, noncommercial site with original content about Seattle and Washington State, along with information about sports, art, literature, movies, and more.

Albuquerque, NM, US
An all-original, three-piece punk band playing out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pure Country
Westworld Communications, Glendale, CA, US
Dedicated to country music and country related subjects, with a main focus on Garth Brooks. Includes concert information and regularly updated news.

Rail Pass Express, Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
Specializing in Eurail and BritRail Passes for Europe. Come visit for help in planning a Eurail vacation.

The Rainbow Society of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Puts "rainbows" into the lives of chronically and terminally ill Alberta children by granting them their favorite wish.

The Refuge of the Damned
Vasant Ramamurthy, Evanston, IL, US
This page is full of music, sports, links, a photo gallery, and more soon. It is really wacky and interesting.

Reminiscing: 8-Bit Atari Games
John V. Goodman, Somerville, MA, US
A look back at screen shots of 8-bit Atari computer games from the early '80s. Users can take the quiz and see how much they remember.

The Road to Nowhere
John Sealander, Dallas, TX, US
This humorous look at contemporary American life will give you a new perspective on living in the 90's.

Ron Martini's Navy Submarine Base
MarTech, Sheridan, WY, US
A submarine site with current photos and news of interest to naval types and veterans.

Salisbury State University
Salisbury, MD, US
Find information on this school on Maryland's eastern shore.

Santa Fe Digital Media Center
Santa Fe, NM, US
The Santa Fe Workshops have developed a digital media educational program. Workshops focus on theory and how to apply new skills to projects, both professional and personal.

Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow, Scotland
The electronic signpost to Scotland. Provides a top-level directory of all electronic resources relevant to Scotland.

The Secret Diary of Bill Gates, Aged 40 1/4
Redmond, WA, US
Hey, it ain't easy being the world's richest man. But here's a chance to see my warm, caring, sharing side.

Seilas Yachting Magazine
Oslo, Norway
Norway's leading yachting magazine. Provides sailing-related information as well as an opportunity to buy and sell sailing gear and equipment. In Norwegian.

The Shadowgate Society
Grant Davis, St. Louis, MO, US
A chapter of the Camarilla, a social club dedicated to vampire-and werewolf-based entertainment, as well as community service, running a live-action role-playing game using The Masquerade rules from White Wolf Games.

Sound Recording Page
Graduate Film and Media Arts Dept., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, US
A page dedicated to sound recording for film and video production.

South Florida Executive Search
Steven Douglas Associates, Hollywood, FL, US
South Florida employment firm that represents the top 100 employers in Florida and recruits nationally to fill professional positions.

Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, US
Describes the archive, how to use it, and the work the staff does. Excerpts include recordings by Enrico Caruso, Kirsten Flagstad, Eleanor Roosevelt, Louis Armstrong, and an unknown record from the 1920s.

Star Thrower Publishing
Michael D. Main, Bloomington, IN, US
Provides quality original essays, autobiographical innobations, and 21st century narrative culled from accomplished and select literary voices.

Stygian Vortex Publications
Hollywood, FL, US
A small press magazine publisher that seek to showcase the fiction, poetry, art, and articles of the finest up-and-coming writers and illustrators.

GTE Directories, Dallas, TX, US
A national, interactive Yellow Pages directory service with listings for nearly every U.S. business. Quick to access and easy to search.

Sympho Fun Incorporated
North York, Ontario, Canada
A network of Central and Eastern European symphonies that provides quality symphonic recordings of any score for low prices. Examples on the site include Beatles Go Baroque and Elvis Goes Baroque.

Richard Eradus, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Home base of the full-fledged HTML editor called tc-director.

West Chester, OH, US
A weekly audio report on new and emerging Web technology.

TEXTE: Revue de critique et de théorie littéraire
Department of French, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeks to provide a forum for dialogue between the different approaches to a literary text by bringing together innovative and authoritative work on the topic.

The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An organization promoting the dignity and self-sufficiency of people living with HIV/AIDS.

RailSlide Collector, Pacific Palisades, CA, US
A new site created by a train lover for train lovers.

UK Today
KD Technology Ltd., Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England
A United Kingdom and international newspaper. News is updated every hour.

the underground
Executive Media Publishing, Irvine, CA, US
A unique site where nontraditional and discrete topics of every assortment can be found, such as Steps to a New Credit File and How to Get a New Identity.

United Hostels of Europe
Hostelwatchers, Bruges, Belgium
The ultimate backpacker's selection of Europe's finest youth hostels by and for the conscious budget traveller.

University of Colorado Athletics
Boulder, CO, US
Official site of the Golden Buffaloes, with media releases, event results, online media guides, schedules, chat rooms, and more.

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US Post, Uijongbu, Korea
Information for veterans or those currently on active duty. Send email to "Ask Sarge" and receive answers to your military and veterans issues questions.

The Virtual Dentist
Galaxy-Net Telecommunications, Sunnyvale, CA, US
One of the more enlightened toothy practitioners of our time has turned to the Web. Informative and entertaining.

Virtual Urth
Cezanne Huq, New York, NY, US
A place for poetry and literature. Submit literature and join the growing community of Cyberlites.

Miroslav Stanic, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
One of the most complete virtual reality sites on the Internet. Home of the Virtual Reality Association.

waking dream: the december homepage
waking dream, New York, NY, US
Information and art work relating to dark music band, december.

Weather-Health Link
John Bart, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The home page of the Canadian Medical Meteorology Network which provides articles and information about the relationship between weather and human and animal health.

The WineWeb
Santa Fe, NM, US
Showcasing wines and information on over 2,500 wineries from around the world.

Napa, CA, US
A California Wine Country guide to the Napa Valley and Sonoma County. Find features on wineries, lodging, restaurants, events and activities, and more.

WMXJ Majic 102.7
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
South Florida's radio station for good time oldies. Site includes an interactive graphical journey through the Majic Jukebox, with trivia, audio downloads, and much more.

LaGrange, Georgia, US
Stresses words, etymology, meanings, and vocabulary building for more effective communication.

The World Cup Cricket Challenge
Sports Challenger Systems, Cape Town, South Africa
Enter and become a virtual manager by selecting a fantasy team from the 12 competing nations in the tournament.

WWW Megalist
S0ft Warez of Worcester, Worcester, MA, US
An Internet index and search engine, not as big as some others but growing quickly.

Youth in Action Network
Mighty Media, Minneapolis, MN, US
An online service for youth and educators interested in social issues and action.

Monday, 5 February 1996

100.3 The Q!
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The official Web site of Victoria radio station 100.3 The Q.

Michael Wang, San Gabriel, CA, US
Get a free listing in the first and largest global products and services directory. Simple, fast access to business and organization listings in over 16,000 categories.

1996 Masters Tournament Online
The Augusta Chronicle & Sports Illustrated, Augusta, GA, US
Comprehensive coverage of the world's most prestigious golf tournament. Special features include historical Masters golf coverage and photos, a hole-by-hole course overview, golf shareware and a pro shop.

Abenaki Indian Center
Manchester, NH, US
A Native American tax exempt nonprofit organization offering quality services for the emerging needs of the Native American community.

American Piano Association
Indianapolis, IN, US
Information about the association, and a calendar of coming events and performances.

Anesthesiology Research Laboratory
University of California, La Jolla, CA, US
Conducts primary investigations into the pharmacology and physiology of anesthesia, with an emphasis on the state of analgesia.

The Author's Showcase
Light Communications, Inc., Sarasota, FL, US
A literary site where readers, writers, agents, editors, and publishers come together to buy, sell, and promote books and manuscripts.

The Bell Language Schools
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
These schools have an international reputation for excellence in teaching English as a foreign language to both adults and young learners.

Bose-Einstein Condensation online bibliography
Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, US
Bibliography of online archival publications on Bose-Einstein condensation, regularly updated.

Maximized Online, Irvine, CA, US
Justify to significant-others all the time spent online. Send him or her a completely personalized, free Web valentine.

Canadian Communitarian Forum, 16 February 1996
Canniff and Company, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Home page for the first national conference on communitarian ideas in Canadian politics. Garner general information, and sign up online.

Casebook: Jack the Ripper
Mark Dooling, Yorkshire, England
The most extensive Jack the Ripper Web page on the Internet.

Central States Commodities
Kansas City, MO, US
Contains information about Central States Commodities and it's principals, as well as links to other significant resources in the futures and options industry.

Chautauqua Institution
Chautauqua, NY, US
A center for the arts, education, religion, and recreation. Includes a history, lecture series, and information for young people.

Committee of 300
Long Beach, CA, US
The all-volunteer support group for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, and producers of the Miss Toyota Grand Prix Pageant.

Portland, OR, US
An entertaining, diverse, unique site offering Web publishing, educational resources, and fine art. Many fun and adventure links focusing on home and family.

Johnston, IA, US
A nonprofit organization devoted to reinstating the role and valuation of fatherhood in America.

The Dalai Lama Official Homepage
M. Tahira, Osaka, Japan
The first official home page of his Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. Contains information about the upcoming 60th anniversary of the Dalai Lama, a message from the Dalai Lama, and other information about contemporary Tibet.

dimFLASH eZine
Chicago, IL, US
Now updated weekly, dimFLASH is an impolitic guide to contemporary politics, the Net, and anything else that captures the attention of the editors.

The Disney Channel Online
Burbank, CA, US
Explore the channel's home in cyburbia. Stop for the latest information on cable television entertainment for the family.

Drug Warehouse
Pocky Publications, Buffalo, NY, US
A comprehensive guide to the Internet's drug resources.

The Edge of Meaning, 23-24 February 1996
Larry Johnson, Boston, MA, US
Find out about this performance of complete text-sound of Larry Johnson at Mobius in Boston.

Envision Graphics
A media production group whose expertise includes Web presence development, 3D modeling and animation, print-based advertising, multimedia, and graphics programming.

The Essence of Reality
Thomas Daniel Nehrer, Brackenridge, PA, US
Examines life from perspective of clear awareness of the innate tie of mind to reality, leading to eliminating old beliefs and improving the reader's life.

The File Room Censorship Archive
Randolph Street Gallery and The UIC School of Art & Design, Chicago, IL, US
An automated censorship case submission page. The user is invited to submit and read news about censorship.

flashLIGHT index
dimFLASH, Chicago, IL, US
An index designed to make it easy to find useful information on the Net.

Freestyle Skiing at Loon Mountain
Lincoln, NH, US
Information on the nonprofit, privately-run competitive Freestyle Skiing Program at Loon Mountain.

Monitor Advisory Services, Cincinnati, OH, US
A unique service that allows mutual fund investors to figure returns.

Greg Cantwell, Columbus, OH, US
A celebrity caricature gallery that is updated biweekly.

Global Wrestling Federation Central
GWF, Buffalo, NY, US
A play-by-mail fantasy pro-wrestling game.

Greater Fort Lauderdale Welcome Center
Introweb Worldwide, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL, US
The definitive guide to Fort Lauderdale.

Hazwaste World/Superfund XVII
E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc., Bethesda, MD, US
Information on the 17th Annual Superfund Conference and Exhibition at the Washington Convention Center. Includes a call for papers.

HelL.A. - The On-line Comic Book
John Fox/Anthony Zierhut, Los Angeles, CA, US
A free comic book featuring Jack Divine, a freelance paramedic battling a supernatural invasion of Los Angeles in the year 2068.

High Iron Exchange
Ric Jung, Hutchinson, KS, US
Classified ads for the model railroader.

HomeWorker Magazine
New York, NY, US
A publication for people with a home office, those who telecommute, or otherwise work from home.

Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
Philadelphia, PA, US
Brings together researchers in the common pursuit of an understanding of the human mind, and fosters the development of new technology arising from this understanding. Read technical reports and weekly colloquia.

Iraq Action Coalition
Rania Masri, Raleigh, NC, US
Features documents and articles discussing the blockade on Iraq and activities of international organizations working to assist the Iraqis and lift the blockade.

The Jack Kirby Home Page
Amplitude Concepts, West Midlands, England
Information on this legendary comic book artist.

Kentucky Revenue Cabinet Internet Information Service
Frankfort, KY, US
Contains information of interest to taxpayers, tax practitioners, and persons researching Kentucky's tax structure.

LegalEase Online Legal Service
Indianapolis, IN, US
An online legal service helping people shape their future by giving them the legal advice they need today.

LinkSmith for Windows
Dawson Systems, Columbus, OH, US
Get a grip on those marked links that are hard to find. Create home pages with just the right links.

Lloyd, Stevens & Co.
New York, NY, US
To qualified investors, Lloyd Stevens offers futures trading services, managed futures analysis, selection, and surveillance, and managed equities portfolios. Includes newsletter and great financial links.

Madison Art Center
Madison, WI, US
A museum of modern and contemporary art, this site offers images and information on current exhibitions and education programs, along with a detailed schedule of upcoming exhibitions and events.

MEED - Microcomputer Education for Employment of the Disabled
Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL, US
Computer skills vocational training for physically disabled adults, with no cost to those who qualify.

New York, NY, US
A one-stop music video resource page.

Motorist Safety Information Bureau
Deerfield Beach, FL, US
Educates the motoring public and media about potential threats of crime while traveling and what to do to avoid victimization. From personal protection devices to defensive driving.

New England Research Institutes
Watertown, MA, US
NERI's research areas include menopause, immunology, infectious diseases, and HIV and AIDS.

Newt Alternative
Duluth, GA, US
An alternative to Newt for Georgia's 6th District. Lots of doctored images and intelligent commentary.

One World Net
Thilo Pfennig, Kiel, Germany
Connects people with ideas. Provides alternative information and links for communities and people all over the world, especially Buddhists, political activists, and animal rights groups.

Ontario Events Online
The NRZone Company, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A comprehensive listing of year-round events and active pursuits in Ontario.

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Cave Junction, OR, US
Conducts basic and applied research in biochemistry, diagnostic medicine, nutrition, preventive medicine, and the molecular biology of aging.

Orthopedics Today
SLACK Incorporated, Thorofare, NJ, US
Carries clinical and socioeconomic news for orthopedic surgeons, discussion groups, and an extensive Internet directory.

Parrot Communications
Leiderdorp, Netherlands
Provides art and graphics design, Web page design, HTML authoring, advertising, multimedia, logos, and neon signs.

Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities
Harrisburg, PA, US
A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization representing cities, boroughs, and townships throughout Pennsylvania since 1900.

The Posner File
Gerald Posner, New York, NY, US
Official site from the bestselling author. Get information on previous books and articles and news on new projects. Can be booked for lectures and media.

Rainbox Home Page
Alex Rosen, Somerville, MA, US
A freeware, psychedelic paint program for Macintosh.

Roadside Museums of a Certain Kind
lurleen, Atlanta, GA, US
Stories about unusual roadside museums run by unusual characters.

Roadway Express Online
Akron, OH, US
One of the hottest sites in the world of transportation, Roadway Express Online is an interactive information source offering a rich array of meaningful content, products, links, services, and resources.

Robert J. Coe Gallery Online
Baltimore, MD, US
Features a multiple-level gallery of artwork and illustration.

Rock-N-Roll Sports
Mike Bader, Boulder, CO, US
Dedicated to rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing. Find schools, stores, and manufacturers.

Romanian Poetry
Jackson Heights, NY, US
Romanian poetry by some of the most famous poets, such as Eminescu, Stanescu, and Cosbuc.

RunTime Info Systems & Productions
Ron Soman/Gayle Hefley, Lubbock, TX, US
Hosts an e-zine called Internet Escape and the Texas OnLiner's Club.

Science for the Millennium
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), Champaign, IL, US
Journey into black holes, travel back to the Big Bang, or peer deep into the hidden universe. Find out about the latest discovery tools, from supercomputers to virtual reality.

ScubaWorld Online
Key West, FL, US
The finest scuba resource directory on the Net. "We do the surfing, so you can do the diving."

SEC Multimedia
Systems Education Centre, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Singapore's first Shocked site provides Internet commercial services and lots more.

Shidokan Kendo Club
Hiroyuki Otaki, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offers various information related to Kendo (Japanese swordsmanship), from club news to international tidbits for all Kendo players and enthusiasts.

Sleepless in the Web
Southfield, MI, US
The continuing saga of Flora and Watson, a couple who met on the Net.

Smiley's Nirvana Home Page
Webmaster, Tucson, AZ, US
The complete site for the Nirvana fan or fanatic including online surveys, discussions, guitar tab books, lyrics, and more articles than a user can read in a week.

WebSPIN, La Jolla, CA, US
Check out images and audio reports from top ski resorts around the U.S.

So, You Want To Be A Dentist?
Kirk Bond, Temple, TX, US
A site designed to inform people about the wonderful profession of dentistry. The site includes many delightful images.

Software Online
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Over 20,000 computer hardware and software products are offered at some of the lowest prices in the world. Tremendous selection.

Space for Music Online
Nashville, TN, US
A graphic-heavy tour of the space music record label. Includes an electronic music e-zine and an online demo.

Internet Communications Corporation, Greenwich, CT, US
Supermodel home page produced with the endorsement and collaboration of the world's most beautiful models.

Tennessee Economic Development Guide
Journal Communications, Inc., Brentwood, TN, US
Provides essential editorial information to businesses seeking relocation or expansion in Tennessee, with a statistical directory of Tennessee's 95 counties.

Texas Job Reports
Joseph L. Garcia, Austin, TX, US
Publishes job openings in Texas. Job seekers can find employment listings and career opportunities from employers in all major Texas cities.

Training One
Internet One, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
Provides in-depth, hands-on professional Internet training. Courses include Perl, advanced Web development, cgi, Java, and JavaScript.

Triplet And Multiple Birth Family Resources
Huntington, NY, US
A place for multiple birth families to share views and helpful hints focusing on the teaching, schooling, and development of family values.

The Underground
Irvine, Ca, US
A very unique Web site where nontraditional and discrete topics of every title can be found. Current titles include, Steps to a New Credit File, and How to Get a New Identity.

U.S. Air Force Reuse Center
Gunter AFB, AL, US
Dedicated to the promotion of software reuse through the use of recognized software engineering principles and the Ada programming language.

U.S.Coast Guard Performance Technology
Petaluma, CA, US
A forum for human performance technology, quality, education and training. Lots of links to great resources.

Use It!
Kamus Internet Consulting, Firenze, Italy
The first metasearch service for Italian Web databases. To localize an Italian Web page quickly and easily, use this site.

The Villa Experience
Susan Tusick, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Provides information on rental villas, castles, cottages, and farm houses in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

Virtual Brighton and Hove
NTD, Brighton, England
Everything a user needs to know about these towns. Includes information on pubs, businesses, music, and community.

Whats On in Australia Monthly
Tourist Radio, Sydney, Australia
What's on in Australia is a monthly guide of events Down Under.

