Eliana Palazzi

Scientists call it H-index. It has nothing to do with the maybe better-known TV reality “X-factor”, but it has nonetheless a similar purpose: ranking people’s performance. Actually, H-index is a number that attempts to measure both the productivity and impact of the published work of a scientist or scholar. And with an outstanding H-index of 42 (49 on ADS), IASF-BO researcher
Eliana Palazzi figures in the Top Italian Scientists list recently published on-line by VIA-Academy.

Eliana’s field of research is the X emission from GRB, and she humbly ascribes her high ranking mainly to her participation in huge science collaborations. «Maybe the list is not up-to-date…», she tries to play down the importance of her achievement. «There are many other scientists, at IASF-BO, with an H-index at least comparable to mine». Not only brilliant, but also modest! After all, Eliana is quite used to hitting high targets: well before the H-index ranking, she reached the top of several Himalayan peaks.