{mosimage}{mosimage}It’s writing season, here at IASF-BO. Not one, but two science titles in a row have just been published by writers of ours. For those of you who are wondering whether «black holes» really exist or if this is a misleading and too much reductive metaphor, a popular astronomy book by {cb_profile=foschini}Luigi Foschini{/cb_profile}, Singolarità Spaziotemporali, explains that «black holes» are neither «black» nor «holes». And that it is necessary to restore the correct term “spacetime singularities”, in order to avoid studying false image models and fruitfully investigating the concepts of infinity and zero in astrophysics.

While should the only «black hole» you happen to know be Homer’s stomach, well, don’t despair: {cb_profile=mala}Marco Malaspina{/cb_profile}’s La scienza dei Simpson is there to safely guide you through our doughnut-shaped Universe. That’s cosmology, baby.