WishingStar on the Web
Box Hill, Victoria, Australia
A gift registry fully operational on the Web. WishingStar Wishlist is free to use and useable by anyone whose browser supports forms. A Wishlist may be created for anyone for any occasion.

Wolf Foundation Prizes
Zherzlia Bet, Israel
Awards five yearly prizes since 1978 to outstanding scientists, to promote science and art for the benefit of mankind.

Tuesday, 6 February 1996

A.S. Roma
Andrea Michelini, Roma, Italy
An unofficial Web site dedicated to the professional Italian soccer team, A.S. Roma.

Attorney Finder
Internet Directories, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
Locates lawyers by geographic area and field of practice, and guides users to valuable legal resources on the Internet.

Australian Aboriginal Art
CIS, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An online collection of some of Australia's finest Aboriginal paintings.

Australian Medical Resources Directory
CMS Medialink, Taree, Australia
A medical resources guide including email directories, medical resources, and hospital and commercial contacts.

The Barbra Streisand Music Guide
Mark Iskowitz, Alexandria, VA, US
Over 50 pages featuring a comprehensive, annoted discography of official, commercially released audio recordings, and more.

Beginner's Guide to the Sun
Hendrickson's Solar Astronomy Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
Tips and techniques to safely view the Sun. History of solar astronomy from ancient civilizations to present day. Hands-on guide book for amateur astronomers.

The Book of Bitterness
John Sealander, Dallas, TX, US
This quirky anthology of the best writing on alt.bitterness has been featured in HotWired and was selected as one of the top 1000 sites on World Wide Web by Point Communications.

Central of Georgia Railway Historical Page
Ron Wright, Atlanta, GA, US
Dedicated to the history of the Central of Georgia Railway. Includes technical information, photos, and links to other resources.

Chaos Music Market (Australia)
Sydney, Australia
Opens a direct link between local Australian musicians and their market.

Daily Quotations for Discerning Readers
MCR Software, Oakland, CA, US
Quotations in nine categories, with author biographical snapshots, are randomly selected from "Wisdom of the Ages."

Camarillo, CA, US
Makes mountain, BMX, and road bikes, plus Avenir accessories and fitness equipment. Get race results and utilize QTVR and RealAudio.

The Dreamers Guild
Chatsworth, CA, US
Information about the latest online multiplayer games and CD-ROM entertainment products produced by The Dreamers Guild.

Star On-Line Services, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Metalpop-indie-guitarswing band from Perth, Western Australia.

The Electric Library
Infonautics, Wayne, PA, US
Offers users the opportunity to research on a database containing more than 1,000 publications. Also includes images, reference books, and major literal works.

Essence Repatterning
Essence Unlimitied, Sedona, AZ, US
A proven step-by-step approach to personal and professional change that effectively helps users to identify self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns, remove them, and set a new course with more options.

Filipinas Online
San Francisco, CA, US
The only consumer magazine published for Filipinos in North America.

Folk Song Society of Greater Boston
Somerville, MA, US
A nonprofit organization of people interested in folk music. Sponsors concerts, workshops, singing parties, getaway weekends, and a music library.

Enterprise Magazines, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, US
A comprehensive, online directory of franchises, including informative articles, checklists, and up-to-the-minute franchise news.

Growl: Australian Independent Band
Mark Temple, Sydney, Australia
Growl is an upcoming Australian independent band. This home page includes text, graphics, and music samples.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Web
Brick, NJ, US
Hitch a ride on the Information Super Highway using the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Web. This site contains search tools and a hot list and is based on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

T.E. Wilder, Minneapolis, MN, US
A guide to secession and autonomy movements in America and around the world. Recently expanded content.

Information Mexico
Soluciones Internet, Mexico City, Mexico
Provides information on Mexican business, trade, and consulting.

Internet Journalism Resources
Professor Shelton Gunaratne, Moorhead, MN, US
An index connecting users to resources on journalism and mass communication-related material.

Internet Professional Association
Plano, TX, US
An online employment industry association and resource with over 1,500 members linked together. The purpose of the organization is to help employment professionals and those looking for contacts or access to them.

Joe Krinock's web-o-rama
Greensburg, PA, US
A look at life through the eyes of a 19-year-old gay teenager.

The Kern County Library
Bakersfield, CA, US
A county-wide library system that provides all public library services in Kern County. Currently operates 27 branches and 50 bookmobile stops, providing over 1,250 hours of service per week.

Legal Resource Center
Oliver Blum, Zurich, Switzerland
A comprehensive list of links to worldwide legal resources on the Internet.

Santa Barbara, CA, US
Manages listings for over 280,000 physicians, with full search capabilities. Users can learn about physicians, their work, their philosophies, and their lives through in-depth Physician Portfolios.

Merrill Lynch
Plainsboro, NJ, US
A complete investment Web site. Find information on personal finance and business planning as well as financial news, research, investor tools, financial management tools, stock quotes, and key market indicators.

Metro Richmond Convention & Visitors Bureau
Richmond, VA, US
Discover rich American history and ethnic heritage in the mansions, estates, plantations, and museums of this destination. Enjoy performing arts, shopping, golf, and cultural attractions

Northwest Neurodevelopmental Training Center
Woodburn, OR, US
Dedicated to the rehabilitation of people with non-progressive brain injury, providing a neurological evaluation to create a home-based developmental program.

Pennies for Hope
Town School for Boys, San Francisco, CA, US
Town School Student Council, San Francisco, invites all to join in an important project. Students will have an opportunity to do something to help the victims of the Oklahoma bombing.

Postcards & Beer
Michael Bruner, Dayton, OH, US
Beer reviews from all kinds of various brews, from Bud to brew pubs.

The Professional's Page
Ken Weide, Dallas, TX, US
An introduction to the Internet for professionals of all fields.

Roadway Express Online
Akron, OH, US
Offers a rich array of meaningful content, links, services, and resources on the world of transportation.

Science Fiction Conventions
Andrew B. Peed, Palatine, IL, US
A unique, image map-driven guide to science fiction conventions around the U.S.

Scientific Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, US
A leading supplier of broadband networks, and headend and distribution equipment and a provider of full satellite network design, installation, management, and systems integration.

Scitech Science Reviews
Northwood, Middlesex, England
Journals and books at college and research level in the sciences.

The Scoop - The Children's Book Review Newsletter
Bookworm Enterprises, Easton, MD, US
Reviews the latest releases in children's books from all the major U.S. publishers. The Web site contains activities for children and resources for parents and educators.

Smile the Splattering
HERE software, Melrose, MA, US
A one-of-a-kind program in which you get to mangle, maim, and kill an oh-so-adorable smiley face. See the Shockwave version on the site, or download a free demo.

The Spider's Web
InContext Systems, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to promoting excellence in Web design, this biweekly online magazine publishes tutorials, site critiques, design columns, and news.

Stadium Basketball Magazine Online
Silhouette Publications, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
For the latests in basketball information, articles, competitions, subscriptions, back issues, CD reviews, and novelty pages (frame-by-frame jams) visit Stadium Online.

Fujitsu Limited, Tokyo, Japan
A pioneering bilingual Web site transmitting the hot pulse of Tokyo culture and entertainment every week through text, audio, and visuals.

Toy Mania! Magazine
Prestige Publishing, Spokane, WA, US
A magazine devoted to toy collectors, fanatics, and enthusiasts. Includes toy news, reviews, and FAQ.

The TV Writer Home Page
Brody Interactive Productions, Newbury Park, CA, US
An irreverent yet informative look at television writing through the eyes of one of its own.

UNICEF - India Website
Debasis Sengupta, New Delhi, New Delhi, India
Describes UNICEF and its activities and achievements in India. Contains UNICEF publications, mailing lists, contacts, and information for Web surfers.

The Unofficial Home and Away Home Page
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Home and Away is a famous Australian soap opera. This site includes spoilers and photos of all the characters.

Web Central
WebMaster Magazine, Framingham, MA, US
A great home/reference page with thousands of links, tools, and resources.

Wedding Wise
Elizabeth Manley, NY, NY, US
A free, interactive wedding magazine for today's bride and groom. A survival guide complete with budget planning, etiquette, money-saving tips, personalized checklists, and much more.

Wikid's Artists' Directory
Wikid Graf-X, Rohnert Park, CA, US
An online directory of established and up-and-coming artists working in digital media. The service is free to both the listed artists and visitors.

Will's Fantasy Basketball Leagues
William Lu, New York, NY, US
Come join one of the best fantasy basketball leagues around the Internet. Football, baseball, and hockey leagues are also available.

Woman Motorist
CyberAd, Ventura, CA, US
The first free automotive and motor sports resource for women (and others) on the Web. Subjects include cars, car reviews, racing, maintenance, safety, and travel.

Wednesday, 7 February 1996

Alexander Sazonov, The Artist
Cliffside Park, NJ, US
Review the artwork of this Russian-born artist, a distinguished participant in the Museums For Peace exhibit in New York, 1996.

Allcoast Sportfishing Saltwater Reports
Donald & Ginger Parent, Newhall, CA, US
The sportfisherman's Internet headquarters for news, stories, weather reports, boat schedules, and special events.

American Birkebeiner
DYNO, Hayward, WI, US
The largest cross-country ski race in North America. Includes a history of the event, a trail map, trivia, and an Ask the Experts section.

American Language Institute
Sonoma State Univ., Office of Extended Education, Rohnert Park, CA, US
A great program for international students who would like to get started on an American college degree.

Andrews Directory
Glendale, CA, US
One of the most advanced and complete Web sites available today and designed exclusively to serve the construction, insurance, and legal industries and their end users.

Antique Alley
Bookmark Publishing, Greenwich, CT, US
The premier resource for antiques dealers, collectors, and shoppers. Thousands of photographs and descriptions of antiques for sale in shops world wide.

The Architecture Research Institute, Inc.
New York, NY, US
A nonprofit think tank/act tank whose mission is to engage the issues of obsolescence in urban spaces and buildings caused by the rapid technological changes of the Information Age.

Artic Winter Games
Anchorage, AK, US
Information on these Winter Games in Alaska, to be held 3-10 March, 1996.

Athletic Department
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
A site devoted to athletics at the University of Chicago.

AT&T Employees Resume Web Site
Cliff Shaw, Madison, NJ, US
AT&T employees can post their resumes on the Internet for a small, one-time fee of $10. Run by an senior in high school who has been featured on ABC News and in many newspapers.

Aviation Web
Goleta, CA, US
A complete aviation resource for all aviation needs.

The Bingemen
New Orleans, Louisiana Virtual Library, New Orleans, LA, US
Information on this new group playing New Orleans roots pop rock.

Birkhauser Boston
Cambridge, MA, US
A professional publisher with an extensive list of books in all areas of science, mathematics, engineering, and architecture.

Blue Moon Internet Design
Mystic, CT, US
An Internet presence provider specializing in, but not limited to, the entertainment community.

Business Research Publications
Washington, DC, US
A leading information provider in the areas of telecommunications, multimedia, messaging, wireless technology, and electric utilities.

Campus Times Online
Rochester, NY, US
The online edition of the Campus Times student newspaper at the University of Rochester. Updated weekly.

Canadian Hockey
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
Information for coaches, players, officials, and fans on a variety of topics from teaching techniques to news on Canada's national teams.

Canadian Training Institute Homepage
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A national voluntary organization providing training and consultation services to criminal justice and other human service agencies in Canada.

Casebook: Jack the Ripper
Newark, DE, US
The most extensive Web page on the Internet concerning Jack the Ripper.

Charlie Rose Baseball
Omaha, NE, US
A baseball retailer with an online catalog for ordering baseball equipment and products.

The Complete Martha's Vineyard
T. Alexander, Oak Bluffs, MA, US
Contains all the information needed to travel to Martha's Vineyard. Includes where to stay, things to do, weather, and an online phone directory.

Costa Rica's TravelNet
San Jose, Costa Rica
Home pages for the national airlines, hotels, rent-a-cars, tours, rafting, sportfishing, scuba diving, and much more.

Create a Beautiful Web Valentine
Ashish Gulhati, New Delhi, India
Allows users to create a valentine greeting for loved ones, and assign them unique URL's.

DDT Multimedia
David M. Burke, Kansas City, MO, US
Specializes in Web page development, digital audio, computer graphics, and animation. Custom software development and database design is also available.

Department of Family Medicine
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
The Department has established a strong state-wide network of sites for education, clinical care, research, and community service.

Discovery Channel Multimedia
Bethesda, MD, US
Entertaining and educational software for children; content-rich CD-ROMs for hobbyists and information-seekers; challenging puzzles for hard-core gamers.

Dr. Stork's Backgrounds
Dr. Stork Software, Scottsdale, AZ, US
Contains backgrounds for Web pages, free-of-charge.

Early Childhood Website
Brooke Harris, Portsmouth, RI, US
Valuable information for early childhood professionals who work with young children in child care centers across North America.

The Electric Library
Infonautics Corporation, Wayne, PA, US
The Web's most comprehensive digital archive. Search through thousands of magazines, newspapers, journals, and books. A great educational and reference site.

Environment Watch: Latin America
Cutter Information Corp., Arlington, MA, US
A monthly newsletter covering environmental regulation and enforcement in Latin America.

Erudite Corporation
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
North America's leading developer and provider of Internet connectivity for individuals. Includes art, business, and other links.

The Far North Queensland Almanac
Port Douglas Internet Services, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
A local information resource for the region from Cairns and Cooktown.

Financial Crime & Organized Crime Database
Michael Moore, Investigative Research, Boston, MA, US
Access a database of 28,000 names related to organized crime, financial crime, fraud, corruption, and business background.

FreeBSD, Inc.
NeoSoft, Inc., US
This mirror of the FreeBSD archives contains general information, documentation, instructions, and even a gallery.

Washington, DC, US
Free software and service that lets users schedule automatic downloading so they can view sites instantly at their leisure.

Global Environmental Change Report
Cutter Information Corp., Arlington, MA, US
Covers policy, science, and industry news in the area of global environmental change.

Government On Line
State Technologies, Inc., Albany, NY, US
An interactive best-practices-of-government system that chronicles, by subject matter and geography, where things are done well. Over 150 examples from over 40 states.

Gregory Kerr's "Woodstock 3"
Los Angeles, CA, US
A serialized murder mystery Web novel with new chapters added each week.

Handmade: Fine Art, Crafts & Foods on the World Wide Web
Hoffman & Associates, Charleston, WV, US
Browse a collection of paintings, prints, sculpture, clay, wood, metal, fiber, and wholesome gourmet foods. Items in the collection include maple syrup from the mountains of West Virginia and nine foot daffodils.

Harford Reptile Breeding Center
Bel Air, MD, US
Specializes in the breeding of rare pythons and leopard geckos.

Hawaii Chat Universe
Love Life Radio Network, Honolulu, HI, US
Live Hawaii-oriented chat rooms created by Matthew Gray and Angelina, the hosts of Love Life Radio.

A Health Services Research Journal
The Hospital Research and Educational Trust, Chicago, IL, US
Provides those engaged in research, public policy formulation, and health care administration, with advance information on new trends and the latest techniques of research and evaluation.

Historical Geography Specialty Group of the AAG
David J. Robinson, Syracuse, NY, US
Provides details of membership, conferences, publications, syllabi, and links to other sites related to historical geography and allied disciplines.

Images Photographic Gallery
Highland Park, IL, US
A site created to promote the arts on the Internet and provide a place for unrecognized artists to exhibit their work.

Infobahn's Internet Greeting Card Site
Austin, TX, US
This site has the perfect greeting card for any occasion, including Valentine's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

International Male Catalog Preview
San Diego, CA, US
Unique, distinctive, individual, that's the International Male catalog. Always fresh and never predictable, the one men's specialty catalog for all fashion needs.

IPOS Online
West Palm Beach, FL, US
Designed to assist investors with immediate information on upcoming initial public offerings.

Joe Jackson Web Site
New York, NY, US
Joe has personally supervised the development of this new site. Based on the latest release, Night Music.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Information about The European Association for the study of the Liver.

Kinks Alive!
New York, NY, US
A site dedicated to this popular rock quintet.

K-Wine Radio
Broadcasting Corp of Mendocino County, Ukiah, CA, US
Serves the Northwestern California wine country and Redwood Empire with adult contemporary music.

LABOR: a global art project based on dreams
Johannes M. Hedinger, St. Gallen, Switzerland
An art project based on dreams. Internet users can contribute their own dream stories to this project.

Language Based Learning Disability: Remediation Research
William M. Jenkins, Ph.D., San Francisco, CA, US
Presents information on remediation research related to language learning disability and dyslexia. Forums for parents, teachers, clinicans, and researchers are provided.

Los Alamitos Race Course
Los Alamitos, CA, US
Provides information on Los Alamitos race course, horse racing, gambling, entertainment, and satellite wagering.

Memphis: The Official UnOfficial Guide to the Bluff City
Memphis Guide, Memphis, TN, US
An extensive directory on the city of Memphis, Tennessee, including information about the history, museums, night life, and more.

Meridian 59 On-Line Player's FAQ
Chicago, IL, US
A guide to the new Internet-based game by Other Realms.

MINE - Men's Internet News Exchange
London, Ontario, Canada
Devoted to the preservation of men's equal rights. Contains conference transcripts, papers, senate bills on gender and legal topics, and other resources.

Minitab Inc.
State College, PA, US
Housing links to online libraries, newsgroups, and associations, as well as featuring product information and macros, Minitab Inc. seeks to be a resource for statisticians.

Minority Business and Professional Directory
San Francisco, CA, US
MBPD is a magazine style directory/yellow pages of the minority and women business community.

Kanata, Ontario, Canada
The telecommunications solutions supplier. Includes links to careers and what's in the news.

Movie Pages
Springfield, Missouri, US
A page with links to movie databases, current films, movie studios, and movie celebrity autographs.

My Brother's Keeper Church Membership Management System
Charlie Parker, Silver Spring, MD, US
A Windows-based Curch Management software featuring membership records management, contributions tracking, accurate and up-to-date financial statements, and other powerful reports.

National Psychologist
PsychScapes WorldWide, Inc., Denver, CO, US
An independent, bi-monthly newspaper for practitioners.

Neil Diamond Web Pages
The Diamond Connection, Witham, Essex, England
Information, news, and fanzine details on this popular singer.

The Northwest Wedding Online
Redmond, WA, US
An interactive guide to planning a dream wedding. Wedding service professionals are available to help with the plans.

Notre Dame Science Quarterly
Notre Dame, IN, US
A quarterly science journal presenting local Notre Dame and global issues.

NYW - New York Web
Metalab Communications, New York, NY, US
Find out about fashion, music, nightlife, and culture in New York City.

Office of Postsecondary Education
U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC, US
Information and downloadable software to assist students and parents apply for federal financial aid for college.

Oklahoma Baptist University
Shawnee, OK, US
Private university with a site that provides information on academics, admissions, and more.

