A young researcher at IASF-BO, Martino Marisaldi, is the leading author of a paper on Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs), which has just been published on Physical Review Letters. Using data from the AGILE satellite, Martino and his team have been able to provide the first precise direct localization of TGFs from space. Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes are very short bursts of high-energy photons and electrons originating in Earth’s atmosphere. Having identified the locations of these sources with unprecedented accuracy (less than 400 km) will help theorists model these emissions and clarify whether and how they are related to lightning. Martino’s paper has been chosen as the subject for the focus story on the Sept. 17th issue of Physical Review on-line, “Pinpointing Earthly Gamma Rays“.

Other IASF-BO researchers who have played a role in achieving this important result are Claudio Labanti, Fabio Fuschino, Andrea Bulgarelli, Massimo Trifoglio, Guido Di Cocco, and Fulvio Gianotti. You may want also to read the full story in Italian on Media Inaf, or to hear it directly from Martino’s voice.