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The SORA balloon-borne experiment has been successfully launched (click on the left to see the take off) on July 1 from Longyearbyen (Svalbard Islands) by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) together with Andoya Rocket Range. Onboard there was also the new telemetry system BIT (Bi-directional Iridium Telemetry), made by INAF IASF-BO and by LEN srl. BIT has provided continuous real time telemetry and telecommand link for the Siderale experiment, realized by a national collaboration led by INAF IASF-MI. BIT has provided also the ballast management for the whole payload in additon to other services. BIT worked perfectly for the whole flight and during landing, that took place near Pond Inlet (Baffin Island, Canada) on July 4 at about 00:30 AM local time.