Omnipaedia Polyglotta
Francisco Lopez Rodriguez, New Brunswick, NJ, US
An encyclopedic compendium of copyright-free reference in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese.

Ped+plus for Windows
Sentinel Consultants, Inc., Wayne, NJ, US
Complete computer software for owners and breeders of dogs: pedigree creation, record keeping, competition results, accounting, and Entry-Matic.

Peerless Faucet
Indianapolis, IN, US
America's leading do-it-yourself faucet brand. Features the latest models of stylish kitchen, lavatory, tub/shower faucets, 24-hour consumer helplines, and installation tips.

People That Beep
Joel Edwards, Nashville, TN, US
Socio-political musical satire with pop cultural references.

Peter G. Balazsy Polaroid Image Transfer Photo Art
Haledon, NJ, US
Take a glance at one of the most accomplished photographers in the art of image-transfer.

The Poetry Pavilion
Zack Becker, Middletown, CT, US
The global electronic village poetry shack, with verse for the times and online rhymes.

Polish National Tourist Office
New York, NY, US
Visitors enjoy a rich, diverse cultural experience and scenic splendor; Poland offers medieval history, stunning architecture, castles, sightseeing, art, theatre, music, cuisine, and much more.

PRK Today Eye Site
Murray McFadden M.D., Inc., Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Dedicated to bringing users the latest information available on laser eye surgery procedures, with initial focus on PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy).

ProActive Parenting
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
An interactive approach to answering users' parenting questions with practical solutions and creative strategies.

Publicly Accessible Lighthouses
National Park Service, Washington, DC, US
This geographical listing includes location, owner, current use, access information, and phone number of over 200 lighthouses around the U.S.

Puerto Rico Tourism Company
New York, NY, US
Luxuriate in extraordinary beauty and infinite variety with ocean front resorts, festivals, haute cuisine, unspoiled beaches, festivals, casinos, tropical rain forest, golf, and cosmopolitan San Juan.

Quest International
Newark, OH, US
A leading international youth advocacy organization, providing training and curricula tools for the teaching of character education, violence prevention, and service-learning programs in schools and community organizations.

Raga Records
New York, NY, US
Concert recordings of Indian classical music, plus hundreds of photos, articles, interviews, and sound samples. Musicians include Nikhil Banerjee, Manilal Nag, Buddhadev Das Gupta, and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.

Really Good Dave's Records
Chicago, IL, US
Alternative rock band 39 Steps is the featured artist at this site. Coming soon, a virtual listening post.

Rock 105 TAO
Carbondale, IL, US
A popular rock radio station serving the Southern Illinois listening area.

San Angelo Family Magazine
NJK Publications, San Angelo, TX, US
A monthly magazine devoted to issues pertaining to families and children, focusing on health, education, entertainment, and kids issues.

San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau
San Antonio, TX, US
Rich cultural heritage of Spanish colonization, mission architecture, and western lore juxtaposed against a sophisticated city of cafes, shops, galleries, restaurants, and the River Walk.

San Diego Yacht Charters
Gary Kowal, San Diego, CA, US
Offers bareboat and crewed yacht charters, as well as harbor information, Catalina to Ensenada, Mexico. Many carefully chosen links make site fun.

Savannah Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
Savannah, GA, US
Conde Nast top ten city. Visitors enjoy historic Savannah district, rich heritage, Riverfront Plaza, Atlantic coastal beaches, performing arts, festivals, and '96 Olympics yachting site.

Sensoria Kollectiv
Sensoria Kollectiv, Chicago, IL, US
A commingling of art, noise, fiction, cut-up theory, and car crashes.

Sitting In A Loftier Place
Teletronic Marketing, Inc., Sandy, UT, US
Information on a new-age novel that ties the ancient lost Atlantis civilization to a futuristic time in the mid-twenty-first century.

Slovakia Document Store
EUnet Slovakia Ltd., Bratislava, Slovakia
A comprehensive source of information about the Slovak Republic.

SportsMaster Stan
Axcis Information Network, Santa Clara, CA, US
Provides irreverent in-depth handicapping analysis for both professional football and basketball.

St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area
Convention and Visitors Bureau, St. Petersburg, FL, US
Spectacular beaches, superb golf and tennis, and every water sport combined with an enchanting blend of art, culture, history, attractions, and the relaxing Gulf Coast.

Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support
Subiaco, Australia
A self-help group providing support to bereaved parents who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

The Study Group, Inc.
Plantation, FL, US
Provides Personal Bar Review (tm) services for the Bar exams of California, District of Columbia, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Submarine Force
St. Marys, GA, US
U.S. Submarine information and graphics, along with links to other related sites on the Internet.

Swedish Travel And Tourism Council
New York, NY, US
Explore stimulating Nordic culture, architecture, winter sports, international cuisine, ballet, theatre, symphonies, old world European accommodations, castles, palaces, skiing, unspoiled forests, and national parks.

Tour the Hoover Dam
Lee Laboy, Milwaukee, WI, US
Tour the Hoover Dam and learn how it was constructed. Visit various educational sites and download professional articles.

The U Report
VIDA Visual, San Francisco, CA, US
Everything for the modern gay, lesbian, queer, or homosexual. Contains articles on gay theater, sports, and poetry, plus HIV/AIDS information.

University Alliance
University of Texas, Austin, TX, US
A political organization focusing on the concerns of the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community.

U.S. Army Battle Command Battle Labs
Ft. Leavenworth, KS, US
Supports access to other Battle Labs, and provides information about the organization, projects, and programs of the Lab at Ft. Leavenworth.

USJOBS Database & Federal Jobs Application Forms Editor
Bill Lo, Belle Mead, NJ, US
Provides the most up-to-date federal jobs at a user's fingertips. The software turns blank paper into completed OF-612, SF-171, or OF-306 forms.

Victory Hollow
Lee Paules, Morgantown, WV, US
Tour a cozy little paradise in the hills, with down-home style hospitality, a community calendar, and an editorial of the week.

Washington State Courts
Office of the Administrator of the Courts, Olympia, WA, US
Official site of the Washington courts, includes Supreme Court calendar, family law forms to download, information about jury service, and more.

WebEdge III, 2-4 March 1996
Austin, TX, US
Find information about this Macintosh Web Developers Conference at Apple R&D in Cupertino, California.

The Whitney Page
Dr. Barry Whitney and Chris Whitney, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
A Western Icelandic page, with information on Iceland, Norse, Pagan religion, Vikings, Runes, Bjork, and theodicy, evil, and process philosophy.

World Cup Cricket Challenge
Sports Challenger Systems, Cape Town, South Africa
An interactive fantasy cricket game based on the 1996 World Cup. Virtual Cricket Managers stand the chance of winning a great cash prize.

The X Summary
Middletown, New Jersey, US
A page devoted to The X-Files including a synopsis of the previous episode, critiques, and an area for personal opinions.

Z100 FM
Carbondale, IL, US
A popular new country radio station serving the Southern Illinois listening area.

Thursday, 8 February 1996

1st Class Solutions
Indianapolis, IN, US
A software training company committed to leading users to a more productive relationship with their computers. Provides helpful tips and tricks, software news, links to computer-related sites, instructor biographies, and course schedule.

ExMachina, Inc., New York, NY, US
The wireless link to the online world connects the Internet to off-line PCs. Powerful multimedia viewers "listen" to wireless data broadcasts and sports scores, financial data, headline news, and weather are delivered from all over the globe and shown inside colorful news crawls.

American Planet Galactic News
Santa Clara, CA, US
A unique mix of fact, commentary, fiction, friction, satire, comics, prose, and poetry.

The Australian Music Teacher Magazine
Boss Publishing Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An ongoing connection to the world of music, designed exclusively for teachers of music.

An Austrian Artist in Minnesota
Ruth Kolman Brophy, Minneapolis, MN, US
Peruse paintings, monotypes, and sculpture by Ruth Kolman Brophy, an Austrian artist living in Minnesota.

Bed & Breakfast Online! Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Canada's only complete Bed & Breakfast listing service.

Buddy Sputnik's Realm O' Fun
Edwin Esch, Detroit, MI, US
A site designed for comedian/writer Edwin Esch, including rants, raves, and of course, opinions.

Canadian Human Rights Campaign
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A national organization dedicated to providing leadership on human rights and civil rights issues affecting gays and lesbians.

Chicken Wire Mother
Mark Napier, New York City, NY, US
Based on a bizarre psychology experiment, this art work explores the effects of neglect in our society, on the individual level, and on the level of the so-called hard sciences.

College Financial Aid Services
Eric D. Pruessing, Newport Beach, CA, US
Locates free, unclaimed and easy-to-qualify scholarships for students who want to save money toward their college education.

The CPM Group
New York, NY, US
One of the first online services dedicated to commodities data. Subscribers receive daily analysis, monthly timing reports, and access to critical research data.

Andy Bourland, Wilmington, MA, US
Allows users with Netscape 2.0 and an MPC sound card-equipped Windows PC to enjoy background music as they surf.

DDT Multimedia
Kansas City, MO, US
A company specializing in software development, 3D graphics, Web pages, and digital audio.

The Disney Channel Online
Burbank, CA, US
Explore The Disney Channel's home in cyburbia, users' one stop for the latest information on cable television entertainment for the family.

The Family Circle Magazine Cup
Hilton Head Island, SC, US
Information on this womens' tennis tournament to be held, 30 March through 7 April, 1996.

GTE Suncoast Classic
Irving, TX, US
Complete information about this popular golf tournament scheduled for 12-18 February at the Tournament Players Club of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Illinois House Republicans
Chicago, IL, US
Provides information about the Illinois state government, its history, laws, and members.

Infogate Asia
Cybersource Pte Ltd., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Aims to provide business information on Asia with a difference. This is the place for business networking.

Patty Crowley, Eatontown, NJ, US
An index of kids' sites. Cartoons by Pulitzer Prize Winner, Jack Higgins, are featured.

The Killer Bs
Neptune Vintage Videos, Sugar Land, TX, US
A place to find and order classic B-movies, with an emphasis on westerns and horror.

LogoMedia Marketing
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Helping businesses communicate their corporate identity with promotional products for over 20 years.

Love-Air R/C Club
Windsor, Colorado, US
A club dedicated to learning about radio-controlled model aircraft and flying them safely.

The Naked Homepage
Edison, NJ, US
Information on the hard-rock band, Naked, complete with downloadable songs, pictures, and lyrics.

Public Information Research, Inc., San Antonio, TX, US
A database resource for investigative journalists and other researchers. It includes short reviews and a cumulative name index of 400 investigative books and 200 other sources.

The National Association of Home Builders
Norfolk, VA, US
Explore a rich store of information about home ownership and new home construction.

National Center for Employee Ownership
Oakland, CA, US
Find information on the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and other forms of employee ownership (worker ownership) that serve as employee benefits.

The National Toy Connection
Chris Durand, Brigantine, NJ, US
The industry newsletter for transportational and promotional toys.

Northeast Kansas Education Service Center
Lecompton, KS, US
Provides education, media, and Internet resources for the K-12 classroom.

The Ottawa Kennel Club
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The oldest continuously active kennel club in Canada, including information on championship dog shows, OKC executives, and breeder referral services.

Pace University
New York, NY, US
Find comprehensive information on Pace University and its specific programs.

Planet Hockey
Boston, MA, US
Information on hockey schools throughout the U.S., along with location listings, an instructional hockey video, coaching tips, training tools, and sportswear.

Progressive Music
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Supplier of the best in professional musical instrumentation. Find hundreds of products from Peavey, Fender, Gibson, and more.

Rockport, MA, US
Features a glossary of leasing terms which may prove invaluable to users when they sign their next lease.

Regional Business Opportunities
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A quality, structured, searchable database of current opportunities, both private and brokered, updated daily from many sources across Canada.

Republic Of Yemen
Las Cruces, NM, US
Features information on the history, geography, economy, and culture of Yemen.

The Retirement Net
Stephen R. Shultz, Lakeland, FL, US
The premiere retirement resource on the Internet features information on retirement communities.

Seville, Spain
Hispanic Pages in the USA, Baltimore, MD, US
One of the oldest cities in Europe and one of the most visited, photographed and written about cities in the world. Information includes events, places, how to get there, and a video about Semana Santa, the great processions of Holy Week.

The Siemon Company
Watertown, CT, US
An ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of connecting hardware offers an extensive line of products that includes cabling connectors, work area outlets, test equipment, and patch panels to support UTP, ScTP, and fiber.

New York, NY, US
Offers career and employment information for college students, graduate students, and recent graduates. Includes a 35,000 company database, and resume, interview, and job-hunting guidance.

Austin, TX, US
An occasionally publicized, tightly knit, internationally based association dedicated to the creation of a world controlled by neither media conglomerates nor governmental agencies.

Utah State Courts System
Administrative Office of the Utah State Courts, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Provides information on court resources in the state of Utah.

The Virtual Art Gallery
Interactive Media Development, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Currently exhibiting the paintings and sculptures of Dutch artist, Han Hulsbergen.

Walt Whitman High School Home Page
Walt Whitman World Wide Web Webmasters, Bethesda, MD, US
This sharp site offers many student-related issues and features, including a VRML file and information on the school's alumni.

Wells College
Aurora, NY, US
Information on this Liberal Arts College for women in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

Friday, 9 February 1996

46th Berlin International Film Festival
MEDIAcube, Berlin, Germany
Find comprehensive information on the Festival 15-26 February 1996.

The American Physiological Society
Bethesda, MD, US
Provides valuable resources for members and others interested in physiology and other biomedical disciplines.

The Apartment Fone Online
New York, NY, US
An integrated telephone and Internet system that allows people to search for available apartment rentals and home sales in the five boroughs of New York City.

Washington, DC, US
The focused one-stop guide to art galleries, art associations, and art fairs world wide.

Authentic Olympic Games Collection
Patrick Anderson, Seattle, WA, US
Link to Olympic-related sites and local stores that carry Olympic merchandise.

Bohemian Outpost
Innovative Product Management, San Francisco, CA, US
An online market place to find hot new products, inventions, art, clothing, and information about the inventors and bohemians who create it.

Buffalo Chip Campground Entertainment Resort
Rod Woodruff, Belle Fourche, SD, US
This site contains the concert schedule during the Sturgis Rally and Races, 5-10 August, along with pricing and reservation information.

Camp Dresser & Mckee
Cambridge, MA, US
One of the world's largest environmental engineering, consulting, and construction management firms, providing full environmental services to industry and government.

Center for International Mobility
Helsinki, Finland
Find information on studying in Finland, training placements in Finland, and Finnish government scholarships for post-graduate students and young researchers.

Central Source Yellow Pages
Gene Parrish, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A telephone book of virtually every business in the U.S. Instantly find companies, products, services, and Web sites. Listings are free.

Chinese Culture University
Hwa Kang Computer Club, Taipei, Taiwan
Provides a variety of information and resources about this University.

C&O Canal Restoration Project
Potomac Conservancy, Washington, DC, US
Helping to restore the beauty and usability of the C&O Canal, which was damaged in the Flood of '96 that was a result of the Blizzard of '96.

Country Standard Time
Jeffrey B. Remz, Newton Centre, MA, US
A country music zine featuring stories, CD reviews, columns, country news, editorials, and hot links.

Democracy Network of Iran (DNI)
Stockholm, Sweden
An Internet-based discussion group. Find Iran-related news, current events, and names and addresses of Iranian human rights democratic groups and organizations around the world.

DEN - Digital Education Network
ACT Laboratory Ltd., Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Learn to read Chinese, create cool graphics, become a math genius. These interactive online courses will educate and entertain the entire family.

East Asian Diplomacy and Defense
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The first academic journal in the world to study East Asian diplomacy and defense by making use of three languages: English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Elba On Line
Il Libraio s.a.s., Isola d'Elba, Italy
A guide to the most fascinating island in Italy.

Electronic Journals and Publications
Baltimore, MD, US
Contains listings of over 2,000 journals, magazines, and other sources of information. Topics range from peer reviewed academic journals to political e-zines.

End of the Oregon Trail
Jayne Sligar, Oregon City, OR, US
The Interpretive Center recaptures the ambiance of historic Abernethy Green, the site of arrival and welcoming for emigrants for more than 150 years.

Environmental Web Site of the Week
Chris Stuart, Ithaca, NY, US
The Cornell Center for the Environment is selecting one Web site a week that involves environmental and educational content that is well produced and informative.

Essay Fair
The Committee for Education and Discovery, Waltham, MA, US
A writing contest to help discover and encourage students with exceptional writing abilities.

Furniture Browser
InterCell, Inc., Needham, MA, US
A geographically based search engine for furniture stores, antique furniture, contemporary furniture, patio furniture, custom furniture, interior designers, and more.

George's Graphic Arts Resources on WWW
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A free, searchable database of graphic arts resources, especially prepress and printing. Companies may submit and modify their own link, logo, and information.

The Greater Boston Chaper of the IAFP
Boston, MA, US
Offers essential financial planning information and extensive assistance for those seeking advice on achieving financial objectives, including personalized answers to individual financial questions.

High Technology Careers Magazine
Santa Clara, CA, US
Brings technical professionals current information on career opportunities and the latest in high-technology growth and development.

Hillary's Hair
Mike W. Miller, Chicago, IL, US
An interactive site saluting the myriad hair styles of Hillary Clinton. Vote for the best and worst First Hair, win prizes, and more.

Shreveport, LA, US
Local and CBS news and programming links.

Normandie Web
Karl Dubost, Meudon, Hauts de Seine, France
This is a new site that describes all activities in Normandy, from history to gastronomie.

OPEU Local 928 Eugene Oregon
Eugene, OR, US
Represents the workers of Family Resources, Inc., in Lane County Oregon. The site has union information and a variety of resources useful to social services and educators

ProLink Systems, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
A company comprised of P.G.A. golf professionals dedicated to helping golfers of all levels enjoy the game more. Lessons, trivia contests, equipment, and travel information are a few of the things at the site.

RockWeb's Internet Grammy Poll
San Francisco, CA, US
Who should win a Grammy? Come vote in the RockWeb Internet Poll. Results posted 28 February so hurry -- each vote counts.

Roll Call Online
Washington, DC, US
The newspaper of Capitol Hill has created the premier Web site for news and information about Congress. Roll Call covers the three p's: the people, politics, and process.

Ryan's Lion
Ryan McGinnis, Sioux City, IA, US
A site devoted to The Lion King. It contains many resources unavailable anywhere else on the Internet.

SpectraCom, Inc., Morris Plains, NJ, US
Check out NBA Rookie facts, meet the supermodel who shaves her face in the Schick ad, and maybe even win NBA stuff.

Soap Opera Valentine's Day Cards
Sony Pictures Entertainment, Culver City, CA, US
Send a free Valentine's Day card featuring a favorite character from Days of Our Lives, or The Young and the Restless.

