{mosimage}Handling stratospheric balloons communication with a commercial satellite constellation. That’s the ambitious target which a team of scientists and engineers, led by {cb_profile=cortiglioni}Stefano Cortiglioni{/cb_profile} of IASF-BO, has just achieved. Their prototype, called STRADIUM-LDB, provides an effective two-ways link, up to 38400 bps, with scientific balloons flying at 40 km. What makes it quite unique among the telemetry equipments for scientific balloons is that STRADIUM-LDB does not require any dedicated ground-station: it exploits the commercial satellite network IRIDIUM, the same provider used by many satellite mobile phones around the world. Thus making STRADIUM-LDB a perfect choice for balloons flying above regions, as the North and South poles, where no telemetry ground-station is available.