Please refer to the OFFICIAL BeppoSAX MISSION HOME PAGE at the Scientific Data Center (SDC) for updated information on the mission.
The acronym SAX stands for "Satellite per Astronomia X", italian spelling of "X-Ray Astronomy Satellite".

BeppoSAX is devoted to systematic, integrated and comprehensive studies of galactic and extragalactic X-ray sources in the energy band 0.1 - 300 keV; the observational goal to be addressed is to continue and expand upon previous spectral and timing observations of celestial sources in those areas for which the existing information is missing or inadequate and will remain uncovered in the foreseable future (you can give a look at other past, present, and future X-ray missions).

BeppoSAX successfully launched on April 30, 1996 04:31:01 GMT.
Read about the launch details!

BeppoSAX was switched off on April 30, 2002

The Mission
The BeppoSAX Mission, with a general description of the Satellite, its instruments and sub-systems

BeppoSAX Pictures
Some pictures taken at the ESTEC Test facility in Noordwijk, NL

Announcement of Opportunity (AO5) for BeppoSAX Observing Program

Hot News from the BeppoSAX mission

Technical Documentation
BeppoSAX Observer's HandBook Issue 1.0 (Jul 7, 1995)
Software for Scientific Data Reduction and Analysis
Astronomy and Astrophysics papers on instrument descriptions
LOGs of BeppoSAX observations (not official)

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