Software Age Conference and Exposition Calendar
Hackensack, NJ, US
A calendar of software-related conferences and expositions. Gives information on dates, location, organizer, content, and attendee and exhibitor information

Ewen MacKinnon, Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada
The Internet's newest search engine. Come and submit an URL today.

State of California Judicial Branch
Judicial Council of California, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides access to California courts with an explanation of the state's court system, a list of court-related publications, and information on the activities of the Judicial Council and the Administrative Office of Courts.

Texas Tech Process Control and Optimization Consortium
Dr. R. Rhinehart, Dr. J. Riggs, Lubbock, TX, US
An industry-driven partnership to develop and transfer technology for practicable automated process management. Lab, pilot, and commercial applications guide theoretical developments.

Chris Herin, Detroit, MI, US
Lots of information about this popular progressive rock band based in the Detroit area.

United Way of Canada - Centraide Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
This nonprofit organization promotes the organized capacity of people to care for one another.

Vine Game Connection
LandruSoft, Charlottesville, VA, US
Fancy yourself a player? Then test your video game wits and skills against live human opponents in Descent, Doom, Hexen, and more.

Visual Basic Online Magazine
Atholl Codd, Laguna Hills, CA, US
A free monthly online magazine full of tips and tricks, questions and answers, product reviews, source code, and more.

Gretmar Communications, Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada
Provides an Internet navigation tool for primary-care physicians practicing in rural and isolated areas.

Webmaster Reference Library
Plum Interactive, Ann Arbor, MI, US
With over 700 carefully selected and annotated Web sites plus original articles, this library is a comprehensive Web developer's resource. Visit Cool Central and see who won the Web Wizard of the Month award.

Word of Mouth
San Francisco, CA, US
A Web site for the millions of Californians who rely on voice mail to support their busy lifestyles.

A World of Art
Matthew Workman, Bloomington, IN, US
An exhibition of influential artists, a forum hall for live chat about art, and even art news.

WWW-Sites for Clinical Psychology
University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany
Links for disorders, classification, behavioral medicine, journals, departments, and other starting points.

The Xene Scene
Eyeball Soup Designs, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Packed with gorgeous computer graphics and far-out science fiction and fantasy stories. Also includes rare artist insights, a list of Singaporean comic shops, and raucous feedback.

Monday, 12 February 1996

Ah Knock Knock Valentine!
Cyber InSites, Minnetonka, MN, US
Cartoon dog JJ Jamm presents innovative, purely-Web Valentine entertainment. Experience the fun of JJ's DropBox Valentine humor.

American Visas and Green Cards
AK Immigration Consultants, Van Nuys, CA, US
Immigrating? Find out about U.S. Visas, waivers for foreign medical graduates, labor certification, family petitions, and the U.S. lottery system.

Amore' on the Net
Studio Melizo, Levittown, NY, US
A celebration of Valentine's Day, the holiday of love. Read the fascinating story of St. Valentine, find out how Cupid became a symbol, or send a card to a loved one.

Art to Change
Art Gallery, Chicago, IL, US
A gallery showing a new type of interactive art where the participant moves forms and figures to create constantly changing art.

Salt Lake City, UT, US
A virtual art gallery with a number of award-winning, nationally recognized artists from the U.S.

Axis and Allies Club
Lewiston, NY, US
Want to play Axis & Allies via the Internet? Over 100 players (and growing), rookies to veterans, are waiting for a challenge. The club is free, so visit the Web site today.

Chiphead Harry Daily Soap
Baudeville, Chicago, IL, US
This hyper-addictive daily soap is equal parts Twin Peaks, Slacker, and Basic Instinct. Read it online or have the daily Chiphead delivered via email.

Collectware, Inc.
Raleigh, NC, US
An exciting, truly unique Windows software for wine enthusiasts and collectors that automatically includes current wine auction prices.

College Board Online
New York, NY, US
Showcases educational resources for families and educators on the World Wide Web. Search for a college, learn about financial aid, register for the SAT, and discover Advanced Placement courses.

Dr. Greene's HouseCalls
San Mateo, CA, US
Find free, practical answers to pediatric questions from a noted medical doctor.

The East Village
Marinex Multimedia, US
A cyber soap opera incorporating video, audio, photographs, and text to recount the bohemian adventures of a young writer and her friends in the East Village.

The Education of John Elliott
Nova Scotia Teachers College, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Teaches teachers to integrate older computers, closed captioning and second audio programming, databases and the Internet for all curriculums.

The Electric Library
Infonautics Corporation, Wayne, PA, US
Research a digital archive of thousands of magazines, journals, newspapers, pictures, books, maps, and newswires.

The E-Mail Autobot Shop
Seth Russell, Renton, WA, US
An email autoresponder service allowing businesses to respond to customers' requests about the company, products, and services.

Environmental News Network
Sun Valley, ID, US
Provides daily news and information on the environment and nature. Includes news, features, a calendar, and a marketplace.

Dexter Kofa, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Web's first science-fiction animation series, with a new, faster server, improved graphics, new episodes, and more features. There is no final frontier.

Green Market
Mary Lambert, San Francisco, CA, US
An environmental site comprised of progressive and ecologically conscious companies and organizations. Provides information and products to concerned earth-wise consumers.

The Ham Band
Last Resort, Aarhus, Denmark
Check out some country music about amateur radio recorded in Nashville.

Hands On Cultural Calendar for the Deaf Community
Claude Shirts, New York, NY, US
A listing of accessible cultural events for the deaf community in New York City, including interpreted theater, deaf theater, and interpreted museum tours.

Imagesite - Photographer's Directory
WorldWide White Communications, Calistoga, CA, US
An online directory listing over 20,000 photographers world wide.

Fantasticom, Raleigh, NC, US
A spoof of local television access channels. Stop by and have a laugh.

Le village
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
A new, thematically organized page linking to worldwide Francophone sites. In French.

San Francisco, CA, US
Mixman CD-ROM offers endless opportunity to create music, an interactive experience.

Multicultural Center
Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA, US
A student-directed facility/program that celebrates both the differences and commonalities reflected in this culturally diverse university community.

NASA/KSC's Materials Science Division
W. Irby Moore, Kennedy Space Center, FL, US
Provides scientific services, applications research, and failure analysis requirements for NASA/KSC, its contractors, other NASA centers and government agencies, and many universities.

NCSA - National Computer Security Association
NCSA - National Computer Security Association, Carlisle, PA, US
The country's leading membership organization for computer security professionals.

New Aeon Online Magazine
Albuquerque, NM, US
A magazine devoted to promoting Magick and the goals set forth by Aleister Crowley in Liber Oz.

News Alert
New York, NY, US
Profit from real-time premium news and information services including breaking news, financial updates, company profiles, international government news, and sports.

The Norse Azure
Noriyoshi Kishikawa, Tokyo, Japan
Explore the gallery of a Japanese photographer and his illusional color of Scandanavian blue.

Santa Rosa, CA, US
A service-oriented site that is a unique opportunity for parent information. Provides parents, professionals, and day care providers with information on topics related to children.

Personal Computer Kids Group
Memphis, TN, US
A hands-on computer training class for kids age 9-17, requiring a "C+" grade point average and parent/guardian permission.

Research Center in Economics and Management
Strasbourg, France
Presents information and links to the laboratories of Economics and Management at Louis Pasteur University. Also, find description of the doctoral school and links to other Web severs in economics.

Lapis Software Associates, Parsippany, NJ, US
A service that connects job seekers and employers. Job seekers can enter their skills for free, and they can have public and/or private information in the database. Employers can search for specific skills using detailed skill categories.

A Spring Baseball Preview
Interactive Internet Sports, Gainesville, FL, US
Get ready for MLB spring training. Daily team previews, spring dates, key transactions, and baseball trivia.

The Technion Books Coffee House
Leverett, MA, US
An online coffeehouse presenting the work of original songwriters via Real Audio. Site changes weekly.

Allison Park, PA, US
A free service that provides many assets to the Internet. It includes a free on-the-fly homepage, form, and CGI creator.

The Ultimate Soundpage
University of Kalmar, Kalmar, Småland, Sweden
A Web site for soundfreaks.

Ryan Todd/Matthew Causey, Atlanta, GA, US
A video art festival that is to be held at the Georgia Institute of Technology on 29 April 1996. Check here for submission information.

The Web Development Cyberbase
Matt Johnson, Apple Valley, MN, US
A complete resource for every Web developer. Includes HTML, CGI, Java, and more.

Parsec Communications, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
A fast, friendly, and free search service for locating people and companies on the Internet.

Tuesday, 13 February 1996

The ACME Dodger Page
Wichita, KS, US
The complete Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodger Web page, with statistics, records, history, pictures, and links to other Dodger pages and commercial sites.

Antinori's Vineyard Virtual Visit
Firenze, Italy
One of the greatest names in Italian winedom is now online.

Aunt Agatha's Occult Emporium
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
A pagan/metaphysical meeting place for all things magical.

Awesome Webmaster Tools Index
Andrew Cameron, Shawnee Mission, KS, US
Offers links to free webmaster stuff on the Internet including 3D objects, backgrounds, clip art, icons, and multimedia.

The B.Y.O. Cafe
CODA Enterprises, Staten Island, NY, US
Comprised of a variety of newsletters from individuals and organizations in the arts, literature, politics, censorship, and other areas, plus an extensive picture gallery.

Citytv - CityPulse News
ChumCity Interactive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides daily news stories about the city of Toronto.

Community Connections
Aspen Systems, Rockville, MD, US
Connect to the main information center of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Computer Cyberbase
Apple Valley, MN, US
Find pointers to all the best computer-related sites on the Internet.

Dave's Cultural Wasteland
Line of Sight Entertainment, West Palm Beach, FL, US
A collection of humorous photo-manipulations created on a Macintosh.

E2B2 Environment Online
Washington, DC, US
Daily environmental and agricultural information, including legislation, state updates, newsletters, organizations, and a shopping mall.

New York, NY, US
America's premier Jewish newspaper, launched in English as a weekly in 1990. Covers news, culture, and politics.

HTML Pics Archive
Aran Meuser, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A free library of background and foreground graphics for Web pages.

San Jose, CA, US
The best way to find ideal jobs. The industry's hottest employers are looking in this database. It's fast, confidential, and free.

Inventor World and STRAIT-jacket Office Product
Little Inventor Associates, Salem, OR, US
Learn all about self-filing patents and STRAIT-jacket Office Products.

Jana's Craft Connection
Jana Gallagher, Newfoundland, NJ, US
Quick and easy crafts for adults and children.

LivingHome Online
Novo Media Group, San Francisco, CA, US
The central Web site for the home and garden enthusiast.

London Theatre Guide Online
Darren Dalglish, London, England
Latest news, reviews, and listings from the West End of London.

Munich Found
Munich, Germany
Bavaria's leading English-language, monthly magazine dedicated to providing a discerning mix of culture, history, commentary, art, and politics.

The National Home Workers Association
Detroit, MI, US
The NHWA has 76,000 work-from-home job openings across North America.

Net Life!
C. Coats, Dallas, TX, US
A humorous, interactive advice column read not only by thousands of Internet readers, but half a million newspaper readers as well.

Okinawa Women's Peace Caravan
Military Toxics Project, San Francisco, CA, US
A delegation of women peace activists and elected officials will discuss the militarization of Okinawa and its impact on indigenous communities, women, and the environment.

Only The Best Gourmet Vegetarian Recipes
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A vegetarian point of view with The Ultimate Recipe Of The Month and more.

ProQuest - Matching Job-Seekers & Recruiters
Dallas, TX, US
Automatically matches job seekers with recruiters, and emails information immediately to the recruiter.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Zero-Gravity Environment
American Indian Heritage Foundation, Falls Church, VA, US
Rock meets Native America in this high-speed 3D pavilion created by VRML designers John Simmons and Ìris Reynisdóttir, working under a foundation grant.

Renault Twingo on the World Wide Web
Nicholas Bales, Toulouse, France
Lots of information about this fantastic little French car: the Renault Twingo. Contains the car's history, data sheets, custom Twingos, and links to other Twingo-related places.

The Rock N Roll Cyberbase
Apple Valley, MN, US
One of the ultimate resources for rock 'n' roll on the Internet.

Seth Mellman Productions, Sherman Oaks, CA, US
A unique online music publication with the staff comprised solely of its readers. All stories, pictures, and departments revolve around the readers' rock'n'roll experiences.

RV America
Tempe, AZ, US
The exciting world of the RV lifestyle and industry.

Sam's Interactive Cable Guide
SDS Publishing, Portland, OR, US
This guide has over 200 links and focuses on 2-way data options. A wealth of information.

TRACER Design, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
Users can play a variety of daily puzzles, trivia, riddles, and games including the interactive, online thriller, Cyberhunt featuring 3-D worlds, graphics, and animation.

Scouting Online
Mike Harmer, Provo, UT, US
Everything for scouting. Includes training, Eagle projects, contests, surveys, history, scout shop, reference materials, and jokes.

Simcoe County Sexual Assault Care Centre at OSMH
Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Online advice about sexual assault.

St. John's Maple Leafs
Paragon Information Systems, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Web site for the St. John's Maple Leafs of the American Hockey League.

Steffi Graf International Supporters' Club
Chris Skelton, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
One of the larger international fan clubs honoring the tennis player, with news and information about her career.

Thinking Magazine
Springfield, MO, US
The voice of the Nerd Liberation Movement. Politics, technology, and philosophy for people who enjoy thinking.

Todd's Guinea Pig Hutch
Todd Medley, Redmond, WA, US
A site for guinea pig lovers, including Dr. Barb Deeb's guide to guinea pig care, warnings about pine and cedar bedding, photos, and links.

The Ultimate TV & Movie MIDI page
Kevin Moot, Minneapolis, MN, US
An archive of hundreds of theme songs from TV shows and movies in MIDI format.

The Ultra Star Trek TNG Page
Richard Le, Redmond, WA, US
Provides great crew profiles, cast biographies, posters, ship pictures, and cool outer space animations.

United States Climate Page
Climate Diagnostics Center, Boulder, CO, US
Provides an easy-to-use interface to climatologies (temperature, rain, and snow) for cities throughout the U.S.

Webstock Whole Earth Festival
Earth Channel Communicaitons, Norcross, GA, US
A multi-stage, 3D showcase venue for personal and global enrichment, highlighting Next Wave information, entertainment, and technology.

Worldwide Classroom
Milwaukee, WI, US
A library of over 4,000 schools in 70 countries, offering study-abroad programs.

Berkeley, CA, US
Monthly online zine explores the world of R&B, hip-hop, and dance music.

Wednesday, 14 February 1996

Activist Newsletter
K. Michael Young, Anchorage, AK, US
Offers intelligent discussion of U.S. drug policy, specifically the failure of the War on Drugs.

Newport News, VA, US
An association dedicated to prompting awareness of ovarian and breast cancer, and looking at a new way of fighting cancer.

Cosanti Foundation, Mayer, AZ, US
An experimental, energy-efficient city under construction in central Arizona.

Aspen MountainCam
Aspen Club International, Aspen, CO, US
An Aspen MountainCam shot, updated daily. Site includes information about Aspen Club, Channel 16, fitness, skiing, snowboarding, training, and more.

Attorney Finder
Internet Directories, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
A directory that helps locate lawyers by geographic area and field of practice. It also links to valuable legal resources.

The Baha'i Club at Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA, US
Promotes racial and religious unity on the Georgia Tech campus, and on the Net too. Catalogs all known and relevant Baha'i resources on the Internet.

Coastal Images, Fenwick Island, DE, US
A complete guide to Delaware and Maryland beaches.

Boys' Latin Parents' Association
Hunt Valley, MD, US
Includes news and information concerning Boys' Latin School, Maryland's oldest, independent, nonsectarian school for boys. This site will interest educators, students, parents, and alumni.

ComputerTalk Magazine
New York, NY, US
A free monthly online publication of news and reviews.

The Consortium
The Media Consortium, Arlington, VA, US
The first political investigative zine on the Web.

Cyber Street Cafe
Green Bay, WI, US
An Internet cafe in Green Bay.

CyberQuest Chat
CyberQuest, Inc., Saugerties, NY, US
Talk to others in real-time.

Dr. Clue's HTML/CGI Guide W/C++ Source
InfoBON, Mount Vernon, WA, US
An in-depth guide for newbies and experts alike. Includes an HTML/CGI dedicated search engine. Manned 10-16 hours a day Tuesday through Saturday for personal assistance.

Electronic Urban Report
Bailey Broadcasting Services, Los Angeles, CA, US
Daily online infotainment on celebrities, events, and issues, in urban/black entertainment and culture.

Essay Fair
CED, Waltham, MA, US
The Essay Fair is launching its first contest. Win money for a winning essay.

Marilyn "Hank" Wann, San Francisco, CA, US
For people who don't apologize for their size. Find the Mighty Morphin' Oprah, the gab cafe with Daniel Pinkwater, Wall O' Weight, Aunt Agony's advice, and much more.

Fish Utah
Orem, UT, US
Contains the entire 1996 Utah Fishing Proclamation, an area devoted to Wilderness issues, and much more.

Alleroed, Denmark
All about Danish folk dancing, with links to folk dancing in Finland and the rest of the world.

Healthtouch Online
Medical Strategies, Inc., Dublin, OH, US
Gives consumers accurate information on dozens of health topics and diseases. Also contains a medication guide on drug uses, precautions, and side effects.

Higher Education Center Against Violence & Abuse
University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, US
Offers a wide array of resources including original scholarly papers, bibliographies, funding resources, links to organizations worldwide, and original art by victims.

International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-do Federation
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Provides complete information about the International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Federation. Learn about karate in Canada.

International Time Zones
David West, Aldridge, England
The current time in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world.

The Internet Diver's Guide
Netposition Ltd., Tel-Aviv, Israel
A diver's guide to the Florida Keys, Red Sea, Cayman Islands, and other areas, with 3D-maps and wild illustrations.

Internet Easter Egg Hunt
Yardley Consultants Group, Mission Viejo, CA, US
This hunt is open to kids of all ages. Easter Bunnies are encouraged to submit their URLs.

The Intuitons College Theatre Guide
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
A directory of college theatre departments and companies.

The Israeli Chambers of Commerce
Tel Aviv, Israel
An interactive business directory, with information on the Israeli economy.

John's Drug Information Page
St. Joseph Medical Center, Tacoma, WA, US
A resource for pharmacists and other health care providers, with searchable databases and information on pharmacology and infectious diseases.

Larry Krantz Flute Homepage
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dedicated to the flute and flute playing.

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Web Life Productions, Inc., Las Cruces, NM, US
Lots of information about the city of "festive moods and friendly attitudes."

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
Buffalo, NY, US
A Led Zeppelin site with sights and sounds, tunings and tablatures, and collectibles and memorabilia.

LIA South Africa
Neptune Software, New Germany, South Africa
South Africa's premier, privately owned Internet service provides. The site is rich with information and links.

