{mosimage}If only could we have a new Hubble Space Telescope… a dream which is soon coming true: actually, astrophysicists are going to have such an instrument by the end of next summer. In fact, Servicing Mission 4, presently scheduled for early August 2008, will give HST unprecedented scientific capabilities. These will include wide-field imaging across the electomagnetic spectrum from the UV to the near-IR, and high throughput spectroscopy in the far-UV, making HST the premier space-based facility for UV, optical and near-IR astronomy in the years to come. In order to plan how to use it at its best, 150 scientists from all around the world are gathering in Bologna on January 29-31, 2008. The international workshop, Science with the new Hubble Space Telescope, is locally organized by INAF IASF Bologna (press release in italian available).

You may want to listen the interview to Francesco Paresce on Radio Città del Capo