{mosimage}The stratospheric balloon of the SORA experiment (ASI), launched from the Svalbard on June 30, is communicating with Earth thanks to BIT, a telemetry system developed at IASF-BO, based on the Iridium satellite network. Though he had to leave Svalbard before the launch because his budget had run out, {cb_profile=Cortiglioni}Stefano Cortiglioni{/cb_profile} (the IASF-BO researcher responsible of BIT) is checking the experiment in real-time at home, through a powerful quicklook system. "Yes, I am in Castenaso, near Bologna (Italy), but I can see what’s going on up there right now», he said, «while other people from the team, based in Genoa, are even sending telecommands".

More info (in Italian) and pictures on INAF web site.