Markey Cancer Center
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US
Connect to a library of cancer-related information and research topics.

Millennium Communications
Glen Cove, NY, US
A leading developer of Web sites and interactive media.

Mission San Jose High School
Fremont, CA, US
Student-designed site featuring school activities, career center and college scholarship information, literature list, and alumni sections.

National Weather Service Central Region Headquarters
Kansas City, MO, US
This is the link to weather in the central states. Come read about what they are up to, check out the educational section, plus much more.

Nerd Liberation Movement
Springfield, MO, US
A resource to help smart people come out of the "back room."

Odyssey Publications
Corona, CA, US
The leading publications for collectors of autographs and memorabilia of famous people.

The Online NewsHour
PBS, Alexandria, VA, US
A comprehensive, up-to-date site highlighting the content available on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Lists guests and forums.

Outdoor Enthusiast
Outdoor Adventures Unlimited, Rochester Hills, MI, US
Check out the premier issue of this magazine dedicated to all outdoor activities.

Parkinson Foundation
Miami, FL, US
Information on the disease and the foundation's mission to find its cause and cure.

Picklehead Music
Evergreen, CO, US
An exceptional collection of hard-to-find musical comedy and folk artists.

Sage's Dog House
New Haven, CT, US
A dog lover's page; see unique photos of Sage the German Shepherd and all of his friends.

The #talk2me FAQ
Amanda Greb, Kansas City, MO, US
Contains useful help and etiquette information about IRC, as well as specific information about the channel #talk2me.

Temple City High School
Temple City, CA, US
A wealth of information about this school, voted one of the best high schools on the Internet.

ODA/Wanadoo, Sevres, France
Wanadoo is a French consumer- and city life-oriented service.

Thursday, 15 February 1996

Anti-Art Productions
Robert Dada, Irwin, PA, US
A multicultural art forum exploring the depths of hyper reality.

Anti-BJ-MB-JK-AA-G/O Fans' Society
Gordon's Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
Home of the anti-Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton, Joshua Kadison, Andre Agassi, Greenday/Offspring fans' society.

Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington, DC, US
A focused one-stop online guide to art galleries and artists.

Ask Aunt Squishy
M. L. Grant, Seattle, WA, US
Aunt Squishy provides sound, realistic advice to the lovelorn in this near-daily column.

Boulder and vicinity climate data
Climate Diagnostics Center, Boulder, CO, US
Detailed climate data for Boulder, Colorado (the meteorological mecca), including temperatures, snow, rain, thunder storms, winds, and river flow (daily averages, monthly averages, records).

Brooks & Dunn Online
Nashville, TN, US
For fans of the award-winning country music duo. Features quick access to the group's latest tour schedules, tour merchandise, and downloadable photos.

Calling All Deckmasters
Dean Comix, San Antonio, TX, US
Play Magic: the Gathering? Looking for some new players? Planing on moving or going on vacation? Then come and check out one of the fastest growing list of Deckmasters on the Web and add your own name for free.

Catalyst New York
Host, New York, NY, US
New York's finest online art gallery.

Chip's MacOS Resources
Bloomington, IN, US
A comprehensive listing of Macintosh resources and information.

Choices Women's Medical Center
Forest Hills, NY, US
A New York State licensed comprehensive ambulatory medical facility run by women since 1971. Offers the highest quality individualized medical care including abortion up to 24 weeks.

Atlanta, GA, US
A complete resource for classical musicians.

Country Stars on the Web™
Great American Country™, Englewood, CO, US
Dedicated to country music stars and to America's newest 24-hour country music television network, GAC.

Chazdesigns, Fort Worth, TX, US
Browse the virtual streets and alleys of CyberCity to find interesting sites.

The Cycling Bible
Interferenza, Caserta, Italy
The complete guide to cyclers, teams, leagues, records, races, outcame, curiosities, and events.

Dave and Cyndi's Marriage Enrichment Center
Benton Harbor, MI, US
Drawing from personal experience, Dave and Cyndi have found innovative, fun, and insightful ways to enrich any relationship. Visit their advice column and learn to be more successful in love.

Dexter on the Web
Nick Bradbury, Arlington, VA, US
The award-winning satire of the online comic strip Dexter. Updated every Frd/ iday.

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation
NASA, Washington, DC, US
Index of federal acquisition opportunities, solicitations, and regulations.

Figgy Brown's Guide to Fishing
Thom Landry, Dryden, Ontario, Canada
Fishing in Northwestern Ontario.

Film Scouts
Mayra Langdon Riesman, New York, NY, US
Goes from Hollywood to the beaches of Cannes. On site find Hollywood clips, Indie clips, stars, and other information about film.

Football Prophecy
Waterloo, NY, US
Beta test a shareware NFL game stat manager and game predictor.

The Gourmet Coffee Club and Internet Coffee Resource Guide
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
A valuable resource guide for coffee lovers as well as a home page for the Gourmet Coffee Club (free membership). Many links, recipes, and ideas here.

The Home Theater
Todd DeFrane, Phoenix, AZ, US
News and reviews of products for home theater, hi-fi audio and video, surround sound, DSS, and related topics.

IEEE Multimedia Newsletter
IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, US
Features the latest results and directions of multimedia research and development, from the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The Inn Traveler
David Allie, Biddeford, ME, US
An independent resource for travelers and agencies to explore the wonderful and fascinating realm of bed-and-breakfast, country inns, or for oversea travelers, country house hotels.

InterVU's MPEG Video Player
Rancho Santa Fe, CA, US
A video player for Netscape 2.0, featuring preview, streaming play, view while downloading, and cached playback.

Italian Business Information System
Novara, Italy
The first Italian business-to-business service. Search Italian companies by location, category, and more.

Jewish Bulletin of Northern California
San Francisco, CA, US
The only weekly Jewish newspaper in the world to publish its entire edition on the Web every week.

The Joy of Engineering
William Engelke, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Provides information on engineering as a career, a cross reference to engineering schools and colleges, and a list of engineering Web resources.

Jubilee British Telephone Booths
Payphone Service, Burlingame, CA, US
A short history of the famous British red telephone booth, and information on ordering one.

Judge Dredd
University of Bradford, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
Information on Judge Dredd, the lead character from 2000AD comic.

Kauai Style Midi Sound Page
Kaneohe, HI, US
A collection of MIDI files and a MIDI player to make them play.

KGAN StormTrac 2 Forecast Center
KGAN-TV, Cedar Rapids, IA, US
Eastern Iowa's most award-winning news team offers the latest weather outlook from the StormTrac 2 Forecast Team, plus severe weather information, travel weather, and more.

King Link & Games
Las Vegas, NV, US
Offers access to over 30,000 software titles and links, updated every day.

Leisure Asia '96
MP Conventions Pte Ltd., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
The premier forum for owners, developers, and professionals on emerging trends in cultural, leisure, and entertainment attractions covering every country in Asia.

Multi Media Music
Partners in Rhyme, Los Angeles, CA, US
A comprehensive list of audio editing, processing, and playing applications.

Phoenix Systems Internet Publishing
David Allie, Biddeford, ME, US
Internet and Web development, including HTML and graphics design, Perl/cgi programming, database and search engine applications, PDF conversions, Java app creation, and free technical software.

The San Diego Zoo
Bien Logic, La Jolla, CA, US
Offers visitor information on tours, animal collections, exhibits, and conservation programs at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park, as well as research projects at the The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species.

Seth Jackson's Songwriting Page
Seth Jackson Music, Los Angeles, CA, US
Song writing information and links of interest to song writers, publishers, and others in the recording industry. Also the home of the Country Notes newsletter.

SysOp World
Grass Valley, CA, US
The SysOps Resource Center world wide with information from software to publications.

Telegraph Records
Chester, England
Home of the independent record label run by former members of OMD. Artist roster includes China Crisis, The Listening Pool, and Nicola and Alexandra Bibby.

University College at CSULB
California State University, Long Beach, CA, US
University College, the eighth college and community outreach branch of California State University, Long Beach, offers quality educational programs and services, credit and non-credit, designed to enhance professional and personal development.

Walleye First! Fishing Adventures
Sheila and Gibby Ryan, Trenton, MI, US
Stories, '96 PWT documentary, tackle, techniques, and recipes -- all about Walleyes.

Friday, 16 February 1996

AgriWeb Canada
Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A searchable listing of linked/unlinked Canadian agricultural and agri-food resources/sites on the Internet. Select sites by geographic region, subject, or organization. In English and French.

Associazione Italia Stati Uniti
Cagliari, Italy
A nonprofit organization that promotes cooperation between Italy and the U.S.

Bach Festival of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, US
Information on the baroque concert event, plus a list of Bach organizations and Web sites, and other Bachanalia.

Bansheekatz Cattery
Debra K. Hoff, Huntington Beach, CA, US
Dedicated to the breeding and showing of purebred Cornish Rex cats.

The Barry ManiWeb Page
Net Fusion, Burlingame, CA, US
He writes the songs that make the whole world sing. Includes tons of pictures, a discography, a biography, FAQ, letters and reviews, and fan club information.

A Basic Guide to Frames in HTML 3.0
New York, NY, US
A tutorial for creating frames, the coolest feature of HTML 3.0. Covers all the basics, and gives examples. Frames are the way to go to keep up with the rest of the World Wide Web.

Chas' Martha's Vineyard
Chas Enterprises, Oak Bluffs, MA, US
A resource for and about the island of Martha's Vineyard. Includes lots of beautiful art work and lots of practical advise about travel to and from Martha's Vineyard.

Choate Rosemary Hall
Wallingford, CT, US
Find information pertaining to this private high school.

The Coupon King
Buffalo Grove, IL, US
The Coupon King is a provider of online coupons and advertisements. Access, and all coupons, are free.

Crystalian WWW Stabalysis
Crystalian Emperial Order, Tempe, AZ, US
A stabalysis for the Crystalian Clans and their efforts on the Web.

Dan's Mountain Biking Page
Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, US
Includes a link to Bucknell's MTB Team Page and a link to other mountain biking Web sites.

DCI Database for Commerce and Industry GmbH
Starnberg, Germany
DCI runs a database that contains prices and information on PC products.

Department of Social Medicine
University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Teaches courses and conducts research in preventive medicine, health care organization and policy, and the medical humanities and social sciences.

DeWitt Industries
Vidor, TX, US
Provides AutoCAD shareware including a screen saver and a dialog text editor that handles text, attributes, and associative dimensions. Also has Windows screen savers.

Tex.NET Telecomunicazioni, Prato, Italy
An free archive of Internet addresses sorted into city and country to help locate the email addresses of other users.

Manassas, VA, USA
Eternal Word Television Network is the most comprehensive Catholic Web site on the Internet. News, information, and more pertaining to the Catholic faith.

Forgotten Constitutional Principles
Morris Harmor, Rockville, MD, US
Explores changes to the Constitution of the U.S.: the 16th and 17th amendments, Federal Reserve System, Executive orders, revenue sharing, deficit spending, and much more.

GeoSync Sci-Fi Series
Legendary Productions, Philadelphia, PA, US
The first sci-fi, animated series on the Internet.

Government Sucks The Big One Page
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Covers all aspects of the telcom bill, online and offline civil liberties, and is updated daily.

Guardian's Egypt
Milford, CT, US
Providing reliable links to Egypt and Egyptology resources on the Web.

Gulf of Mexico Information Network (GIN)
Gulf of Mexico Program Office, Stennis Space Center, MS, US
GIN is a developmental effort designed to make Gulf of Mexico ecosystem data and information readily available and to facilitate communications between parties involved in the Gulf of Mexico projects and programs.

HealthNet Connection
Blue Cross & Blue Shield United Of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, US
Presents a broad array of healthcare policy and informational statistics, weekly healthcare news, and events for the Wisconsin healthcare community.

Home Grown Systems
Seattle, WA, US
High-quality, low-cost Internet access services and World Wide Web design and publishing as well as good links to other sites.

Hustle Dance Club
Brisbane, CA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to disco dancing all night, every night.

Intelligent Agents for Electronic Commerce
Personal Agents, Inc., Heath, TX, US
Intelligent Agents work while not on the Internet and are well suited to emerging technologies like Internet appliances, smart cellular phones, interactive Televisions, and smart cards.

IUPUI Advocate
Indiana University-Perdue University, Indianapolis, IN, US
A student organization for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Jewish Youth Information League
South Orange, NJ, US
Jewish Youth must be informed of the problems which face them in society. This site aims to educate them by giving them literature and Web sites to visit.

LA Dining
Maria Shen, Santa Monica, CA, US
The premier guide to Los Angeles' best restaurants. Power search hundreds of restaurants, holiday events, food festivals, and more.

Longmont OnLine!
Julie Medearis, Longmont, CO, US
Features the Longmont, Colorado, community, businesses, arts and entertainment, dining and lodging, parks and recreation, and more.

LottoMan Services Center
Lighthouse Engineering, Virginia Beach, VA, US
Find nearly real-time world-wide lottery results, searchable databases (some going back as far as 1977), Web chats, a lottery e-zine, lottery shareware, and more.

Manny Music Web Page
Manny R. Guerra, San Antonio, TX, US
Manny/WEA Latina is Tejano and Tex-Mex music's premier label. Most stars in this music genre have recorded at Manny Music Studios, including the departed Selena.

Marc & Thumper's Science Education Resource Site
Marc Rosner, New York, NY, US
Chock full of science education resources, including experiments, activities, images, shareware, information on conducting research and joining professional organizations, and other Web links.

Matrix Gateway
Seattle, WA, US
Gateway links to media including film, Vampyres, alternative media, and more.

Models Online Interactive Modelling Index
Williamsville, NY, US
An interactive model directory that promotes the world wide exposure of professional and aspiring models and talent. Industry professionals can access a fully integrated search engine to find the perfect model.

Peddler Bicycles
Long Branch, NJ, US
Features Merlin, Litespeed, Cannondale, Specialized, Trek, Kona, Voodoo, and Barracuda bicycles. Provides New Jersey cycling links.

Photo Metro
San Francisco, CA, US
A magazine of photographic art and criticism. Find a Photo Metro digital workshop course schedule, a photo exhibition, and gallery rental information.

PowerBASIC on the Net
Carmel, CA, US
PC Magazine's Editor's Choice for best DOS Basic compiler, introduces PB/DLL, the only BASIC compiler for Visual Basic for Windows.

Small Business Resources
Nenad Trifunovic, Los Angeles, CA, US
A directory of small businesses and professionals located in, or serving, Southern California.

Southern Tier Women's Services
Vestal, NY, US
Amy R. Cousins, M.D., and her caring all-female staff provide abortion services to 13 weeks, birth control, gynecological care, decision-making counseling, and patient education.

Star Wars RPG: Dark Revenge
WorldTek, US
SW RPG: DR is the Internet's only real SW:RPG, and it's free too.

The Stand Youth Newspaper, Baulkham Hills, Australia
The online version of The Stand Youth Newspaper, a paper distributed free to high school students around Australia. Offers a positive outlook on life and empowering young people to make a difference.

The Student Market Book Exchange
Oren Milgram, San Jose, CA, US
A free service that allows students to post and find textbooks on their campus or one nearby.

The Tocqueville Connection
U.S.-CREST, Arlington, VA, US
French news and analyses in foreign policy, defense, business, industry, and finance.

Fairfax, VA, US
A television show by kids, for kids, and about kids. Also founded and sponsor a new kid-run, anti-violence campaign called "The Piece Project."

The Waters Edge
Waters Design Associates, Inc., New York, NY, US
A retreat and resource for the creative spirit. A place to observe and participate in the changes occurring in the worlds of commerce, communication, and culture.

Welcome to Galloway, Scotland
Auchencairn, Castle Douglas, Scotland
Galloway is in Southwest Scotland. Includes tourist and local information.

Monday, 19 February 1996

2-seat subsonic jet aircraft
The University of Texas, Austin, TX, US
A subsonic, 2-seat, general aviation jet aircraft design page.

4Dining: New York City's OnLine Restaurant Guide
Daedalus World Wide Corporation, New York, NY, US
Looking for something different? Tired of the same old takeout menus? 4Dining provides instant access to a wide range of dining options with information on more than five thousand restaurants in New York City.

Bill Fogarty Publishing Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
An extensive online zine with packed ski information on all the major resorts in Europe and around the world. This site expands daily and is a great one-stop travel and ski information guide.

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England
Information about agriculture in the United Kingdom, including the environment, farm, land, pesticide, insecticide, fertilizer, machinery, tractor, livestock, crops, grain, seed, and agronomy.

Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ)
Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine
A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the Palestinian territories through greater control over natural resources.

The Big Adventure
Innovations & Notions, Tumwater, WA, US
A weekly photo story of Ian Schlueter's offroad adventures.

Birdsong Enterprises
Asheville, NC, US
Provides Web site design, graphics, fine arts, Appalachian information, and great links.

Blackthorn Rugby Football Club
Intersphere Communication Ltd., Oreland, PA, US
Includes club news and rugby information as well as cool links, sounds, and other non-rugby stuff.

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards
Power Images, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Live Hollywood movie, music, and video event. Film clips and trivia contest are fun.

Cancer Research And Youth Outreach Network
Huntsville, AL, US
C.R.A.Y.O.N. provides research funds for the cure, treatment, and prevention of childhood cancer and to help meet the basic non-medical needs of patients and their families during treatment.

Landmark Communications, Norfolk, VA, US
A quality global recruitment service, CareerWEB lists jobs that job seekers may access for free world wide, as well as helpful career-related information such as a Career Readiness Test and a CareerWEB Bookstore.

Carnival On De Net
Tourism & Industrial Dev. Co. of Trinidad & Tobago, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Offers listings of the 1996 Carnival festivities in Trinidad and Tobago.

City of Plano, Texas
Plano, TX, US
The official home page of the city of Plano.

Claire's Netscape RGB Color Browser
Perth, Australia
Not to be confused with a Web Browser, this "color browser" lists hex codes for all 216 colors interpreted by Netscape as foregrounds and backgrounds. A useful utility for Web page authors.

The Clip Art Connection
Sicklerville, NJ, US
A massive clip art resource for desktop publishing.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Full technical descriptions of Colortech's color and additive concentrate as well as technical bulletins and links.

Compassion Canada -- Christian Child Development Ministry
London, Ontario, Canada
An international Christian child development ministry linking children in need with Canadians who care.

Creative Zone
Creative Labs, Inc., Milpitas, CA, US
With mirrors in Asia and soon in Europe, the Creative Zone is meant to be a one-stop shop for all multimedia enthusiasts -- not just creative customers. Contains articles and information on music, entertainment, business, and more.

The Data Exchange
Denaploy Ltd., Hastings, East Sussex, England
A Web site geared towards useful links for United Kingdom businesses. The company also provides Web space and Web page design services.

