Senior researcher Giuseppe Malaguti (Pino), aged 47, has been named director of INAF-IASF Bologna. Pino has been working at IASF Bologna since he graduated in Bologna University (in 1989), with his main research activity being focussed on high energy space astrophysics. “My main objective”, Pino says, “is to maintain and increase the excellent technological and scientific research level reached by IASF-Bologna, also by continuing and expanding our collaborations with top national and international research bodies and universities”.

Former director Nazzareno Mandolesi will continue his collaboration with the institute both as Planck/LFI principal investigator and as coordinator of INAF Technology Innovation Service.

Malaguti’s appointment as IASF-BO director is for a five-year term. He has assumed his role as director on October 1st, 2010.