{mosimage} The Institute has availability of equipments and common spaces for testing and space qualification of systems to be mounted on board of stratospheric balloons and satellites.
{mosimage} Thermal vacuum cylindrical chamber with internal 2 m diameter and 2 m depth, with an operating temperature range from -70°C to 100 °C and pressure down to 1 mbar.
{mosimage} Large space, 12 m high, provided with a crane where to perform tests with suspended loads.
{mosimage} Non-magnetic external facility to test suspended loads using GPS sensor, star sensor and magnetometer to be used for balloon-borne experiments.
{mosimage} X-ray pencil with selected energy between 20-200KeV facility is available in a laboratory consisting in a large room with shielded walls and door and in a control room for remote operation. The shielding allows the use of X-ray tubes up to 500 keV energy.
{mosimage} Class 10000 Clean Room
{mosimage} In addition to these common spaces and facilities, the Institute hosts laboratories devoted to the single research groups experimental activities and a mechanical workshop with a several machine.

Mechanical workshop I

{mosimage} Mechanical workshop II
{mosimage} Physics laboratory