David's Knife Page
David Pribek, Buffalo, NY, US
Digital pictures of a knife collection, links to other knife sites, and more.

Deco Echoes
Mashpee, MA, US
The premiere resource for mid-20th century style and design.

Easter-Resurrection -- Christian Articles Archive
Rocklin, CA, US
Articles and stories about Easter and Jesus' resurrection, as well as Christian celebrations of Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.

The EFL Directory
Europa Pages, Ascot, Berkshire, England
A directory of over 500 institutions in Britain offering English as a foreign language courses. Includes multilingual text and regional introductions.

Golf Travel
Travel Guide, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, US
A travel publication offering information on golf resorts around the world. Extensive back-issue collection covering hundreds of golf courses. Online issues provided.

HealthWeb Nursing
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A means of organizing and enhancing access to Internet resources for the international health sciences community in order to improve the delivery of health care services.

Hoover's Online
The Reference Press, Austin, TX, US
Hoover's Online has expanded to include audio files, a special job seekers area that links to more than 400 corporate job postings sites, quick stock quotes, the capability to make online purchases from Hoover's Marketplace, and links to over 1,700 corporate Web sites.

The International Community of Submitters (Muslims)
ICS, Manchester, NH, US
Propagation of worshiping God alone, and following the Qur'an alone.

International Nonsuch Association's Homepage
Atlantic Systems Group, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Offers information on Nonsuch class sailboats, the International Nonsuch Association, as well as interesting links to other sailing-related sights.

Internet Radio Hawai`i
Robert Abbett, Kailua, HI, US
Hawaii's first and only made-for-Internet radio programming filled with Hawaiian music programs, daily news, sports and commentary. Internet Radio Hawaii serves up RealAudio.

Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children
Louisville, KY, US
A nonprofit organization to help children who have been abused, neglected, or suffer through some other family crisis.

LA Info Online
Mary Smith Associates, P.C., Quincy, MA, US
A directory for architects, engineers, and landscape architects looking for landscape construction information from manufacturers.

Midwest Book Review
Oregon, WI, US
Publishes book reviews, fiction and nonfiction for all ages and in all subjects, in the form of library newsletters, and has made them available on its Web site as Internet Bookwatch and Children's Bookwatch.

The Militia Watchdog
Columbus, OH, US
The Militia Watchdog monitors the right-wing militia movement.

National Golfers Association
Owings Mills, MD, US
Hosts over 1,600 participating golf courses across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Members enjoy discounted green fees, driving ranges, pro shops, golf lessons, and more.

cytec, Parklands, Gauteng, South Africa
Investigates and reports on a regular basis on the various aspects, dimensions, directions and paradigms of the emerging digital revolution via the Internet.

Phi Iota Alpha National Home Page
Oswego, NY, US
The national home page of the oldest Latino fraternity dedicated to the empowerment of the Latino community. Also dedicated to provide intensive social and cultural activities geared toward the promotion of Latin American culture.

20/20 Software, Incorporated, Falls Church, VA, US
Virtual reprographic, printing, plotting, copy shop, and home to PowerPLOT software for AutoCAD. Download free printing software and online software test drives.

Real-Time Memory Garbage Collection and Programming Language Support
Iowa State Univ. Center for Advanced Technology Development, Ames, IA, US
Find real-time Java standardization and implementation techniques.

REMC 14 Regional Educational Media Center
Genesee Intermediate School District, Flint, MI, US
Services K-12 schools in Genesee, Lapeer, and Shiawassee counties in Michigan with a circulating library, workshops, and much more.

S p l i t
Split Publications, West Los Angeles, CA, US
Whet your wanderlust with S p l i t, an opportunity to get away from it all.

Sacramento Professional Network
Sacramento, CA, US
A self-help club made up of professionals experienced in many disciplines. SPN is a chapter of Experience Unlimited and is sponsored by the Calif. State Employment Development Department (EDD).

Seric's Room
Reus, Tarragona, Spain
One of the biggest Spanish Internet servers with a rich array of information and services.

Smashing Pumpkins Online Fanzine
New York, NY, US
Find out all about the Smashing Pumpkins. Includes biographies, discography, articles, review, images, lyrics, links, and more.

Special Places
Issaquah, WA, US
A travel guide to places to stay, dine, and enjoy.

Spelling and Reading with Riggs
The Riggs Institute and Riggs Institute Press, Beaverton, OR, US
Multi-sensory, direct instruction in phonetics, spelling, reading, and more.

Taming Wild Mushrooms
Midland, MI, US
An amateur mycology site that features information on hunting, identifying, and eating wild mushrooms. Book reviews, pictures, and links to other sites are included.

Urumuchi-China & Nepal
Jiro Narikawa, Kyoto, Japan
Enjoy the adventures of a traveler to China and Nepal. Interesting photos and commentary.

OnPro Development Corp., Bedford, MA, US
A feature-rich application for managing the process of posting Web sites to Internet announcement sites, search engines, guides, and directories.

Wiener Festwochen
Markus Schranz, Vienna, Austria
Check out the program to music and theater productions, concerts, readings, and exhibitions at the greatest cultural event in spring in Vienna

The WonderWise Parent
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US
Take a virtual course on child guidance for parents, visit the reflecting pool to think about your child, and chuckle with the good humor page.

Tuesday, 20 February 1996

Alan's Climbing Page
Boulder, CO, US
An extensive resource for rock climbers on the Internet.

ALS Magazine
Bob Perron, Topeka, KS, US
A resourse for those who have ALS and their families. Great links on the subject are also included.

American Mobile Therapists
Live Software, San Diego, CA, US
A national leader in providing allied health professionals - physical and occupational therapists and speecch and language pathologists - on contract travel assignments.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Only a surfer knows the feeling.

riverText, Portland, OR, US
Each week Thoreau describes nature's current season. Other topics include adventures in hiking, Simone Weil, gnomes and the Holy Grail.

Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research
Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Formed to capitalize on the substantial postharvest and refrigeration research capability at this university. Find out about facilities, program areas, and research.

CETYS Universidad
San Diego, CA, US
Information on a private university in Tijuana, Mexico, specializing in the areas of business, engineering, and The Humanities.

The Complete Conflict Compendium
Quill Services Ltd., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A Web database of Macintosh software, and extension conflicts and their solutions.

N.C. Industrial Commission, Raleigh, NC, US
Home page of the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Information on workers' compensation, workplace safety, and legal decisions is provided.

Daughters of Earth
Seattle, WA, US
A group dedicated to exploring the "Feminine Principle" and its important role in the history of humankind.

David Hunter's HCV Information Page
Software Tool and Die, Boston, MA, US
Find pointers to type C hepatitis information plus a brief introduction/tutorial on IRC for people with hepatitis.

Department of Food Science
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, US
Includes resources on food safety, manufacturing, and nutrition, as well as information on undergraduate and graduate programs and current research.

Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland
A bi-monthly magazine published in the Italian-speaking Swiss canton of Ticino. It is a satyrical, somewhat leftist magazine.

From Primitives To Zen
Jonathan David Walz, Chicago, IL, US
A comprehensive guide to the history of religions. A work that has great importance in confronting the religious lives of ancient and non-Western people.

The Fuji Cigar Page
Fuji Publishing Group, Tacoma, WA, US
The number one cigar page on the planet, period.

Gamma Game Reviews
Kyber Systems, Berkeley, CA, US
Check out this site full of PC and Macintosh game information, and the chance to vote and tell everyone your two-cents.

General Motors
Cupertino, CA, US
A host of the latest Web technologies provides an engaging overview and a seamless route to divisional car and truck product line information, as well as other services offered by GM.

The Giant Hatpin Collection
Bob Hemsath, Fletcher, NC, US
Check out this mammoth collection of hatpins from around the world.

Heinemann - Educational Resources for High School Students
Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A range of Internet materials for high school students and their teachers. Included are science online, subject guides, and hot topics.

High Altitude Flight
High Alttiude Radiation Monitoring Service, Arlington, VT, US
Health News for aviation professionals, including pilots, flight attendants, aviation management and aero-medical professionals.

Humanist Association of Canada
Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
Information about a group dedicated to the betterment of society through the use of reason and ethics from a non-religious viewpoint.

Internet Marketing Report
MBS Program, North York, Ontario, Canada
Profiles free and affordable places to market one's products and services on the Internet.

Jazz Banjo Book
John Lawless, Roanoke, VA, US
A first-rate introduction to jazz harmony and improvisation for the 5-string banjo.

Joe's Big Hunka' Elvis Impersonators Page
Barboursville, WV, US
Elvis impersonators and fans unite. Become an Elvis penpal, and check out a few King-related items online.

The Living Reef Real-time Theatres
Quantum Leap Technologies, Coral Gables, FL, US
Check out real-time movies of living corals along with multi-part GIF animations from a RAM server.

Ms. Dixie Enterprises
Roswell, GA, US
A shopping store for golf and sports related products from America's top companies.

Reston, VA, US
A U.S. trade association representing companies which manufacture and distribute equipment, systems, supplies, software and services used in printing, publishing and graphic communications.

Old Maps of Towns in New England & N.Y.
Historical Ink, Phillipston, MA, US
Old maps of towns in New England and New York, along with genealogical/historical information.

The Online DC-3 Aviation Museum
Ed Hake, Corvallis, OR, US
A site dedicated to honoring the Douglas DC-3, an airplane that first flew over 60 years ago.

Richmond, CA, US
A source for orchid conservation information as well as general where to, how to, and other orchid questions.

Oregon Special Olympics
Oregon Special Olympics, Portland, Oregon, US
Offers information about year-round activities, including competitions and fundraising.

Four Winds Nutrition Club, Winter Park, FL, US
Find some natural answers to the many health-related problems of children. Antibiotics are not always the answer.

Photorealism of Vladimir Sevcik
Edmonotn, Alberta, Canada
Review the paintings and find out more about photorealism, the artist, and upcoming exhibits.

Physics and Astronomy Department
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, US
Find out about research and teaching in physics and astronomy at this college.

The Practical Guide to Announcing Your World Wide Web Page
The Practical Professor Incorporated, Miami, FL, US
This free site contains the information and links needed to publicize a page.

Sager-Bell's Netscape Tech-Demo
Louisville, KY, US
Demo great Java, JavaScript, Acrobat, Shockwave, RealAudio, VDO Live video, and VRML sites from this one page.

Steve Wilson, Grand Junction, CO, US
Related information on UFO's, extraterrestrials, and paranormal events, along with the best UFO pictures on the web.

Snowmobile Trail Conditions
Garson, Ontario, Canada
Listings of snowmobile trail conditions across Canada and the U.S.

Soccer -- The International Soccer Cybertour
San Diego, CA, US
Soccer made fun for the Web. Perform database searches for worldwide soccer Web sites, make soccer penpals, and link up with newsgroups.

The Student Financial Aid Crisis in America!
National Association of Graduate & Professional Students, Wilmette, IL, US
The Web page organized around defeating the government crackdown upon financial aid.

The Unofficial EOS Home Page
Ow Eng Tiong, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A general guide to Canon's EOS camera line.

Sarasota, FL, US
The nation's first radio program devoted exclusively to the Web. Topics include new technologies, Web news and events, and browser updates.

World of Romance
Casablanca Press, Weymouth, MA, US
The 1001 Ways to Be Romantic Book Series home page. Find the entire book series online, newsletters, and the most extensive list of romance links on the Web.

Worlds Fastest Talker
Steve Woodmore, Orpington, Kent, England
Hear this motormouth strut his stuff.

Wednesday, 21 February 1996

About Scotland
Weblink Limited, Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland
A guide to everything about Scotland. Information on accommodations, attractions, businesses, crafts, and Scottish regions. A warm Scottish welcome awaits.

Activelifestyle's Zermatt Site
BFP Publishing Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Information on hotels, restaurants, and what-to-do at this popular resort, along with a few money-saving ski ideas.

The Authors Registry
New York, NY, US
Provides an extensive contact-directory of authors, a royalty collection and distribution service, and non-exclusive licensing of author-controlled rights.

Camp Tarawa Home Page
Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Kamuela, HI, US
Celebrates the cooperation of the Second and Fifth Marine Divisions in Waimea, Hawaii, during World War II.

Camp Voyageur
Ely, MN, US
Find out about this summer camp on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness featuring camping, canoeing, fishing, and sports.

China Terror
Will Campbell, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Excerpts and information about the science fiction novel. Includes a glossary and related links.

Cultures of the Andes
Peruvian Wonders, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Includes Quechua language resources, music, poems, and stories of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chile.

Digital Chicago
Arlington Heights, IL, US
"The Resource for Chicagoland's Creative Community," covering computers, publishing, the Internet, and multimedia.

DiveMall International
Williamsburg, VA, US
Find global diving and marine products, services, and information.

Miami, FL, US
The premiere magazine of Latin rock and alternative music, providing readers with interviews and articles from these scenes.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
New York, NY, US
Contains economic research publications, educational publications about money and banking, economic statistics, and information on treasury securities, including savings bonds.

HeartFire Communications, Omaha, NE, US
A comprehensive, controversial look at the modern practice of firewalking, including amazing photos, articles, and excerpts.

Future Leaders of America
Berkeley, CA, US
A dynamic organization that serves Latino and Latina youth in the community.

GalaxyGuide CD-ROM
Parallax MultiMedia, Inc., Auburn, CA, US
A multimedia exploration of astronomy and the night sky. Site features a constellation of the month with accurate star maps, space photos, and clear text.

Genealogical Research in Eastern Slovakia
It's All Relative, Florissant, MO, US
Offers tools, resources, and information to help users search their Slovak or Carpatho-Rusyn family history and ancestry.

Handbook of California Civil Procedure
Stratton Press, San Francisco, CA, US
The first chapter of a work in progress, covering the whole subject of California civil procedure, from the filing of a lawsuit through the enforcement of a judgment following an appeal.

Happy Capitalist Productions
New York, NY, US
Better than mom's CD-ROMs. A thoroughly amusing and informative site for hemp and marijuana lovers.

Home Alive
Seattle, WA, US
A nonprofit collective of performance and visual artists dedicated to offering a wide array of free and affordable self-defense classes and workshops.

Int'l Generic Horse Association/HorseAid
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, US
The world's largest "all-breeds" registry and America's most prolific horse rescue/welfare group.

Irish Impressionists
Palos Verdes Est., CA, US
A Web site dedicated to Irish impressionist artists like Osborne, Leech, Moynan, O'Conor, Hone, O'Meara, and O'Kelly.

Max Creek
Blue Moon Internet Design, Noank, CT, US
The home page for this band has cool graphics and an active message board.

MECA - Museum of Ephemeral Cultural Artifacts
Edge of Chaos, Fairfield, CT, US
A cybergallery of transient art and artifacts. Current exhibits feature Wall Art, Robots, and Pinball Art.

My Garden
Tom H. Robb, Houston, TX, US
Links to gardening, horticultural, and botanical sites worldwide.

New York State Democratic Party
Riverhead, NY, US
Contains the photo and biography of every elected Democrat in the state, latest polls and news, and dozens of links to other political sites.

Oregon Brewers Guild
Portland, OR, US
Visit Oregon's microbreweries, and find out more about this beer lover's Promised Land.

Pepper Middle School
Philadelphia, PA, US
Find information about teachers and students, and even read the school newspaper.

Public Voice for Food and Health Policy
Washington, DC, US
A nonprofit consumer organization advocating a safer, healthier, and more affordable food supply for all Americans.

Reason Magazine
Los Angeles, CA, US
A monthly magazine of "free minds and free markets" which covers politics and culture from a perspective that is neither left nor right nor middle-of-the-road.

RGP'S Hunters Page
RGP IMPORTS, Perth, Australia
A page for hunters and shooters.

Russian American Business Assistance Center
Redondo Beach, CA, US
Provides a wide variety of support services to companies that are either engaged in or plan to engage in Russian-American trade, investments, or business partnerships.

The Small Business Journal magazine
Covington, KY, US
A magazine for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Topics include Finance, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Management, Taxes, and Business Ethics.

Sony Music Online Germany
Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Find information, soundclips, videos, new media, CDs, CD-ROMs, and much more.

Sports Software Home Page
Timeless Technologies, Eldon, Prince Edward Island, Canada
A comprehensive listing of sports software on the Internet, grouped by sport. Updated weekly.

The Squealer
Midwest Music Collective, Inc., St. Paul, MN, US
Check out this music/non-fiction magazine.

The Standard-Times
New Bedford, MA, US
Massachusetts' first daily newspaper on the Web.

ZX Production, Copenhagen, 1065, Denmark
Ambient, house, and techno music artists, via real audio.

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort
Norden, CA, US
Information on lodging, weather, and trail conditions from this ski resort in Lake Tahoe, California.

Symphony New Brunswick
DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton and Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Information on the Symphony's history, artistic director Nurhan Arman, and the 1995-96 Season Schedule.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
Find information on this national university of Malaysia.

Thursday, 22 February 1996

The Abaco Wild Horse Fund, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
A nonprofit organization established to help and protect the herd of wild horses slowly flourishing on Abaco Island, Bahamas.

Advertising World
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, US
The ultimate marketing communications directory.

Alzheimer's Association
Not-For-Profit, Albany, NY, US
Regional representative of national Alzheimer's Association providing education, support, and public policy services to families impacted by Alzheimer's and related diseases.

Arizona Links and Attractions
Chandler, AZ, US
A Southwestern look at the many things to see and do in the State of Arizona.

Ask Doctor Love
LinkAmerica Communications, New York, NY, US
Advice on all matters of the heart.

Rock Online Inc., Springfield, NJ, US
Information, pictures, lyrics, and a discography of Belladonna, the new band of former Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna.

Austin, TX, US
Photos and stories about the life of a drunken outlaw oaf of a man named Bryce.

California Intercultural Exchange Program (CIEP)
Al Buki, El Cajon, CA, US
Provides services and English language education (ESL) to high school-age students and young adults visiting the U.S.

CD Archive
Norwell, MA, US
The premier source of information, products, and services for CD-recordable technology.

ReZun Interactive Concepts, Inc., Dunn Loring, VA, US
A marketplace of information and services that brings students and parents together with universities and colleges. Visitors may take virtual tours of colleges and much more.

Country Standard Time
Jeffrey B. Remz, Newton Centre, MA, US
A country music Webzine that includes stories about national artists, CD reviews, news, hot links, editorials, columns, and book reviews.

Dallas/Fortworth SportsNet
Dallas, TX, US
Offers all the news from the nation's hottest sports markets. Covers Texas professional and college teams and players.

The Delicate Art of the Rifle
Durham, NC, US
A surreal action-adventure film loosely based on the Charles Whitman shootings in Austin, Texas, in 1966.

Berkeley, CA, US
Striving to be the horse resource of the Web, from stallion videos to breeding farm and registry information.

Executive Bedtime Stories
3W ONLINE, Geneva, Switzerland
Thirty-one short story satires on corporate life, with a new chapter each month.

