Some time ago, while in the coffee room of IASF Bologna, Fabrizio Villa asked to Elisabetta Maiorano and Nicola Masetti on the possibility to make a picture of the Planck Spacecraft from the Loiano Observatory.

Last night, the dream came true! On December 9th, at 19:48:30 UT (that means 20:48:30 local time), the Planck satellite was observed and photographed by Nicola Masetti, Silvia Galleti (OABo), and Ivan Bruni (Loiano Observatory). The picture was taken with an exposure of 20 minutes using the telescope of the Loiano Observatory. The picture, taken in the R-band (close to 6500 Ångström), shows the actual path of Planck in the sky. The extimated magnitude is close to 18. The IASF-BO Planck Team thanks Nicola, Silvia and Ivan for this nice Christmas gift!