{mosimage}The [[INTEGRAL satellite]] is observing the whole sky in the hard X-ray range, above 20 keV. One quarter of the sources detected by INTEGRAL are of unknown nature, but the use of multiwavelegth information, and in particular of optical and near-infrared spectroscopy, allows one to determine distance and nature for these unidentified objects.

The group led by N. Masetti at IASF-Bologna, thanks to the use of several telescopes around the world, is performing this identification work since year 2004. Now, to keep the scientific community continuously updated on these new identifications, the main information about these sources is
regularly collected and presented in the form of a web page by {cb_profile=masetti}N. Masetti{/cb_profile} and {cb_profile=milena}M. Schiavone{/cb_profile} of IASF-Bologna.