Student Services, Inc., North Chicago, IL, US
The Internet's first and only free scholarship search service, offering students a tailored search of over 180,000 scholarships, grants, and loans.

Fort Wayne's Home on the Web
Web City Express, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN, US
A comprehensive guide to this city in Indiana.

Fritz Institute of Global Logistics
San Francisco, CA, US
A nonprofit educational center dedicated to the enhancement of professionalism in the field of global logistics management.

The Groovin' Drug Server
University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
Information on various psychedelic drugs.

Half a Page
V. B. Brookshaw, San Francisco, CA, US
Part of your balanced breakfast -- a fresh essay every week.

Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, US
The place to start in looking for medical information. Includes pointers to many lists of hot links on dozens of diseases.

Home Recording Rights Coalition
Washington, DC, US
The issues are digital video recording and the Information Superhighway. Keep up with the fight to protect consumers' rights at the HRRC home page.

Horticultural Net
E.C. Gegier, Inc., Harleysville, PA, US
Resources for growers, nursery operators, and manufacturers, distributors, and consumers of horticultural products.

selfdestructionworks, Gresham, OR, US
A band that plays beer-friendly post punk.

The Independent Film Workshop
London, England
Provides support, advice, information, and training for independent filmmakers (directors, producers, writers,) of low-budget feature films, especially in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Index of Worldwide University Homepages
Reed Industries, St. Louis, MO, US
A comprehensive listing of universities throughout the world, from Europe to Africa.

The Insurance Agents Yellow Pages
InsLink, Hudson, WI, US
Quickly find insurance agents by geographical location.

Azur, Israel
An Israeli site for business, news, connections, information, and much more.

The Internet Lawyer
GoAhead Productions, Gainesville, FL, US
A monthly newsletter focusing on the practical use of the Internet by the legal industry.

Internet Research Partners
Riverside, CA, US
A collection of all manner of academic papers (college level and above), available to download for a nominal charge, most of which is returned to the paper author.

IPC's Travelbase Guide to Cocoa Beach
Boca Raton, FL, US
A comprehensive guide to Cocoa Beach, Florida, including information on hotels, restaurants, and various attractions.

JCI Technologies, Inc., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A service linking employers to Canadian job seekers.

A LawLinks: The Internet Legal Resource Center
Internet Solutions, Inc., Coral Springs, FL, US
For lawyers and consumers alike with support services, research, and other information.

Lawyers Weekly, Inc.
Boston, MA, US
Get hot legal news and headlines from Lawyers Weekly -- the newspaper over 125,000 lawyers depend on every week for news that affects every person and every business across the country.

Managing Your Diabetes
Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN, US
Provides diabetes information and services for individuals in the U.S.

Messages from Heaven
Richmond, VA, US
Menu-driven, multipage graphic and text discussion/description of Mary's messages, miracles, and appearances.

Motorists Safety Information Bureau
Doug Kennedy, Deerfield Beach, FL, US
Dedicated to educating the motoring public and media about potential threats of crime while traveling and what they can do to avoid victimization.

Movie Reviews UK
Damian Cannon, Birmingham, England
An archive of film criticism with a British slant. New reviews are added weekly and submissions are welcomed.

NeWo: First step to the New World
Stephen Lim, New York, NY, US
Browse a links collection of Web sites on business, finance, investments, news, fashion, entertainment, games, health and medicine, magazines, food and cooking, sports, travel, weather, children, computers, and more.

News from Brazil
Los Angeles, CA, US
A magazine dealing with the politics, economy, culture, music, and ecology of Brazil.

OK Direct
Oklahoma City, OK, US
A list of Oklahoma businesses and attractions.

Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery Associates
Lee Brown, Boca Raton, FL, US
Ongoing research and published works in the area of orthopaedic and spine surgery advances with great links to other orthopaedic and spine sites.

Panoramic Photography
Stefan Tarzan, Los Angeles, CA, US
A page of original panoramic landscape photography, with links and information on panoramic imaging.

Polymer Clay Central
Arlene Thayer, Tuscon, AZ, US
A gathering place for polymer clay artists. Read the FAQs about polymer clay; with full instructions and illustrations. The information place for the National Polymer Clay Guild.

Power Computing Technical Manuals
Power Computing Ltd., Dublin, Ireland
A growing library of technical documentation, covering subjects like Windows NT, Visual Basic, Programming in MS Access, MS Excel and Lotus Notes, UNIX, and Ventura Publisher.

The Recreational Therapy Home Page
Asheville, North Carolina, US
An indexed guide to recreational therapy, the practice of employing activities to treat or maintain the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of patients.

The Rocky Mountain Virtual City
MDM InterNet Services, Denver, CO, US
A virtual city, with real-time audio, shopping, and information.

Russia Navigator
Bodo, Morkved, Norway
An index of Russia-related sites.

Software School, Inc.
Union, NJ, US
Provides training and cool tips in graphics, business, and Internet classes.

Super Science
Portola Valley, CA, US
Designed to encourage kids, teachers, and parents to do science experiments. Includes information on science fair projects, online experiments, and information on new ideas, experiments, and contests.

Tallahassee Democrat Online
Tallahassee, FL, US
A daily Knight-Ridder newspaper out of Northern Florida has joined the Cyberspace race, offering online news, advertising, and Internet access.

Tarragona, Spain
The first and only free-net in Spain. In Spanish.

The Ultimate Restaurant Directory
Orb Weavers, Inc., Boston, MA, US
An international directory of restaurants and restaurant guides. Search by type of food, zip, city, country, and state.

Friday, 23 February 1996

21st Century Magazine
Gordon & Breach, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
In this edition, 21C considers some of the contemporary visions of millennial fears and obsessions.

3D Image of Coaxial Ethernet Cable
Teldor Wires and Cables, Kibbutz Ein Dor, D.N. Yezreel, Israel
The first-ever three dimensional model of coaxial cable on the Web. Requires Netscape 2.0 and a VRML viewer.

Alt.Disc Compact Discs
New York, NY, US
A fun place to shop for import and domestic indie and alternative CDs.

Arizona's RealSearch® WebSite
SouthEast Valley Regional Assoc. of Realtors, Mesa, AZ, US
Arizona's best site for real estate. Search through more than 1,800 properties in the Phoenix metro area using multiple search criteria.

Bad Beer O' Th' Month
Mitch Lavender, Fort Worth, TX, US
Don't get suckered into buying nasty suds; visit this site and get the real lowdown.

Be Afraid..Be Very Afraid
Lockwood, Victoria, Australia
The best creepy home page on the Web, with a Dead People page, a Squashed Bug Zoo, a virtual Pet Cemetery, and the Cabinet of Dr. Casey. Hosted by Mouse, an eleven-year-old.

BLUEgrass Runners
Lexington, KY, US
A nonprofit running club organized around safety and promoting excellence for runners and walkers of all levels and abilities in the Bluegrass area of Central Kentucky.

Bodega Bay
Pensee Corporation, Bodega Bay, CA, US
A great source of information on the Bodega Bay area. Content areas include Features, Discover, Community, People, and Business.

CMJ Online
Great Neck, NY, US
From the publisher of CMJ New Music Report and CMJ New Music Monthly, CMJ Online is specifically tailored to the musical needs and desires of the music consumer and the music business professional.

Collected Poems of Alan Harris
Alan Harris, Montgomery, IL, US
Some 200 poems explore the joy and eerieness of looking inward.

ComFind Global Business Directory
Focused Presence, Winnetka, CA, US
Specializing in searches for business products and services by category and geographic location. Millions of worldwide listings and thousands of business links.

ComputerWare's Macintosh Links Page
Sunnyvale, CA, US
One of the largest collections of Mac-related Internet links available anywhere on the Web.

Cool Biz
Livonia, MI, US
A Web zine and directory serving the metro Detroit area. Rich site with lots of links and information.

Core Dump online
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
The online magazine for the Scarborough Computer Science Association.

Department of History
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, US
Includes practical information about the programs, little known historical facts, and the various and diverse personalities of the faculty.

Digital Lagoon
Digital Lagoon Ltd., Lenexa, KS, US
Produces high quality video, interactive multimedia titles, and Internet products.

Direct Marketing World
Mainsail Marketing Information, Inc., Berkeley, CA, US
Compendium of direct marketing information. Visit for information on mailing lists, list managers, list brokers, ad agencies, mail houses, consultants, and other direct marketing services.

Emergency Response Notification System
US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, US
ERNS is a computer database used to store information on notifications of oil discharges and hazardous substances releases.

The Hollywood Reporter
Todd Hittle, Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides an exclusive look at the next day's headlines and news briefs prior to press time, highlighting breaking film, television, music and other entertainment industry news.

The Hot and Spicy Cooking Home Page
Carey Starzinger, Salem, OR, US
Contains recipes for BBQ sauces, other sauces, marinades, dry rubs, herb gravies, sausages, super burgers, and more.

IM'96: The 7th Conference & Expo on Interactive Marketing
Interactive Marketing Communications, Capistrano Beach, CA, US
Focuses on the changing role of advertising/marketing in interactive media. Held 15-18 April 1996 in New York City. Get more information and a free pass.

Images by Brent Reed
Reed Creative Photography, St. Louis, MO, US
Contains six galleries of stock photographs.

Imelda's Dr. Suess Page!!
TAMUCC, New York, NY, US
The original Dr. Seuss home page on the Internet, complete with images, book lists, humor, a biography, and reviews.

Isle Royale National Park
Scott Howard, Denver, CO, US
Information concerning natural history, recreational activities, and access for the largest island in the Great Lakes.

Keep California Beautiful
Sacramento, CA, US
Volunteer to help clean-up California's public lands and participate in environmental education activities. April 1996 is Keep California Beautiful Month.

Kinowelt Filmverleih, Munich, Germany
Information about new independent film productions; in German.

Marcon: The Midwest's Premiere Science Fiction Convention
Columbus, OH, US
To be held 3-5 May 1996. Participants include Industrial Light and Magic, Katherine Kurtz, Babylon 5, and more.

Troy S. Meyers, Seattle, WA, US
Gateway links to films, film festivals, studios, Hollywood, and more.

Mountain View Elementary School
Broomfield, CO, US
An evolving public school Web site with school, district, and class information as well as other educational links.

Mozilla Preservation Society
CyberSwet, Chandler, AZ, USA
A club interested in preserving the legacy of Netscape's Mozilla.

Johnson Technologies, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
Shareware that automatically downloads and displays 15-minute-delayed stock quotes from the Internet, without using a browser.

The Northeast Florida AIDS Network, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL, US
A case management agency for HIV/AIDS infected individuals in North Florida.

Notes From Underground
Rocket Science Rag(a), Salt Lake City, UT, US
A free, carnivalesque online zine, Notes From Underground reviews trashy garage bands; promotes bugs, rockets, and bowling; publishes bizarre fiction and poetry; and has raunchy opinions.

Ohio Bus Sales Specialty Vehicles, Inc.
Canton, OH, US
A complete design and build facility for special-purpose vehicles for a wide variety of applications such as bloodmobiles, bookmobiles, classrooms, health or dental clinics, and police command centers.

Pacific Grove Unified School District
Pacific Grove, CA, US
Monterey, California, area public school with job postings and good links to area and educational sites.

Panoramic Photography by Stefan Tarzan
Los Angeles, CA, US
Explore the panoramic photography of the Western U.S. and Canada.

Parnell Hall's Mystery Page
Mysterious Press, New York, NY, US
Features Mysterious Press author, Parnell Hall.

San Angelo, Texas, US
Learn to play the piano, live on the Internet.

Pickup Lines
Pt. Washington, NY, US
Features the Random Pickup Line Generator and allows users to enter their own favorite lines.

Planet MARS
ITTI, Bryan, TX, US
For anyone that believes that private enterprise can and will lead government to Mars, hop aboard.

Power Design, Inc.
Wayne, PA, US
A graphic design firm that gives the poop on Web and design issues by providing articles and examples.

Preaching On-Line
Preaching Resources, Louisville, KY, US
The online version of Preaching Magazine.

Reptiles by Mack
John Mack, Beavercreek, OH, US
Professional breeders of Womas, Spotted Pythons, Green Tree Pythons, Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Dumerils Boas, Emerald Tree Boas, Corn Snakes, and Gray Banded King Snakes. Also provides links to other reptile sites.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Reviews
Washington, DC, US
Science fiction and fantasy book reviews (with thematic reviews).

Southwest Virginia Mountain Rescue
Blacksburg, VA, US
A group of dedicated individuals who specialize in search management, wilderness medical, and technical and semi-technical rescue.

The Ten Hands Web Site
Cedar Hill, TX, US
The unofficial Ten Hands Web page. Has a complete discography, lyrics, pictures, and a list of upcoming shows from this Dallas/Denton, Texas, band.

Trout Fishing In America
Dittlebug, Austin, TX, US
Information about this Arkansas-based duo who perform "acid vaudeville." Check out the current newsletter and event schedule.

UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista
Sao Paulo State University, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil
Provides information about courses, research, projects, and staff at UNESP (Sao Paulo State University). UNESP is a multi-campus public university in Brazil.

University of Washington Fish Collection
Seattle, WA, US
A science and educational resource for fish biologists and the public. Features online museum specimen databases, visitor information, and the Fish of the Month.

Void Photo Archive
Reed Industries, St. Louis, MO, US
This is an archive of photographs. Contains images, pictures, photos of such things as scenery, people, and more. Well organized and interestingly designed to entertain and to enjoy.

What's on in Brazil
Ida Huyse, Carcavelos, Portugal
Everything that happens in today's Brazil -- from TV to real estate, from hotels to travel agencies.

Women's Campaign School at Yale
Westport, CT, US
Provides information for women in electoral politics as well as great links for political women.

World Nap Organization
Amy Bellinger, Bloomington, IN, US
If you cherish naps but feel guilty about taking them, join the club.

Monday, 26 February 1996

The Arcticman
Jerry Riley, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Includes the Arctic Portfolio -- photographs of the Canadian Arctic. Find portraits of Inuit artist and elders, many with translated quotes, and landscape photos of Canada's north.

Global Net Designs, Mountain View, CA, US
An international resource for legal information. Includes a searchable directory of attorneys, an extensive list of legal links, and a forum for interacting directly with practicing attorneys.

Blackstone & Coke's Resources for Book Collectors
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Resources for book collectors are now available online and include links to valuable research sites.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics
Washington, DC, US
A comprehensive collection of statistics about U.S. crime, victims, criminals, courts, police, jails, and prisons.

Clean Desert Water Coalition
Rialto, CA, US
A coalition opposing WMX Technologies' Rail Cycle trash dump.

The Clip Art Connection
Eric H. Force, Atlantic City, NJ, US
A massive collection of clip art and clipart resources and links for every occassion.

The Contractor Network
Mary McClatchy, Bryn Mawr, PA, US
A referral service for home owners or commercial property owners. Includes tips, articles, and lists.

Copenhagen Now
Copenhagen, Denmark
A guide to Copenhagen hotels, restaurants, music, theatres, sights, bars, cafes, and more in Copenhagen.

Cow's Eye Dissection
The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, US
An illustrated and comprehensive 14-step guide to dissecting a cow's eye, with RealAudio elaborations. Designed to assist science teachers and other enthusiasts.

Costa Mesa, CA, US
A one-stop resource and zine providing information on and for pet fanciers, exhibitors, and breeders.

Diners' Grapevine
Rye, NY, US
The premier online restaurant guide, with over 6,000 restaurants listed worldwide. See menus, photos, reviews, maps, and more.

European Political Parties
Waregem, Belgium
A huge list of direct links to all official European political parties sites.

The Flying-Fatman Archives
Ricardo Nassif, Cambridge, MA, US
Archives of the moderated mailing-list dealing with techie folklore, amusing events (fact or fantasy), and even plain jokes. Compiled by the moderator.

Fraser Valley West Reform Constituency
Eric Hunken, Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada
Here you will find information about what is happening in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, and who is working to make a better Canada.

Gardenmart: Online gardener's resources
L&L Nursery Supply, Inc., Chino, CA, US
A searchable directory of lawn and garden retailers, lawn and garden manufacturers, and online gardeners. Links to other lawn and garden sites are also included.

The Greek Hotel Net-Web
Web Hotel, Athens, Greece
A guide to Greek hotels and tourist enterprises.

Hong Kong Doomsday Clock
Glen L. Roberts, Oil City, PA, US
A countdown to the end of Hong Kong, as one of the most free market countries in the world gets eaten by Communist China.

Indecent Images
Alchemy Mindworks Inc., Beeton, Ontario, Canada
A gallery of pre-Raphaelite paintings which the CDA would arguably prohibit online.

International Colored Gemstone Association
New York, NY, US
A complete gem information resource including history, lore, shopping tips, and the latest market news.

Irvine Health Foundation
Irvine, CA, US
Supports educational, research, and service activities related to health care. Focus includes AIDS, seniors, and youth.

GEM, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
Thousands of free employment listings in a searchable database.

Mercer County Pennsylvania
Mercer County Free-Net Association, Sharon, PA, US
Provides local information for and about Mercer County, Pennsylvania -- everything from businesses, clubs, profiles, and calendar to education, health, tourism, weather, and more.

The New Funk Times
Funkateers International, Hamburg, Germany
Contains information, cartoons, interviews, and links related to the music of P. Funk, Parliament, Funkadelic, George Clinton, and associated artists.

New Lifestyles
Dallas, TX, US
The complete guide for senior living, including nursing centers, retirement communities, and residential care facilities, in Orange County and surrounding counties in Southern California.

Physicians' Home Page
Norwood, MA, US
A convenient way for physicians to get relevant, authoritative, and up-to-date answers to a wealth of questions faced during the practice of medicine.

Practically Perfect Parenting for Preschoolers
New York, NY, US
A book for parents about bringing up children, written by Kathleen Hofland Muller. Sample chapters dealing with Sibling Rivalry, How to Get Mad at Your Children, and more, are included.

Riddle du Jour
George Schmidt, Mercer Island, WA, US
A daily dose of entertainment, fun, mental challenge, and free prizes. New features are added all the time.

The Roommate Assistant
Virtualscape, Inc., New York, NY, US
A free alternative to 3-line newspaper ads, awkward phone calls, and useless visits to pricey roommate service companies.

SABER Comics Online
Austin, TX, US
This site has a free online comic book series, The AR-MEN, and comic strip, Joe's Generic Strip. More will soon follow; updated frequently.

The San Diego Zoo
Bien Logic, La Jolla, CA, US
Offers visitor information on tours, animal collections, exhibits and conservation programs at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park as well as research projects at the The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species.

Scarface Home Page
J Geoff Malta, Toms River, NJ, US
Make way for the bad guy. Includes trivia, sound files, and pictures from the 1983 film.

