{mosimage}Around 7 am (Italian Time) of March 19, 2008, the Swift satellite detected a very strong [[Gamma-Ray Burst]]. This phenomenon was accompanied by the most intense optical flash ever recorded for this kind of event: it reached
magnitude 5.5, thus potentially observable with the naked eye!
Unfortunately, it was already daytime in Italy when this flash occurred; but
REM, a fully robotic telescope installed in Chile, automatically pointed this area of the sky and spotted the light coming from this part of the Universe at the time of the optical flash. {cb_profile=palazzi}Eliana Palazzi{/cb_profile}, {cb_profile=nicastro}Luciano Nicastro{/cb_profile} and {cb_profile=masetti}Nicola Masetti{/cb_profile} are the people of IASF Bologna involved in the REM project.