{mosimage}HESS J1616-508 is one of the brightest sources detected with the H.E.S.S. Cerenkov telescope system in the TeV domain. Recent observations with INTEGRAL IBIS/ISGRI have revealed that a young, nearby and energetic pulsar, PSR J1617-5055, is a powerful emitter of soft gamma-rays in the 20-100 keV energy band. The INTEGRAL detection combined with the lack of any convincing X-ray counterpart within the HESS extension obtained with Swift, XMM-Newton and BeppoSAX data, make the offset pulsar PSR J1617-5055 the likely candidate for the TeV emission, as also supported by the fact that the INTEGRAL spectrum smoothly connects the BeppoSAX and XMM-Newton spectra, and that the luminosity is consistent with that expected from a young radio pulsar. The relative sizes of the X/gamma-ray and VHE sources are consistent with the expected lifetimes against synchrotron and Compton losses for a single source of parent electrons emitted from the pulsar.

The image of HESS J1616-508 powered by PSR J1617-5055 has been awarded August 2007 Integral Picture of the Month. People at IASF-BO involved in the work are {cb_profile=landi}Raffaella Landi{/cb_profile} and {cb_profile=bassani}Loredana Bassani{/cb_profile}.