The Shroud of Turin
Barrie M. Schwortz, Los Angeles, CA, US
Hosted by a member of the team that performed the first detailed scientific examination of the shroud in 1978. Examine over 90 photographs and get the latest research news.

centrum verden a/s, Copenhagen, Denmark
Online radio in RealAudio, with a playlist of ambient, house, and techno, from Icelandic artists.

Therapeutic Recreation Directory
compuTR, Morgantown, WV, US
Features a TR newsletter, bulletin board, job listing, activity ideas, network information, and links to other recreation therapy sites on the Internet.

Top 10 bars Helsinki
uiah, Helsinki, Finland
A virtual tour of the coolest bars in Helsinki.

Unigate Dairies
Aldershot, Hampshire, UK
The leading processor and distributor of fresh milk throughout Southern England and South Wales. The site includes health tips and a recipe book.

University of Minnesota YMCA
Minneapolis, MN, US
No gym, no pool... but 108 years of leadership, service, and learning.

upSTART Magazine
upSTART Magazine, San Francisco, CA, US
A guide to the ideas, predictions and people of today's startup companies.

Virginia Wine Country
Metronetics, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, US
An online resource for Virginia wine information which covers wineries, restaurants, Wine Country tours, events, lodging, and more.

What's on in Europe
Ida Huyse, Carcavelos, Portugal
Everything that happens in today's Europe -- from TV to real estate, from hotels to travel agencies.

World of Multiple Sclerosis
International Federation of MS Societies, London, England
A validated information resource on all aspects of multiple sclerosis. It is primarily designed for those affected by MS (persons with MS, family, and carers).

YES Mag: Canada's Science Magazine For Kids
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Dedicated to makings science interesting, accesible, and fun. Check out the projects, brain bumpers, science and technology news, and more.

Tuesday, 27 February 1996

Five Megs and a Mac, New York, NY, US
A shockwave version of Pong, with a twist.

Aardvark's Archive Of General Musical Interest
Jay Schankman, St. Louis, MO, US
A complete resource guide to music on the web. Contains thousands of links to sites relating to artists, bands, record labels, worldwide events, and music related services.

Andy's Internet KulturKalender fur Luzern
Luzern, Switzerland
The ultimate calendar of events for Lucerne day by day, including several international music festivals. In German.

Archdiocese of Chicago's Official Home Page
Aquinas MultiMedia DS, Cincinnati, OH, US
A source of official news and announcements from the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Australian Rugby League Site
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Provides information about the rugby league in Australia.

Australian Wine Online
Winetitles, Marleston, Australia
Features a virtual tour of Australian wineries, news about Australian wines, and varietal and regional reports

Backpackers Guide to the Internet
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
A complete guide to resources on the Web for the budget traveler.

Bikeshops Online
Terry Burns, Gainesville, FL, US
A resource of local bicycle retailer's home pages, products, and services. Includes new cycling merchandise, events, and touring companies.

The Braintree Home Page
Braintree, MA, US
Information on people, places, and trivia of the Boston suburb.

BusinessBEAT Interactive
The Cruickshank Company, US
Online magazine that covers how to do business effectively on the Internet.

Cartoons for Teens
Randy Glasbergen, US
Randy Glasbergen, author of Attack of the Zit Monster and Other Teenage Terrors, and cartoonist for teens. Also, great links to other cartoon sites.

Closer to Free
Bradley University, Peoria, IL, US
Awesome Party of Five character information, show updates, links, and downloadable theme song.

DogByte Development
Los Angeles, CA, US
Makes software to create customized greeting cards, holiday cards, stationery, labels, and stickers. Free downloads.

Encarta Encyclopedia
Microsoft, New York, NY, US
A monthly online live interactive interview show and forum, hosted by Linda Ellerbee, with newsmaker guests.

Excerpts from Triocious
William King, Watertown, MA, US
Selected chapters from the epic journey of the first woman U.S. President.

FeNiX: About the Web
FeNiX business.communications, Mill Valley, CA, US
Witty articles on Web-related topics, posted on a frequent but irregular basis.

The Firearms Freedom Homepage
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US
Dedicated to the preservation of rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Glacier Tales
Original Images, US
Go to Glacier National Park without leaving home. Includes stories, pictures, and maps.

Historisch Museum Rotterdam
Studio De Nes, Rotterdam, Holland, The Netherlands
Visit the historical Museum Rotterdam online. In Dutch.

Horseradish Farm
Brooklin, ME, US
Monthly online essays of life in rural Maine.

Internet Explorer - Server Search
University of Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Search for one server, several servers, or all servers.

Iowa Republican Party
Des Moines, IA, US
Up-to-date information on caucus results, elected officials, and GOP events.

Kenwood Corporation
Tokyo, Japan
Find comprehensive product information, corporate data, and news of corporate activities.

Men's Internet News Exchange
London, Ontario, Canada
MINE is devoted to the preservation of men's equal rights. Contains conference transcripts, papers, and Senate bills on gender and legal topics.

Modern Japanese Studies
University of Duesseldorf, Germany
Modern Japanese studies at Duesseldorf University.

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay
St Marys, GA, US
Lots of information and pictures associated with the Navy's submarine-launched ballistic missile program.

NetTax '96
Rick Sovitzky, Milwaukee, WI, US
A free secure online tax calculator and 1040 preparation aid with IRS help and forms. Includes tons of features and even provides flat tax comparisions.

New America Coalition
Los Angeles, CA, US
The new political voice of the digital generation. The NAC supports using Information Age principles to build a "Smart America" for the 21st century.

New Mexico, Land of Hot Sun and Hotter Chile
New Mexico State University, US
A collection of useful, fun, informative New Mexico links.

New Zealand Student Placement Company
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Gives free, expert help to overseas students wanting to study in New Zealand. Will try to find students the best facility, whether it be at high school, university, or an English as second language course.

Nidra King Center
Minneapolis, MN, US
Combats inner city crime and violence.

Online Modeling Forum
Evansville, IN, US
An easy access forum for questions and answers, designed for models, photographers, model agencies and modeling schools.

Pennsylvania Internet Yellow Pages
InfoQuest Technologies Inc., Harrisburg, PA, US
Pennsylvania's premier source to find businesses with and without an Internet site. The easiest way to find almost any business in Pennsylvania.

The Quick Internet Search Page
AddairWare, Lawrenceville, GA, US
A facility for fast Internet searches and the latest on the Atlanta Summer Olympics.

Rock Records
Rock Records, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
The official site of Rock Records, one of the largest music publishing companies in Southeast Asia. In Chinese.

BAND Networking Services, Inc., Manassas, VA, US
A cyberworld of new ventures, creativity, and exploration.

Tandem Disorganization
Ironton, OH, US
A site dedicated to all who love fun and humor of any kind.

ThumbsUp! Award
Cottage Grove, MN, US
An award bestowed to sites which are created by kids or teenagers and sites for kids and teenagers. Judgement will be based on uniqueness, presentation, and content.

Wedding Wise
NewNet Services, Inc., New York, NY, US
A free, interactive wedding magazine for today's bride and groom.

The Weekly Report
Atlanta, GA, US
Articles and reviews covering music, movies, and books.

Wright Laboratory's FIGD
Control Integration & Assessment Branch, US
Simulation facility at Wright-Patterson AFB with emphasis on flight control simulation.

WWW Chemicals
Syncon, Placentia, CA, US
A searchable online catalog of fine chemicals, biochemicals, and custom synthesis, combining product catalogs of over twenty chemical companies.

Wednesday, 28 February 1996

Aviation Medicine Home Page
RAAF Edinburgh, Australia
A Web resource for those with an interest in the human side of aviation.

The Boer & Meat Goat Information Center
Rodney M. Robinson, Kerrville, TX, US
A repository of useful information regarding the production of boer and meat goats.

BusinessTech, New York, NY, US
A digital publication of ideas, analysis, and meaningful, provocative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Canes Undercover
Nadine Wooley, Portland, OR, US
Cane covers transform canes from necessity to accessory. Chat about canes issues. Share crazy cane uses and positive thoughts.

The Center for the Study of the Environment
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Established in 1992 as a private, not-for-profit organization to provide critical information, analysis and solutions to environmental problems. Includes newsletters, publications, and updates.

Chicago PsyberView
H-Tech Enterprises, Chicago, IL, US
An online guide to music, arts, and shows in the windy city.

Connected Magazine Online
Tech Connected Inc., Austin, TX, US
Not your usual computer publication. User-friendly and fun to read, without trivializing new technology.

Cryogenic Society of America, Inc.
Oak Park, IL, US
A nonprofit technical society serving all those interested in any phase of ultra-low temperatures. Both individual and corporate members are welcome.

CryptoLog: The Internet Guide To Cryptography
Applied Science Assoc., Alburtis, PA, US
An annotated collection of over 400 pointers to everything available on the Web regarding cryptography, including programs, source code, reports, and research.

The Digital Directory
New York, NY, US
A free portfolio showcase for artists to the art buying community.

ENCORE - The Off-Broadway and Resident Theatre magazine
New York, NY, US
A guide to New York's theatre scene. Find features, reviews, listings, and more.

eShop Plaza
San Mateo, CA, US
The Web's first 3D shopping world for Windows users features over $200 in electronic coupons and personalized shopping at Tower Records, Spiegel, 1-800-FLOWERS, Insight, The Good Guys, and more.

Esonet Guide to Esoteric & Spiritual Sites
Roma, Italy
Over 1000 links to esoteric, occult, spiritual, new age, UFO, paranormal, and mystic sites.

ExUSSR Nuclear Technologies and the World
Peter L. Angelo, Ph.D., Idaho Falls, ID, US
Developed to integrate Internet information about former Soviet Nuclear technology into one comprehensive site. Declassified DOE links and information on over 60 countries and topics is available.

Film and Destroy
Bridget Irish, Olympia, WA, US
A resource by, for, and about women and visual culture. Covers images, process, art, identity and representation.

Firebase Houston
Houston, TX, US
An area for military veterans of all eras to meet and share common experiences.

Health World Canada - Le monde canadien de la santé
Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A focal point for Canadian, non-profit organizations to present health information to the Canadian public.

Income Security Programs Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Income Security Branch of the Department of Human Resources Development Canada has launched a site of interest to anyone who is looking for information regarding the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security.

Ziff-Davis, Boston, MA, US
Browse news, reviews, and links to Internet software and tools from PC Magazine.

Jeff Litoff Heart Transplant Home Page
Scott J. Wilson, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Home page for the campaign to get Jeff Litoff a heart transplant.

Log Home Site
Planet 10 Productions, Woodbridge, CT, US
Information and advertising about log homes and the log home lifestyle.

The Mexico Travel Guide
Go2 Inc., Seattle, WA, US
A one-stop source for Mexico travel, including city reports, hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Seventh Wave, Los Angeles, CA, US
Information on China's premier exhibition of technology and application of Multimedia, from 23-26 April, in Beijing.

The Muse's Muse
Jodi Krangle, Toronto, Canada
A place for songwriters to connect and network on the Web. Includes songwriting contests, surveys, and more.

Music Critic
Rochester, NY, US
A new music review every week, with sound samples, pictures, and video clips.

National Environmental Supercomputing Center
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Provides High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) resources necessary to support environmental research, improved science for the development of regulations, and educational programs.

National Marfan Foundation
Port Washington, NY, US
Information about Marfan Syndrome, a potentially fatal genetic disorder of the connective tissue.

Navarro For Congress
San Diego, CA, US
Official site from the candidate that will take congress from the extreme right to give it back to the American people.

Neuroengineering Research Lab
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
Find out about computational neuroscience and education at the School of Medicine and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Ohio Republican Party Homepage
Columbus, OH, US
Up-to-date information on campaigns, elections, candidates, and more.

One Great Gambling Site
Mark Pilarski, Incline Village, NV, US
The very best gambling links on the Internet, updated weekly.

Packard Bell
Sacramento, CA, US
Contains news and information about the telecommunications giant, plus tips and tricks for Net surfers, and special cross-promotions with Prodigy.

The Prayer Room
Starbase 907, Broken Arrow, OK, US
Allows users to review the prayer requests of others and to submit a request for prayer. Includes easy instructions on becoming a Christian.

The Psychic Vacuum
BAMF, San Francisco, CA, US
Home of BrainScan, an ezine on music, recording, and the Web.

Reports Online
Houston, TX, US
Save time by checking the online Library of annual and quarterly reports before calling and asking the company for an annual report.

Sixties Project/Vietnam Generation, Inc.
Kali Tal, Woodbridge, CT, US
Resource for scholars, students, librarians and teachers interested in the Sixties. Includes bibliographies, course syllabi, primary documents, and secondary materials.

Diamond Design, Dalkeith, Ontario, Canada
The Internet's newest search engine. It's easy and free.

Spencer Tunick: Naked Pavement
Razorfish, Inc., New York, NY, US
An intimate view of the artist and his work, including a exhibition of images from his Naked Pavement series and information about the Naked States project.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides e-mail addresses for over 100 unique domain names.

iDirect, Inc, Austin, TX, US
Interactive recruitment allowing users to post jobs and screen applicants. Candidates can post resumes for free and answer qualification questions when applying for a posted job.

Worldwide Classroom
Milwaukee, WI, US
Lists 4000 educational and intercultural programs around the world which welcome international participants of all ages.

Yellow Pages, London, England
Offers the best researched and easy-to-use guide to what's on the U.K. Web.

Yosemite National Park Online
Marc B. Blake, Fresno, CA, US
Filled with anything one would want to know about Yosemite. Features maps, trail and activity information, and more.

Thursday, 29 February 1996

Agora France
Bertrand Retail, Inc., Brisbane, CA, US
The French Connection on the Internet. Buy French specialty items and visit cool sites.

Alaska Information Cache
Neptune Alaska, Wasilla, AK, US
Offers travel and regional information about Alaska. Many links to other Alaskan sites are also included.

Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
Washington, DC, US
Provides information on recycling EPS foam packaging, and helping people make sound packaging choices.

Antiques and Art Australia
Armadale, Victoria, Australia
The largest listing of antiques art and antiquarian book dealers in Australia. View by Geography or specialty.

AtPlay Ski Directory
San Francisco, CA, US
Contains information about California ski resorts, including lift prices, lodging, travel, and restaurants.

3rd Millennium, Los Angeles, U.S.
Presidential camPAIgN humor at its most shocking. Requires Shockwave and a lot of time to burn.

Candlelight Stories
Los Angeles, CA, US
Publishes illustrated children's entertainment on the Web.

The Case
Newfront Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
A very interesting and fun mystery site.

Center for Humanitarian Outreach and Inter-cultural Exchange
Carolyn Dailey, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Provides humanitarian services to third-world contries including self-sustaining rural village development.

Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz
Harrisburg, PA, US
Dedicated to the preservation of Jazz in the Central Pennsylvania area. Includes a list of monthly events.

City Wide Guide
CWG Productions, Little Canada, MN, US
A quick and easy guide to the goings on of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Covers entertainment, recreation, travel, and more.

Comics du Jour
Zone Interactive, Boulder, CO, US
The freshest daily comic strips anywhere.

Danny Hobart - Super
New York, NY, US
Art, film, and projects starring Danny Hobart.

Department of Psychiatry
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, US
Includes information on treatment programs, current research studies, and faculty at Baylor. There is also information for potential psychiatry residents.

Der Tagesspiegel
Verlag der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, Germany
Daily newspaper for those interested in Berlin, Germany's rapidly changing capital.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
McChord AFB, WA, US
Pursue a Master of Aeronautical Science Degree from one of the most advanced and comprehensive institutions of aviation and aerospace education in the world.

Essential Links to Taxes
ARTech, Portland, OR, US
An index of income tax resources on the Internet.

The eXonizer
Global Image, Inc., Columbia, MO, US
A tongue-in-cheek Web censoring program.

Fade to Black
Fade to Black, Freedonia, NJ, US
A truly original online comedy magazine, updated weekly.

Friends and Partners: US-Russia Collaborative Site
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US
Find information and communications services jointly offered by U.S. and Russian citizens to promote information exchange between individuals and organizations in both countries.

Fur Industry in America
Fur Information Council of America, Washington, DC, US
Gives the public a better understanding of the fur industry, and its commitment to the wise use and humane care of one of our most valuable resources.

Santa Monica, CA, US
Operates the 1-800-DENTIST service in the United States. Members and others now have online access to dental news, a comprehensive directory of dental-related Internet sites, suppliers, a dental bulletin board, and more.

Home Furnishing Netquarters
Conifer, CO, US
A center of information on furniture and accessories for the home.

Randi Martin, Elkins Park, PA, US
Provides links to the best Web sites for gardening, weather, news, and more. Also the home of the electronic journal, Rave Review.

Landwehrs Guide to Travel and Dining
Sheldon Landwehr, New York, NY, US
A food, restaurant, dining, and travel guide from one of New York's premiere critics.

Madison the Genius Cat
Keeler Kommunikations, San Franciso, CA, US
Ask Madison the Genius Cat anything and get some fun answers, trivia, jokes, and cool graphics. Links to other pet sites are also included.

Audio Logic Productions Inc., Seattle, WA, US
A music industry directory, offering free listings, digital audio and video, and MIDI files.

Mr. Cranky's Guide to the Academy Awards
Zone Interactive, Boulder, CO, US
Mr. Cranky would like to thank the Academy...for nothing. A hilarious guide to the Oscars from the world's surliest movie reviewer and a chance to vote for the worst picture of the year.

Pfaeffikon, Switzerland
The one and only meeting point for Swiss music on the Internet.

Persistence of Vision
Paul F. Anderson, Salt Lake City, UT, US
An unofficial historical journal celebrating the creative legacy of Walt Disney. The site contains excerpts of articles from current and previous issues and previews of articles to come.

PiXeL ViSiOn NuMeRiC ArT GaLeRy
Pixel Vision, Toulouse, France
Includes several pixelvision productions in JPEG format, plus pictures of local artists, graffiti, and more.

Clarksville, TN, US
An online interactive video gaming site, with a database of over 5000 games.

Reel Life
Hollywood, CA, US
Features complete information on current and upcoming releases from PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and discussion groups for various film genres.

R.A. Martin, Philadelphia, PA, US
A lesbian cyberbar with links to lesbian Web resources hangouts.

Sports Software Home Page
Justin MacLeod, Belfast, Canada
A comprehensive listing of all sports-related software on the Internet.

Teikyo Post University
Waterbury, CT, US
The University strives to produce world citizens who can concentrate on the fundamentals of International Business, acquire a wide range of business knowledge, and make decisions from an international perspective without prejudice.

Tennessee State University
Nashville, TN, US
The site features an online application for admissions, course schedules, searches, catalogs, phone direcories and more.

Totally Toronto!
Mythsion Communications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The definative city guide with hundreds of links to everything Toronto has to offer.

Sonoma, CA, US
Presents independent research on transcendental meditation. Features include mantras, insider stories, critical research, news archive, and more.

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