{mosimage}An image from IASF-Bologna and MPIfR-Bonn paper “The impact of Galactic synchrotron emission on CMB anisotropy measurements” has been selected as the cover figure for the March 2008 issue of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Galactic foreground emission is a limiting factor for precise cosmic microwave background anisotropy measurements. This recent paper by {cb_profile=laporta}L. La Porta{/cb_profile}, {cb_profile=burigana}C. Burigana{/cb_profile} (IASF-BO scientist), W. Reich & P. Reich, highlighted by Astronomy and Astrophysics (Vol. 479, pg. 641), reports the first analysis of the correlation properties of the Galactic diffuse synchrotron emission at 1.4 GHz over the whole sky, based on a new all-sky survey. The angular power spectrum of this component has been characterized for many sky areas and in a multifrequency approach, combining this survey with the Haslam and WMAP maps at 0.408 and 23 GHz.