Today, at 8:00 Indian Standard Time, the mechanical integration between
AGILE and PSLV has been successfully completed.

AGILE has been mounted
above the special Dual Launch Adapter (DLA), developed to accommodate in a
single launch the two payloads for the PSLV C8 mission: Agile (primary
payload) and the Indian module named AAM (Advanced Avionic Module).

The satellite was subsequently submitted to the Final Functional Test,
including the uploading of the configuration for the launch that will
enable the RF beacon signal after the separation in orbit. The test
sequence was successfully completed at 17:00 Indian Standard Time,
declaring the Agile satellite READY FOR FLIGHT.

The PSLV rocket will be moved from VAB to UB (Umbilical Tower) on 19th of
April to be launched on 23rd of April 15:30 (Indian Standard Time), 12:00
European Time, 10:00 GMT.